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  1. I pulled a plug to check how they were doing at 50K miles and confirmed that they'll make the 100K miles with ease. When I get to 100K miles all I'll be changing is the plugs, not coils, and considering the new NGK 95605 Ruthenium HX No experience with TSP products, sorry. Why do you plan on replacing the coils? https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2011,edge,3.5l+v6,1446671,ignition,ignition+coil,7060
  2. 1004ron

    Transmission lines - changing fluid

    I think you'll need to turn on the flash and take another photo.
  3. How dark did you go with it? I've seen a good few in my town that are stupid dark and present a safety hazard - it's illegal in my state, but so is texting and driving, and neither is policed.
  4. 1004ron

    Your music, what are you listening to these days?

    LOL at that "jockstrap" on stage.
  5. 1004ron

    Your music, what are you listening to these days?

    I still listen to the same music I did when in high school, Classic Rock.
  6. I've always had my A/C in Auto mode and close to three years old I got it for the first time - it came and went for about ten days and haven't seen it since.
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    Welcome and congrats. Looks like a few of us here have similar tastes. 17 Sport 08 H-D Nightrain 15 Mustang V6
  8. 1004ron

    Honk honk feature?

    As far as I know the only method available is Foscan.
  9. Might be best to encourage folks to put it in their signature line if it keeps disappearing from below the avatar. Edit: I's still showing in mine.
  10. 1004ron

    Transmission Fluid change.

    I added that to show a friend that I got "paid up front", .......by myself. LOL Damn good beer. The rotor laying on the floor is the 8 month old 9K mile Power Stop that started making a growling noise and slight vibration at low speeds - they promptly sent a complete new kit, but will go with solid rotors next time.
  11. 1004ron

    Transmission Fluid change.

    I think I did the transmission drain with it on ramps. Just this past weekend I had it up on stands to rotate tires and replace the front brakes - the position of the floor jack lifts it level.
  12. 1004ron

    AWD2016 PTU Casing>>> !Cracked!

    Yeah, it should be be able to go 78K miles on the original fill, but most here that do their own maintenance change it around half that mileage. I'm keen to see photos of yours to see if it destroyed itself or possible an external impact - there's a few reports of them grenading.
  13. 1004ron

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Thanks for the update - I'll stick with the drain plug.
  14. 1004ron

    AWD2016 PTU Casing>>> !Cracked!

    If you believed Ford's claim that the PTU was "lubricated for Life", and have 78K miles on it, then not too unexpected.
  15. 1004ron

    My new-to-me 2015 Edge Sport

    Congrats and welcome - I like that colour. The firmness of the suspension is subjective, but I don't feel mine is too firm, and expect the 2015 and 2017 would be the same.
  16. 1004ron

    Tire pressure - 21" rims

    I do as well, and I find the dashboard pressure indication to be accurate and check it at least once a week and if it drops one or two psi, I top it up with my home compressor using an inflater with an accurate gauge.
  17. 1004ron

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Keen to hear if you get more out using the oil extractor through the dipstick vs the drain plug. Most folks use a lot more than 5 quarts to change over a higher percentage of the total volume.
  18. 1004ron

    Cam Phaser Noise

    Welcome. To get better exposure and hopefully responses, tell us what M/Y and engine, and we can move you thread to the appropriate section.
  19. 1004ron

    bad oder inside car

    When last was the cabin air filter changed, and do you continuously use recirc?
  20. 1004ron

    Does 2.0 Need a Catch Can?

    One on my Edge Sport and one on my wife's Mustang
  21. 1004ron

    Does 2.0 Need a Catch Can?

    We're all welcome to express our personal opinions here, but I'm interested to hear your reasoning behind that comment.
  22. 1004ron

    Does 2.0 Need a Catch Can?

    Looks aside, myself and others here can confirm that the JLT performs well, which would make it a whole lot better bang for the buck. The two JLT that I have were bought when they had a seasonal special, so think I paid around $135.
  23. @bb56 I can envisage those washers working, and I have some of that foam you described and will give that I try.
  24. Service manager just replied to my email with a copy of the TSB and the below comment - I've replied asking if mine is covered under the ESP. Edit: His reply: Not much is covered under the ESP , extended warranty. Might try the new type fasteners, if my string work-around gets loose.