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  1. Musclford

    Non stick hood / bug deflector

    Yep, Will check this one out, Thx for the tip
  2. Anyone find a mfg for the newer edge 2015-2022 that is not a stick on mount? One that has an air gap from the hood. Lund offered this on the previous generation, but they don't appear to have on for current models. Thx!
  3. just ordered a new long block for my 2016 awd Edge. loss of coolant and ruff start 43k miles, just inside factory warranty... by 7 months
  4. Musclford

    PTU hose down flush - what flushing fluid?

    my 2016. 2.0 shows the rear has 4 x the fluid capacity as the PTU.... too bad they didn't add more capacity to PTU, it certainly could use more IMO If anyone wants to reference, here's a post I just documented my 2016 eco PTU fluid change.
  5. I just changed my PTU 75w140 fluid on my 2016 2.0 Eco Very straight forward process. Among other obvious items(jack stands, rags, drain pan) You'll need the following specific tools Pliers/Channel locks, 7mm socket, 10mm socket, T30 and T50 Torx, 16oz of 75w140 - Ratchets and extensions to fit your sockets (1/4" or 3/8") drive. Manual Oil pump 1. Jack / Lift Vehicle 2. Remove enviro cover - Various T30's 3. To make the fill port more accessible, I chose to remove the Turbo tube which took 5 extra mins by removing 2 - 7mm screw Hose clamps, 1 - electrical connector 1 spring Clamp and 2 - 10mm nuts. 4. Breaking the Fill and Drain port loose is a TAD scary as they seem to be overly tight.. Constant steady pressure, and a fresh T50 torx without any wear is recommended. 5. My fluid was coming out of the fill port, so I temporarily put it back in, Removed the Drain plug, then removed fill plug to vent and drain quicker. 6. cleaned drain/fill plugs and once empty, replaced Drain plug 7. I Pumped 12 oz of new fluid back in, (At times I had to wait a bit for it to drain down inside, as the last 4 oz took a while as it wanted to come back out at me. 8. Replaced fill plug. 9. Optional, I chose to put the turbo tube back on (pushed it on the hoses but didn't retighten clamps. Started the vehicle while all 4 wheels off the ground, and ran it fwd reverse for a few minutes. 10. Removed turbo tube again, and drained PTU once more to FLUSH any more residual old fluid. 11. Refilled PTU with fresh fluid and reversed the removal process. 12. Next Oil change, I'm going to replace the fluid one more time, but I had ordered Amsoil SEVERE Gear 75w140 for $30 and will then change the fluid between 25-30K for the remaining time I own the vehicle. See the following photos.. Some are just different views, but I marked them up with details to best show what's needed. I hope this builds confidence for some that want to Do it yourself. GOOD Luck!!😎
  6. Sounds like this is a common prob. Found our rear panoramic glass cracked out of the blue. Dealer had to replace the entire assumption 6 mo ago. Taking out windshield, headliner and entire sunroof assy. Love the look and the concept but will never have another panoramic roof again. Overall the car is great except panoramic
  7. I bought the Ford Molded Splash guards and the fit GREAT... installed at the dealership before I brought it home in 10 mins. No Drilling.. just a 5mm ratchet. Love them. Also opted for the MAX LINER Floormats from Auto Anything.. Hands down, the best mat for the money. They don't spend a boatload on Advertising, but they are considerably cheaper and Fit PERFECT. - Wouldn't consider the others honestly, and I've bought Weather Techs and Huskys... Love my Husky Exact Countors for my F150, but they weren't offered for the EDGE....
  8. I'm supposed to pickup my new titanium this week.. Wanted to get fitted floor mats ordered and molded splash guards but I can't find any splash guards except for the Ford which may be just fine. I have the Husky xact contour for my F150 and I love the feel and fit, but I'm struggling on what to buy for the edge simply because the xacts aren't available. I have the Husky molded thing ones in my Flex, but I'm not too overly impressed. Any pros / cons on the Aries, Husky, Weathertech or Maxliners? Also, any input on the molded splash guards? Thank you!! Can't wait to give it to the wife, she has no idea what she's getting for Christmas!!!!
  9. Musclford

    Water Leak! Help!

    I wouldn't let this be your only view on Ford products... At least Ford isn't asking the taxpayers to EAT 10+ Billion of our Tax dollars so they could keep producing vehicles. I am Truly sorry to read your posts and the very poor time frame to get your edge back to you.... I too would be FURIOUS! We are waiting for this FIX to be resolved so we can buy a new titanium Edge. Really wish I wouldn't have to let something of this quality hamper my decision to wait to buy... Hope it is resolved very soon.
  10. Musclford

    Post 15B21 leak repair follow up report

    I stopped by a dealer yesterday and mentioned this service bulletin, the service manager was unaware, got on his computer and determined 1 of the 4 on the lot was affected. He was appreciative and immediately took that unit out of "sales" until they could perform the service bulletin. Hope this gets fixed quick and has anyone heard if this affects the mkx as well?