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    2016 Panoramic Moonroof won't close

    Driving my 2016 Sport today enjoying the great spring weather with my Pano open. Then the phone rings and I close my roof or should I say attempt to. It gets about 8 inches from closing and automatically starts to open. I ignore the call and pull over, attempt this again no luck. WTF, I had to hold the button and push it closed, not a happy owner right now. My Sport has less than 8K on it and should not have these types of issues. Of course calling the dealer, any experience on how I can get this fixed the first time?
  2. +1 on the puddles... I have the same set and love them, was just out to dinner with another couple as we walked to the cars I unlocked mine then I heard my friends wife say "Honey our Audi doesn't do that" as I heard my wife snicker....
  3. First Oil change, pretty uneventful.
  4. Had the same issue within a week had a single side flickering... I also turned to Amazon as others, I purchased the following https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E6Z2D04/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not only no flickers but very bright, looks great at night.
  5. Titan01


    Appreciate your desire to be the trailblazer here... Would have pulled the trigger on the MRT a longtime ago but you know how it is, always looking for something better...
  6. Titan01


    Hey Beezz, it has been a few months. I wanted to check in on how the exhaust work is going. Very curious on your plans and if installed what you did, how it sounds and any lessons learned?
  7. Titan01

    Help with Sport wheels

    Agree with Burrcold - I did this exact thing on my 2016 Sport with the 21 package.
  8. Titan01

    gjb89's 2015 Sport Build

    I personally purchased my puddlelights from Drive Bright, I love how they look. You can check out the youtube video on how to install. As a bonus they usually ship a pair of plate LEDs. Nice touch and great customer service.
  9. Titan01

    2014 Sport Wheels 22" dull

    Be careful as you may not need something as abrasive as compound, you could try something like Chemical Guys VSS or something you can find at your local parts store such as Meguiars Ultimate Polish. Always start with the least aggressive cleaner, you can always go more abrasive.
  10. Titan01

    2016 Front Emblem Removal

    Hello DBDRVN, Very Interesting.. Would very much like to see any pics or mock ups of what you planning. Having been looking around for something a bit more unique than the Plasti Dip etc... Not saying that there is anything wrong with that..
  11. Titan01


    Beezz, plz post your outcome. I am also considering an exhaust change and not sure I want to pull the trigger on the MRT, cost and sound the youtube videos are not the best... I had a phone consultation with a custom shop, while informative I didn't come way feeling good. It seems most of their work is V8 centric, not any ecoboost work. If you do the install, I would be interested in what your final design was and your thoughts.
  12. I use a foam cannon and a pressure washer to wash my Edge, followed by a two bucket wash, after good rinse. I then use a Worx WG520 to blow the water out of every crack and crevice. My Edge is covered in Sonax PolyNet Shield so the water flies off with the blower, if I do need to wipe with a MF I use a list mist of Meguiar's Synthetic Spray wax as a lubricant.
  13. Titan01

    Aftermarket Exhaust for 16 Sport

    Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Titan01

    Extended Warranty

    Interesting enough I shopped all the sites on the web and found what I thought was the best deal. Before I pulled the trigger I called the dealership where I purchased and talked to my sales guy, wanted to give them on last shot. We discussed this during the sales process as well as with the F&I guy but the price wasn't right. I received a call back about 10 mins later and was offered a premium package with the same features as I priced on the web for $125 less than my best quote. I was honestly surprised and impressed. I guess the morale of the story give your dealer a chance to earn your business, you may be surprised.
  15. Titan01

    Aftermarket Exhaust for 16 Sport

    Could you elaborate on distinctive? Is it loud, sound obnoxious, like a civic with a trash can hanging from underneath? ?