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  1. chefduane

    Latest Rock Auto discount code?

  2. chefduane

    Latest Rock Auto discount code?

    Time for a new set of front brake pads! Does anyone have the latest Rock Auto discount code? Thanks!!
  3. chefduane

    PTU Fluid Change at dealer

    Get in touch with Ford direct and find out who the Zone Manager is for the area where you live. Make a formal complaint with the Zone Manager office. I've said this before but dealerships DO NOT like getting customer complaints that come through the local Zone Manager. Ford corporate does not take this type of thing lightly.
  4. chefduane

    I really HATE this new format

    I can get used the new format. Things change. But where is the 'New Posts" option? Is that what 'Unread Content' is? Also, where is the option to view threads in which I have posted?
  5. chefduane

    PTU Fluid Change at dealer

    Agree completely. Doesn't look like they changed anything. Also, did you check the RDU? Perhaps the tech was confused and suck/filled the RDU.
  6. chefduane


    I appreciate the input but we've already got all that figured out. I am a career changer, I have not always been a Chef. Frankly, its kinda' a fun second career. My first 45 years was spent working my way through the ranks as a marketing manager, director, and finally executive VP for a satellite comm firm in Silicon Valley. Had some pretty good years during the 80's and early 90's and eventually came to Dallas in '94 with a fortune 50 telecom company. You've probably heard of it but no need to mention it here. So we are set from a financial, healthcare, and retirement perspective. The only think is running out of time to do all the stuff we want to do!! Mrs. Chef heads up a national candy company and she probably will continue to work for a while as I am puttering in the garage!! When she does decide to retire is when we will travel.
  7. chefduane


    And I would like to add a followup: Thank you for your contribution(s) you have made to the economy, the society, and our general well being as a nation. I trust you have worked hard, paid your taxes, and have generally been a good citizen. Can ask much more than that from a fellow American. Thanks!
  8. chefduane


    Congratulations!! I have 2.5 more years till I'm 62 and then me and Mrs. Chef intend to do some traveling. Enjoy your retirement!!
  9. chefduane

    Oil Schedule

    Well, I certainly think both points are represented with validity and it certainly warrants further study by the committee. That said, at 5k intervals if you're using a reasonable quality filter and either a full synth or a blend (whatever brand) you're probably OK.
  10. chefduane

    Oil Schedule

    5k intervals with Mobil-1. K&N filter (primarily because I like the nut welded on the filter for easy spin on/off).
  11. What about Buddy Hackett? :)
  12. Thanks guys. I understand all the reasoning not to allow single option ordering, I just wasn't sure if it was available.
  13. chefduane

    battery saver

    ^ This. Heck, I 'm pretty sure you can even get a 65 AGM from Sam's.
  14. Just a quick question here and maybe I am totally ignorant on this, but... is it possible these days to do a special order and order a base model then pick and choose which options you want? Can that even be done anymore? I suppose a dealer might be ticked off if you asked to do it but hey, Mr. Dealer - you wanna' sell a car or not?
  15. chefduane

    Humming noise over 20mph after recent huge rain storm

    Are they swapping the bearing itself of the whole hub assembly? Rock Auto has the Motorcraft bearing itself for $55.79 each. Timkens are $27.79. If you need the whole hub repair kit, RA has SKF kits for $103.79/ea and includes the hub, bearing, retaining ring, and spindle nut. I think a new spindle nut is required every time you remove the hub so you'd need one anyway. Wheel bearings are pretty simple to do if you have the right tools - breaker bar, torque wrench, dead blow hammer, maybe a socket the size of the spindle nut, and something to drive the bearing in with like a big dowel the OD of the bearing. I'm lucky to also have a compressor and air wrench to remove lug nuts. Wheel stands are a must. I've done them on previous 4x4's (Explorers) and they're not all that hard. If you are confident in your abilities then I'd say do them yourself. If not, have Ford (or a trusted shop) do them. With Ford or a shop you should get a warranty so check that out. Good Luck!