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  1. There are notches for the 2 tiedowns near the bottom of the liftgate. No problem accessing these. The ones on the back of the rear seat are way out of the way from the mat. I'm not sure if there are others. Our trunk is now full. ...hope this
  2. ScooterS

    Body Side Moldings

    Glad that we got ours from www.bodysidemoldings.com . We already have a couple of dings in the side molding that would have been dents in our car!
  3. Mine arrived yesterday, fits and looks great! There is a lip on all four edges, as there should be. However, it is taller on the sides and shallower in the front and back to fit seamlessly with the hatch as well as let you use it with the seats down and not have to go over a "mat hump." I'd post a pic, but "black on black" would just be a blob.
  4. ScooterS

    Costco car purchase program

    Uhhhh Perk..... I just checked one of the on-line sites with the Genuine Ford Warranty. Looks like the same (Premium Care) one that you just re-bought runs $1010, assuming 2WD. Also, which warranty did you get (Preminum Care/ Extra Care?), Make sure you know which one you have. Coverage is very different. Ya might still want to turn that one back in. No, the dealer's service department doesn't care if you bought it from them or not. Selling warranties is part of sales. Fixin' cars is part of service. Try flood ford esp to compare. I don't think the dealer is doing you any favors. Just sayin....
  5. ScooterS

    Why so few Bronze Fire?

    Yeah.... I've had 3-4 spontaneous "parking lot compliments" on the color, which is why I wonder why it isn't more popular. Now Electric Spice...... Not so much.
  6. ScooterS

    Why so few Bronze Fire?

    We snagged our 2015 Bronze Fire Titanium a couple of months ago and think that it looks really good. However, I've not seen very many for sale on the Dealer Sites...... Just for discussion- Why are there so few of them around?
  7. Unless I missed it, the only ones at Cabela's are the "generic" ones. The mat that I ordered is custom cut for the 2015 Edge.
  8. The Weathertech Cargo Mats are now available on their website. Ordered mine tonight. Enjoy!
  9. ScooterS

    Rear ended on the way home..**ck!!

  10. ScooterS

    Costco car purchase program

    Perk: Sounds like you did great on the vehicle. However, I think that you got "had" on the warranty.... Take a look around at threads on the Genuine Ford Warranty (not after-market crap). Depending on the years to get the 100K and your deductible, the cost should be in the $1000 range, not $2000. You should still be able to cancel your warranty and reorder through an on-line source... saving about $1K. Here is one link: check .lombardfordwarrantys .
  11. Just to reconfirm for you. Our 2015 Titanium came with the 2" receiver and the trailer wiring.
  12. I suspect that any last-minute delays are due to the potential water leak issue that has been widely reported.
  13. ScooterS

    Foot Activated Tailgate

    If it doesn't work at all, check the on-screen settings. If I recall, there is a way to disable it there. Others can correct me if I am wrong.