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  1. Groundpounder

    For the love of aircraft

    Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve logged in here, and all of a sudden I got a notification email from this thread. Glad to see it’s still going. Since I’ve been gone, I bought this airplane with a friend of mine. Best purchase I’ve ever made. It took me and my dad to Oshkosh last year, and I’m on vacation down in the Carolinas with it right now.
  2. Groundpounder

    Mileage or oil life indicator?

    Do you schedule your oil changed based on milage or the oil life indication? I'm at about 6000 miles since my last oil change (the first since the car was new, used synthetic) but my oil life says 44%. I'm trying to decide if I should change it now or keep waiting?
  3. Groundpounder

    Rattle on cold start

    They brought out another Edge with a 2.0 and it made the same noise. Its the injectors. You'd think a $40k vehicle wouldn't sound like there are a bunch of loose bolts rattling around in the engine compartment....
  4. Groundpounder

    Rattle on cold start

    I've had this rattle since almost new, finally got around to taking it to the dealer, they say they can't hear it, and what they can hear is normal. Only happens on cold starts. https://youtu.be/Aa0BpZD23Lc Thoughts?
  5. Well, to each their own. Spraying water into those areas is asking for trouble.
  6. Why do you need to clean the engine?
  7. Or using your muscles? I can't see an aftermarket item such as a power liftgate being reliable, and it can't be simple or cheap to install.
  8. Groundpounder

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    What should I look for in a detailing shop, and what questions should I ask?
  9. Groundpounder

    2017 Ford Edge Production Information

    Considering how little change there is from the '16 to the '17, I doubt they are sending vehicles out for press reviews.
  10. Groundpounder

    A Piece of Something Hanging from the Bottom

    Looks like part of the aerodynamic cladding. I wouldn't cut it off, I would try to take the whole piece off that its attached to.
  11. Groundpounder

    2016 OEM All Weather Floor Mats

  12. Groundpounder

    For the love of aircraft

    I fly a Hawker 800 for a private company, flying both company personnel, and doing external charters. It's a pretty good job, sometimes it keeps me away from home more than I'd like. But I am going to spend 4 days on a small island in the Bahamas in a very nice resort. Can't complain about that....
  13. Groundpounder

    A-pillar blindspot - Thoughts?

    Ha! I don't think anyone under the age of 75 has those on their car