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    20" Ruffino Chronos Glazed Black

    Hey there, as long as you keep the same diameter you will be fine. Use this site to compare the tires http://tireconvert.com It will list the difference in the Speedometer and all. I have found no difference, but I originally had 20" rims.
  2. Finally found something that I like that fits with the new bolt pattern. These are 20" Ruffino Chronos.- black lacquer I'll be using my stock rims for the winter. Thoughts?
  3. kaushen79


    Just a collection of past and present vehicles
  4. It's Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally - there are no issues with my vehicle now. I was in St. Andrews Scotland for a week and left the Edge with Ford to sort out - came back and it was fixed! The annoying noise is gone. Turns out that the tech used a lithium lubricant on the CV boot and joints and not the silicone lubricant that he should have used. This time they replicated the noise, sprayed the silicone lub and now its perfect. Hopefully those that have the same issue can not get their fixed too.
  5. Hey all, so I had the Edge in for the service - they followed the instructions that Ford sent them and sprayed all 8 cv joints with the lubricant - drove to work the next day and the same sound was coming - so clearly not the rubber boots that are causing the issue. They have send another letter into Ford - not sure what to do at this point.
  6. Hey all, just received a call from the dealership - said that they just heard back from Ford. The issue (ford says) is caused by moisture underneath the rubber boot covering the cvt joint. They instructed my dealership that at my 10k service they are to spray it with a synthetic lubricant - apparently that should sort it out. According to them this isn't a safety issue. I'll update as to what the outcome is - I'm scheduled to go to the shop on the 11th of august.
  7. That is exactly it! Rubbing/squeaking noise. As for my tires - 245/50R20 Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2
  8. Hey guys - so I have encountered by first issue with my edge (2015 Titanium). There is a rubbing noise when I turn either way when driving, but this only happens after I have driven on the highway for more then 30mins.... so something is heating up and causing the issue. Took off the wheels to see if I can see anything and there aren't any rub marks. Took it to my Ford dealer and they inspected and failed to come up with anything - only thing they noted was a brake clip was loose. They said they were not able to replicate the noise. I told them that its after a long period of driving, so not sure if they even drove it for that long. In any case, coming home from work (taking the highway) the noise started again so I drove right in the bay and told the mechanic there to listen....he heard it. Dropped to his knees and inspected - said that it was the rubber boot making the noise - but said they can't fix it until they talk to Ford. WTF? Service Manager came and said that Ford is very anal about the 2015 Edge's and that they have to file a letter with the Ford and wait for a response within 5 business days. That is the directives they got and have to follow protocol. Anyone else experience the same noise or same story from their dealer?
  9. kaushen79

    Another Issue with my '15 Edge

    I have noticed the wind noise as well - however I hear it from the driver's side window. I had to double check a couple times to make sure the window was all the way up. Was reading reviews about the '15 Edge and came across a review that said that they experienced the wind noise too and that it was a result of the winds path over the side view mirrors.
  10. kaushen79

    2015 Edge MPG

    I'm getting 20.45mpg with my '15 Titanium with 2200miles on it. 3.5L V6 - AWD - I drive 25city /75hwy - 75miles a day.
  11. kaushen79

    Water Leak! Help!

    Just reading this post and it made me think about searching for my vehicle since it was a Titanium built in Oakville too. The etis for mine shows a build date of April 30, 2015 and luckily for me no Outstanding Field Service Actions - No Campaign Message(s) found. So I just passed the April 28th cut-off. Now we have a "torrential rainfall warning and risk of tornado" my edge is sitting outside and will be for the next 5 hours while the rain comes down....lets see is there is a surprise waiting for me.
  12. I went with the 3.5L V6 as I tow a boat during the summer months on the regular. Picked up the 2015 Edge Titanium a few weeks ago and already have 2000k on it. I guess for me the V6 is tried tested and true, it was the stock engine in the Ford F150, which was previously used in the Mustang.
  13. kaushen79

    Class II Two Package and Hands Free Liftgate

    The Titanium has the "S" mode which basically throws it in standard mode (if that is what Sport mode is too).
  14. kaushen79

    Impatient to receive my new 2015 Edge Sport !!

    Hi Etienne, What was the outcome? Did you end up getting in touch with the dealer? Hey Cheeky, I'm in Canada too - Toronto - which dealership have you ordered from?
  15. kaushen79

    Just got the keys to my 2015 Ford Edge Titanium

    And here she is in all her glory! Towing was so smooth, it hauled out of the water with no issues.