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  1. cv27

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    Where do I find the "3 choices" ?
  2. Salut Claude! Your 22" are intriguing. There seems to be a yellowish outside band and then a white inner band. I vote we need a close-up of that rim 😉 Be safe!
  3. cv27

    Still like my '19 Titanium... BUT...

    Salut Claude, You're saying that even driving with Sports mode on, you don't get satisfaction with that 2.0 turbo? I know it's not a Hemi, but it still moves. I think you should be looking at a Tesla or a Lucid 😉 Joyeux temps des fêtes
  4. cv27

    Rotary Gear Selector

    I've owned Edges since 2008. My current 2019 is the first for me with rotary gear selector. Can't think of one negative comment, wouldn't go back to the 'stick'. What were the negative comments you referred to?
  5. Many hits with Sync 4: AI + Cloud for voice recognition, navigation and user habits Up to 15" screens cord-free Apple CarPlay, Android Auto (FINALLY!) etc. The devil is in the details, so let's wait till the 'meat' is delivered. What about backward compatibility: definitely NOT since this hints at a new processor. Haven't we seen this before (2 to 3) ? Interesting punchlines, can't wait to see a demo (would have been nice to include one...) Just leased a 2019, so I guess I'll wait for Sync 9 in 2023
  6. cv27

    TPMS: refresh delay

    Anybody know how long it takes the TPMS to update the dash display after deflating/inflating the tire?
  7. Strange, took me only 20 minutes, most of that time indicating "loading software", then suddenly says "update will complete on your next power off/on cycle", which I did, and all done|
  8. cv27

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    Thanks for confirming, still a bummer. Wouldn't it make sense that the console button affect both what you describe ('D' and brake pedal) and the adaptive cruise control? Don't answer, I'm in wishful thinking mode...
  9. cv27

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    Hugging one side - Regarding Lane centering (adaptive cc), most posts describe a tendency to hug the left side: I wish I had that situation. I usually ride on the far left lane and, in my case, Lane centering hugs the right line so passing an 18 wheeler creates a bit of anxiety. So, given some are hugging left and some right, could there be an electronic adjustment (hello Forscan) or is it plainly a wheel alignment (not my theory) ? I wish there was that magical menu saying "hug more to the left or to the right". Better yet, if the radar detects traffic on the left or right of you, it hugs more on the other side, else dead center. Cars entering your lane - I really like Lane centering, but humans are still better. When a car flashes that it will move into your lane or just starts moving in, a human will slow down immediately to compensate. But Lane centering appears to wait until the car has completely entered your lane to react, most of the time abruptly applying the brakes at the last minute. Could it be programmed to detect object entering its field of view and adjust by beginning to slow down? Start/stop - Last negative... Why is it that, after disabling start/stop with the console button, and with Adaptive cruise On, and traffic stops more than a few seconds, why not only does start/stop kick in overriding my wishes, but also requires a 'resume' to get going again? Any logic to this?
  10. cv27

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Is this info from Ford or from posts? +1 as a 13mph buck 209 Titanium owner
  11. Salut Claude, With the Elite, don't forget you also get the 20'' wheels, which give it added prestige. I didn't even notice the black panel on the hatch: I got the Magnetic 'dark grey' and both blend in well. As for the chrome bar on the side panels, not my cup of tea, but I don't see it when I'm driving ? I looked at the ST and what it added to the Titanium; personally, the bells & whistles didn't justify the price increase. The 2.7 cost more at the pump and the 2.0 gets me out of trouble every time, but then I don't spend time at the drags. Keep in mind the 6 speed transmission which in my opinion brings excellent 'perceived' torque. I didn't check the 2016 -vs- 2019, but for me going from a 2015 to a 2019 brought a lot of new technical toys I'm still learning and enjoying (not a Tesla, but getting there). If you get 32k$ CDN for your 2016 Sport, I believe you win, assuming the purchase price is as aggressive.
  12. Sounds logical. I'll do a few tests (car on/off).
  13. 2019 Titanium 2.0 AWD - When opening the driver's door (maybe others ?), I consistently hear a 1 second sound apparently from underneath like a wire rubbing against metal. Anybody else? Explanation?
  14. cv27

    2019 AWD Titanium 13mph 'thud'

    I see the same issue (2019 Titanium 2.0 AWD) downshifting. Seems to be at the speed you mention although not measured, but it also seems to vary depending on the deceleration rate. First thought was new transmission burn in (400 km). I also noticed upshift is not a smooth as my 2015 Titanium 2.0 AWD. Again, maybe it will adjust overtime, but that's wishful thinking. Off topic, but what strikes me even more, comparing 2015-2019, is how the 2019 appears so much peppier in regular mode (not even sport) at almost all speeds. The +5hp and +5 torque and the 8 speed -vs- 6 probably have something to do with this: I would bet on the 8-speed transmission as the main factor.