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    Any SELs with 2.0?

    I bought my new 2015 2.0 AWD off the dealer lot last October. They had several of them
  2. JayJayRay

    Real snow usage

    The Blizzaks are amazing tires
  3. JayJayRay

    Real snow usage

    Driving in snow and ice takes skill and respect for the true abilities of the vehicle and tires. After driving heavier 4 wheel drives, GMC Acadia AWD, Yukon Denali XL AWD I did not like the way the EDGE AWD performed at all. It accelerated and stopped fine. I feel it is just to light to perform any better than I experienced in heavier snow and slushy conditions. The snow/slush moved the edge all over the place even at moderate speeds.
  4. JayJayRay

    Extreme fuel dilution in the engine oil

    I hope that will not be the case. I hate to abuse anything mechanical and will keep accurate records on my correspondence with the dealer. It is a 3 year lease and will be under warranty the entire time that I have it in my possession. The dealer has a great loaner car program so at least I will never be without a vehicle. Jason
  5. I think you have it right. I notice when it really cold the seats are not even as warm as the lowest setting. Trust me when it -5° you know a seat that has a little heat from one that does not.
  6. My SEL has the paddle shifters. Only tried them out when I first got it. Not worth the bother
  7. Hello All Has anyone else has a fuel dilution issue? I have a 2015 AWD Edge with the 2.0. I check my oil just about every two weeks. When I checked my oil late last week I noticed that the oil has a very strong smell of gasoline. At that time I had the original fill oil and 6100 miles on the engine and oil. When I got to work the next morning I pulled a sample of the oil out to analyze it. I own an oil analysis lab so run it through the complete battery of tests. The oil had more than 10% fuel dilution, and the viscosity was significantly reduced due to the fuel dilution. I also noticed that the engine had a lot more chatter and was noisier than normal but never even thought to test my own oil at that point. I took the car into my dealer and told them what was going on as gave them a copy of the report as well. Ford supposedly had them test the fuel pump and injectors and they didn't find any issues. Fords response was to change the oil more often if the problem continues. I don't find this acceptable when even the Motorcraft oil is decent and fully capable of performing very well until the service/change oil notice comes on. Basically I will have to change my oil almost twice as often as the owners manual states and/or change oil notice comes on. I typically see fuel dilution on large commercial diesels due to the emissions equipment or cracked and leaky injectors. I rarely see passenger vehicles with high fuel dilution unless there's a major mechanical problem. Has anyone else experienced this? I have attached a PDF of the report. I will not start doing analysis every 1,000 miles and post the trending data for anyone that may be interested. Jason 2015-Edge Apex Oil Lab.pdf
  8. JayJayRay

    Regular or premium fuel 2.0 L ?

    Read this in the manual. The higher claimed fuel MPG was based on the use of 93 octane fuel. For an average of 30-45 cents per gallon more yowould have to have considerable MPG increase over 87. I don't have many miles on mine yet (700) but the first hwy trip yeilded 26 MPG's
  9. Mine is a 1 1/2 weeks old with 700 miles on it. Washed it for the first time tonight and have the same condensation in the drivers side rear. Very frustrating
  10. Put my WeatherTechs in yesterday. I have put them in every vehicle I own. I buy the Digital Fits since they came out.