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  1. I am laid up right now from surgery, but as soon as I can I will have mine back at the dealership. I want this fixed! The problem like Nick mentioned is the long term affects. The inside of the housings will end up fogged up all the time. I'll update once I can get the Edge back in. I took pics to give to the dealer since they didn't see it when it was there.
  2. Hi WingNut - I also handwash mine and use high pressure to clean to loosen the dirt. It went away about 10-15 mins after I washed it and there are a few drops of water on the right side of the housing, can't see this on the pics I posted. The other side does not do this only the drivers side. Regardless it should not have condensation inside the housing, I've never seen this happen...
  3. Photos Washed the Edge today and again had condensation in the drivers side rear tailight housing. I took pictures this time so I can show the dealership... Hopefully this get's replaced soon.
  4. I went in this past week, left my Edge for 2 days and it rained during this time. The tail light housing had no condensation during this time, I told them it was when I washed it at home after spraying it off. No luck getting it fixed yet... it's frustrating. I will take a pic next time it happens and take it in to them.
  5. So took my Edge in on Tuesday, just picked it back up today... they said they did not hear any noises and they cannot do anything if they don't hear it. I also let them know I had condensation in the left rear tail light housing after washing it and spraying etc. at home again, it rained all day yesterday and they said it was dry. Also, started having a grinding noise in the front passenger wheel after going on a roadtrip and they didn't hear that either. I did get a rental for the 2 days covered - they said because I had an extended warranty Ford covers a rental. I'm not happy about it not being fixed and driving back and forth to dealer and... being without MY car for 2 days ! Please let me know if you have these issued, have had them fixed and / or if there is a campaign or anything I can mention to my dealer.
  6. Yes, a couple weekends ago when I washed my car at home I noticed there was water and condensation in the driver's side rear signal housing. I have an appt. on Tuesday to get this replaced/fixed. It is not acceptable to have this getting water/condensation inside, that will turn in to long term issues with the housing and for a $40K plus vehicle this should not be an issue!
  7. Yeah, I saw the video's but the rear wiper blade is different on the 2015's. The clip was still in the arm and the blade had broken free from it. My husband got the clip out and the blade snapped back in, so I'm all set now. Thanks!
  8. So I was cleaning my Edge and was drying it and got the shami caught on the blade and pulled it off the arm. How do I put it back on? Only the blade came off nothing else was attached. I hope I didn't break it...
  9. Has anyone else had this issue? Mine seams to be getting worse. After I drive for a while, I was shopping last weekend and in the parking lot with no radio etc. playing it was getting really annoying!
  10. I have the standard tires and wheels on the Titanium AWD - 245/55R19 A/S V-Rated II
  11. I was going to post about this same issue tonight. On a few occassions as you said after I have driven for a while and then turn right or left I hear a rubbing/almost squealing noise. I am going to call the dealership this week. It does sound like some sort of stearing issue to me. - 2015 Titanium AWD ~1500 miles.
  12. Bossross

    Auto Start/Stop on 2.0L Titanium 302A

    I am glad my Titanium AWD doesn't have that! The car we drove while in Europe recently had start/stop and it was annoying as hell IMO... LOL!
  13. I have the OEM cargo package and so far so good, cargo mat works well and I like having the bumper protector and the cargo area cover.
  14. Hand washed and applied the first coat of wax to the Edge this weekend (Phew its a beaut!) Cleaned interior, wheels etc. Thought I would see what everyone else recommends and give my 2 cents on products used. Wax - McGuires Wash - McGuires gold Used pressure wash to apply a good layer of soap then hand washed in prep for wax application. Griot's Garage heavy duty wheel cleaner - This stuff is the bomb Leather - Black Fire leather conditioner - works very well! Cleaner - Black Fire interior cleaner - Highly recommend Protectant - Black Fire protectant - again I highly recommend Black Fire products they do not put a heavy shine on the dash, interior stays clean longer.
  15. Here is a pic of the factory installed hitch in my 2015 Titanium. Let me know if you have any questions.