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  1. Hello, I have noticed that my 2007 Ford Edge has been making some slight vibrating noises when driving at high speeds of 100 km/h or more. Specifically from the front of the car. I removed my front right wheel and noticed that there is a steel rod that is no longer connected at one end. I've attached some pictures. Can someone please tell me what this might be? Thank you!!!
  2. Just wanted to follow up. My mechanic was able to locate the rusted and dripping section of the power steering hose and replace that section with a new piece, clamped down. Problem solved. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hello WWWPerfA_ZN0W and macbwt, Thanks for mentioning the power steering. I had a look at the fluid reservoir and it is indeed low, which would suggest that the fluid that's leaking is likely power steering fluid. I'll bring it to a mechanic ASAP to have it repaired. Thanks again
  4. Hello Ford Edge Forum, I own a 2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus and it has 99,500 kms on the odometer. I recently noticed a small amount of fluid accumulating in my garage under the Edge's engine bay, on the passenger side. So I wanted to investigate this further. The amount is just a few drips every now and then, for example after driving around and parking the vehicle in the garage, a few drops will stain the garage floor. I crawled under the Edge just now and took a few pictures, I have found the source of the dripping and wanted to know if anyone has any idea what type of fluid this is (seems to appear reddish color), and the cause of this?
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