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  1. Cooled seats that actually cool my back rather than just freezing my butt Folding mirrors Better gearbox (current shifting is slow) Gear shifters that are made of better quality material (very cheap plastic) Launch control on the Sport (its slow to accelerate off the line as it takes a bit for turbo to kick in)
  2. Harvey Hanson

    2016 Ford Edge quality is shocking

    I have a 2016 Ford Edge sport - got it in January 2016. With 2500 miles these are the problems I have had to far, including the dealer visits: Damaged mirror car at pickup, replaced a week later at dealership Window sills not sealed properly so wind noise >30mph, replaced passenger side sill at dealership After passenger side window sill replacement found window sills still not sealed properly so wind noise >50mph is very noticeable, and now issue is noticeable on both sides, dealership still trying to fix, they seem incapable of fixing a window sill! Steering wheel creaking, supposedly a faulty clock-spring on the steering mechanism with the part being on back order therefore waiting for a replacement When turning off vehicle, there is a considerable screeching noise, dealership investigating Adaptive steering failed at 2400 miles (was just coming out of my garage and then dashboard failure notice and adaptive steering now not working at all) so another dealership visit booked Considering the 2016 is just a mid-life refresh and this is a $45k car, this is not good at all!
  3. Harvey Hanson


    When I picked it up from the dealership (Feb 12 2016)
  4. Harvey Hanson

    Electric Spice Edge 2016 Sport

  5. Harvey Hanson

    Edge sport 2016 problems

    And also as others have mentioned, when taking of the protective screen from sync 3 there is a glue residue that needs to be cleaning off which takes a while and shouldn't need to be done...
  6. Harvey Hanson

    Edge sport 2016 problems

    So, I've had my 2016 edge sport for 24hours, and already found a number of problems: - Passenger side air noise (sounds like a seal is not properly seated so letting air in on freeway) - A number of panels need better aligning - And worse of all, set off today and car made a massive scraping noise from rear end, we both thought the exhaust must have fallen off. Turned car off, back on again and same. Turned handbrake off and back on and same again. So figured we would have to get to the nearest ford dealer and so we got above about 5mph and he noise went away and hasn't come back, assume it was the handbrake sticking but very worrying, it's going to go to the ford garage on Monday to check it out
  7. Harvey Hanson

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    it's just a space saver wheel
  8. Harvey Hanson

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    And I think I can live with the alloys as is, the black ones are nicer but not worth the extra $$
  9. Harvey Hanson

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Picked my edge up, chipped wing mirror cap so that needs replacing but otherwise it's great :-)
  10. Harvey Hanson

    Anyone with a 2016 Sport?

    Yep can confirm
  11. Harvey Hanson

    20 Aftermarket Alloys (rims) on Edge

    It's a lease car so has to go back with the original wheels (i'm guessing powder coating is a pain in the butt to get off)?...
  12. Harvey Hanson

    20 Aftermarket Alloys (rims) on Edge

    My 2016 Edge Sport came with the standard 20" alloys. I don't like them (god knows how a 44k car came come with such terrible alloys) but cannot afford to swap out both tires and alloys to 21s - my budget for the rims is max $1000 (as I plan to sell the original Ford 20" alloys). I am looking at changing just the rims (so re-using the tires). I am wanting Black 20s, but cannot find many examples of non-standard black alloys on a Ford Edge 2015 onwards. Anyone have any examples of what they have done (aftermarket wheels on their edge, ideally black ones...) thanks
  13. Harvey Hanson

    Edge Sport 21" Alloy Tires?

    No way am I paying that much for upgraded alloys, I was looking at $1000 or less for a nice set of 20s, any other suggestions on good black wheels?
  14. Harvey Hanson

    Edge Sport 21" Alloy Tires?

    So update, the dealer offer me $2700 if I kept the 20" alloys rather and him buying new alloys and tires. BUT, I hate the standard alloys, and want some black ones. The plan is to buy some aftermarket 20" alloys and just take the tires off the new rims then keep the OEM rims in the garage for when I return the car. My question is, has anyone had any experiences with aftermarket alloys that they want to share, I saw some 20s for $175 a wheel, thoughts...? http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse.com/Custom_Wheels.cfm?pn=Mach%2DRims%2DME8%2D20%2D85SBH%2Es&pID=90358