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  1. tron1974

    What phone holder did you buy?

    I know this is a little older thread, but I wanted to add my 2 cents. I have the little magnetic mount that is in the vent. Works great. I also bought one of those suction cup mounts and put it on the dash the first week I had the car. What a mistake. It left a huge ring. Fortunately, it is mostly gone a year and a half later.
  2. tron1974

    Question about the "Electric Spice" color...

    I have to say, I love my electric spice Edge. I ordered it in November of 2014 without seeing it. I've had so many people come up to me saying how much they love the color and wish their car had it. I do not however, like it on the Escape. Maybe it's just too small to have this color or something.
  3. I would think any paint sealant would be fine with a wax on top. Both the sealant and the wax have UV protectors.
  4. tron1974

    MyFord Touch - mp3 USB problem

    That's odd. I have a 2015 and have no issues (5000 MP3's on a USB).I see you have a 2016 so it is likely a little different experience. I make sure that all my tags are correct using a Windows app called mp3tag (it's free and works awesome).
  5. tron1974

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    Does anyone have experience with the Reese hitches for the Sport? A local place quoted me $256 installed for a class 3. Trying to search the forum is a bit challenging. I miss the 2015 section. I am curious if they are round tube or square. It doesn't matter that much, but I think a square tubing would look a little better.
  6. I have a dash rattle also. Just haven't had time to diagnose. I thought it was coming from the center storage compartment. Separate topic, I asked the dealer to fix the cup holder rattle when they replaced my headliner and of course they couldn't hear it. I will just fix it myself.
  7. tron1974

    All Weather Mats

    The Ford all weather mats are absolute crap. They barely cover the front carpets. I used mine for about 2 months in the summer before I grabbed some Weathertech's. I am planning on getting the rear mats and cargo liner soon. We had about 2o inches of snow and they were awesome, trapping all of the salt and crap.
  8. tron1974

    EDU: Changing Oil in 2.7L Sport

    I used to use the quick lube places when I had my first job and an apartment. I quickly learned that being quick sucks. I got home one time and they left the oil fill cap off. Oil was everywhere under the hood. When I went back, they said that I was scamming them and that I took it off. That was 15 years ago. My last car had lifetime oil changes from a dealer so I took advantage of that. As much as I liked doing it myself, it was often messy. With my new Edge, I had a free oil change from the dealer so I used that. My next one I will probably do myself and add synthetic. Thanks for the write up. Certainly helps. Looks like I will need to get a new oil change pan. My old one cracked and I threw it out.
  9. That's a beautiful color! I love my 2015 Electric Spice, but I would surely looked at that color especially with a black grill.
  10. tron1974

    Rear hatch spare tire cover

    Ha! I have a small tool/emergency kit in mine that I had in my Xterra in mine too as well as what you have above. I like the storage.
  11. tron1974

    2015 Edge Sport Bumper

    Check out this thread. In one of the other "rattle" threads, there is more detail with a couple pictures. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18414-cupholder-rattle/ I guess you just take off the panel on the passenger side and add some 3M 2 sided tape. From the posts, it should snug it pretty good and tight.
  12. tron1974

    2015 Edge Sport Bumper

    I agree, that is not right. Mine has not done that. I have had mine since early March. I am getting a bunch of other things fixed in about 2 weeks. This includes short carpet, short cut headliner, malformed window trim, and cup holder rattle (I know I COULD fix this but the dealer said they would). I am happy to have a great dealer. I am confident if I had the water issues some of you had, the dealer would have replaced the vehicle no questions asked. of course, it also doesn't hurt to have a good friend that is their top salesman working there.
  13. tron1974

    Extended Warranty online Vendor?

    Did you call or do it online?
  14. My car has glass coverage which is not subject to the deductible. You should check your insurance. If you have a deductible, then you should see if it can be fixed.
  15. tron1974

    Extended Warranty online Vendor?

    Did you call or was there an online price search somewhere on their site. I looked but didn't see anything.