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  1. frmichaud

    Rear window glass explode on Edge 2016

    The rear glass problem is knowed by Ford, when mine was broken last february , it was imposible to have a replacement they are so many cases of rear glass exploding it take a month to have a new one
  2. frmichaud

    Rear window glass explode on Edge 2016

    I have a Edge Titanium 2016 and the steering wheel with all the electronics has to replaced, the rear windows explode without reason and was replaced under waranty
  3. frmichaud

    Rear window glass explode on Edge 2016

    I received today a Recall letter from Ford code 17B39 which explain what was the problem of the sudent exploding of the rear glass In Canada they put a lot of salt on road and the melting snow or ice with the salt can enter in the rear wiper motor and it become very hot The rear window is at external temperature below zero and the motor is hot result that the rear glass broke with the difference of temperature between both sides The repair is to remove the rear wiper motor, clean it and the axle to remove all trace of salt, install a new bushing in the rear window with silicon grease reinstall the motor and with the silicon grease and the new bushing the salt and water will no longer enter in the motor
  4. My Edge is 2016 and many street names changed, new street appears the GPS need map update Do you know if Ford offer map update for the navigation system? Where Can buy it? price? Thanks
  5. The update need less than half an hour
  6. An update of the Firmware of the Edge save the problem now I can select Climate control Auto or OFF, Auto is using the external temperature to set it ON or OFF same for the seats and the steering wheel Problem SOLVED
  7. I went to Remote start and found Climate control Seat or Seat and Whel Duration I can only acces to Duration, Climate control and seat are grey and I have no acces How can I have acces to Climate control and seat Thanks Francois
  8. Thanks very much, I found an english PDF of the manual and it is clear, I received the Edge with a french manual, very very poor translation Francois
  9. Since the first day I have problems with everything related to external temperature sensor and I have 3 questions If is is freezing and you remote start your Edge Does the heating system goes on automaticly? Does the heating of the driver seat goes onautomaticly? Does the heating of the steering wheel goes on automaticly? In my Edge the heater goes ON BUT NOT the steering wheel and driver seat heaters In my wife Dodge caravan the heating goes on, the driver seat heater goes on and the steering wheel heater goes on Thanks for your help
  10. frmichaud

    Rear window glass explode on Edge 2016

    It seems that is a Ford problem, depending Edge serial number they have model A or Model B rear windows installed , one of the model is defective and broke without reason, There is a info to dealer to replace all the rear windows which are broken under waranty, they are so many broken that the new rear windows with out the defect are backordered for a minimum of 3 months
  11. frmichaud

    Rear window glass explode on Edge 2016

    Yes I have a rental a Chryler caravan 2WD it is not the same as the Edge but it is better than nothing
  12. The rear window glass explode in thousand of pieces when I was driving, My Edge is a titanium 2016 and has only 3000 miles (4688km) I went to my dealer and he said there is a recall about the rear glass it is knowned problem, the replacement glass is in B.O. for a minimum of 3 months
  13. frmichaud

    Adaptive steering fault

    I have Edge Titanium 2016 with only 3400km and had several problem with the power steering -One morning NO power steering the Edge was towed to dealer he reprogramed the power steering was working but more difficult to turn the steering wheel than before - after 3 times I had an error message telling a fault in adaptative steering but when I arrive in the dealer the message was no longer on the dashboard but the steering is more difficult than before -Last wednesday, I was making a right turn and suddently the power stering no longer answer and I hit the border of the street and the Front left wheel was seriouly damaged -The Edge was towed to the dealer and they discover by scanning the code for the power steering that a motor was dead and all the steering wheel must be replaced PROBLEM, they are so much demand for Edge steering wheel that they are B/O for a minimum of 3 weeks beacuse of the problem reported above
  14. frmichaud

    Outside air temp sensor not working

    In Hamradio we use a rubber tape very sticky to isolate our connectors outside, when you wat to remove it is xtill soft and you peel it, I will put a piece on the connector so it will be totaly waterproof https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Weatherproof-Self-Bonding-Silicone-Connectors/dp/B00K4PZ9NO
  15. frmichaud

    Outside air temp sensor not working

    It is long , it is necessary to remove front left wheel and the liner to have acces to the connector, I ordered the parts but will have them in a week Will let you know if it works Francois