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    Liftgate latch

    I have this issue, also, because it is at the bottom. I now have rust on the paint bubbling. I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL
  2. aarondesj

    MFT Maps for sale

    When would the A7 maps be available?
  3. Shaay, Every time I start the vehicle for the first time each day, I have the NO GPS symbol for about 5 minutes before I am able to start tracking. Oddly enough... I went for a drive to west Michigan and didn't have any jumping GPS issues. Not sure why it's intermittent, but I will keep an eye on it. I am wondering if the rain was causing the jumping GPS issues. I will try to do a Master Reset if it comes back. Thanks!
  4. Does that mean if I go to the dealership and reference this TSB they could decide if they want to fix it or not?
  5. It only started since 3.8 - No other issues at all. I installed 3.8 when it was first released I saw that TSB in the forums, but it only applies to 2013 - 2014 and I have a 2011. The last time I was at the dealership I indicated the GPS being way off, there was a TSB in my Ford account indicating an APIM update. I had hoped that it corrected the issue, but they said it could be hardware related and I would have to pay to fix the GPS module. (So much for that 5 year warranty related to MFT). I will try the diagnostic menu, I was not aware of that! thank you!
  6. aarondesj

    Sync 3 in First Generation

    I was told by a dealer that is it possible and there is someone on the Ford Taurus forum that was able to swap the new Sync 3 system into a vehicle that had MFT. The screen module is a faster capacitive touch screen, and the sync chip is newer. Not only that, but the vehicle would have to be programmed to work with the current setup of the vehicle buttons to interact with the dash, etc. I am sure dealers would charge quite a bit to do this, but have not had any quotes. I had spoke with a dealer that was supposed to get back to me on hardware costs of the Sync 3 system but have not heard back from him in a while.
  7. I've been having this problem for the past couple weeks, where the navigation will jump around constantly while driving. It happens every minute or so where the location jumps off the current path about 500 metres away and then back to where I actually am driving. It is very distracting to see it change on both the MFT 8" screen and 4" screen when navigation is selected. Is there anything that can be done or has anyone else experienced this issue? I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL, running version 3.8 of MFT (this is my only issue as of late with the system) Thanks!
  8. I just checked and can confirm that my 2011 Ford Edge SEL shows that there is an update to 3.8 available
  9. aarondesj

    Crack on driver side window

    Somewhere in this forum I saw a link that provides break downs of how to view the maintenance schedule, and all open TSBs on any vehicle, regardless of year/make/model. I cannot remember what it was called, but remember there was a link from a library to this system. Very informative as to what issues are open on all vehicles. I distinctly remember seeing an issue with window cracking or shattering on the driver/passenger side. Check thru the forums in regard to this and it might help!