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  1. When ours fell off in a carwash I noticed the gasket or seal that was around the lens was dry rotted or cracked so you'd need to make sure you get a seal in addition to replacing the lense otherwise you may end up with water shorting the LEDs out pretty quickly. The other concern would be finding just the lens since they only sell it as a whole unit. I purchased a new unit from Tasca, but the carwash ended up paying for it through my local dealer so I have the unit I bought on eBay if you're interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/186000843539
  2. Does anyone know what kind of foam tape is required for reinstallation? I'd like to get an idea before taking it off in case I need to buy some if it's damaged during removal.
  3. I can't speak directly to the Edge in regards to the battery, but I know my 13 F150 FX4 has given me issues with the BMS (battery management system), in the summer when the AC goes to full blast and the voltage isn't within the threshold to handle the fan motor and the fan shuts off to save power. These more modern cars are so finicky when with these things I can believe a battery caused all of this. Great write-up and troubleshooting steps though! I also replaced our battery in our Edge with an AGM battery, which seems to be a good choice. I'm curious, what steps did it take to open the gate manually when the actuator wasn't working?
  4. This happened with a Volkswagen I owned back in 2013. The dealership ended up soaking them in some type of solution. This ended up working, but we are also having the same problem in our Edge but have not discussed with the dealers yet.
  5. We are having the exact same problem. I took it into the dealership and they were not able to duplicate the problem. I asked if I could take a video of the issue and that would not survive for them to officially do anything about it. I was told I had to bring it in when it was acting up and have them look at it. This is a very difficult thing to do.
  6. I think they consider these DLR's, so there might not be a way within the system. The only way might be reaching under the bumper and unplugging them.
  7. I would also suggest the master reset. I have a 2015 mustang and I frequent the MustangG6 board and Ford has some customer service reps on that forum and they always seem to suggestt eh master reset first before anything else. I am not a fan of the "solution", but it is a computer.
  8. Does anyone have any info on the Auto start/stop on a 302A package. From what I read the 2.0L has this, but I do not have the button on the console to shut it off like I've seen in the manual. We have the self park button in it's place. Does anyone know if there is another way to turn it on/off or if we even have it?
  9. Jeepwx03

    2015 Edge MPG

    Avg 19.5 over two tanks 2015 2.0L AWD. 87 Octane ~500 miles calculated by the trip gauge and at the pump. To be honest I'm disappointed with the numbers. it's rated for 20/28 and we cannot even get 20. I know it is still low mileage and should improve over time, but I would think we should be getting better. we have a 60/40 split for hwy/city driving too.
  10. I have a Titanium 2.0L AWD and I cannot seem to get the foot activated tailgate to work. Any suggestions?
  11. Can anyone comment on the need for the shock sensitive security package being required for this? I messaged an eBay seller, which seems to be a Ford dealer as well and they are telling me I need that for a 15 Titanium 302A.
  12. I was thinking of picking this up and installing it myself. We are going to get a Titanium 302A, should I assume we have the required security system and would only need this module? How hard was the install?
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