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  1. Free Traffic updates through Sirius XM will expire after 3 years (mine was 5 years) after which you can renew or just use the navigation without Traffic updates - it was at this point I moved to using a CarPlay adapter and Waze.
  2. I cant estimate the quantity that I got at each drain event. No, the compressed air didn't get it all out. When I did my wife's 3.7L Mustang I wrapped rags around the reservoir opening to seal against my leaf blower and I think that was more effective, probably because of the higher volume.
  3. I had a tube/hose on the petcock into a large plastic drain pan and it was totally mess free, until I got impatient and put some compressed air onto the reservoir which caused the hose to snake around a left a mess on my garage floor. If I had secured the hose 100% would have been contained in the drain pan.
  4. I expect that the prediluted is made with deminerilsed water which would be cheaper and easier for them to make in bulk, but not any better than using distilled.
  5. The website says distilled water. USA - Motorcraft - Yellow Concentrated Antifreeze/Coolant
  6. I have a vacuum device which I used for the first time when I changed over to the new yellow, but I doubt that its essential for the Edge - some vehicles are prone to air being trapped in the system, but haven't read such reports on the Edge. I bought the 2 gallons of concentrate which I mixed with distilled water bought from my local supermarket for $0.80 per gal - that's enough to do about 4 drain/fills. Some flush with distilled water then go with the concentrate and measure the fluid to get it where the want it. Amazon.com: Prestone AF-1420 Antifreeze/Coolant Tester : Everything Else
  7. A couple of weeks ago I changed my 2.7L over to the new Yellow coolant and cant recall how many turns the drain needed but it is definitely one or more - I recall it was tight to turn even after the initial breaking it free. I applied compressed air to the filler and it got more of the old coolant out, but unless you do a good few flushes the coolant in the expansion tank is going to have a mix of the old and new color - thank goodness the new Yellow is backward compatible.
  8. 1004ron

    3.7 head gasket leak fix?

    Good video and it appears that these products have improved drastically from the time my Dad used it.
  9. Yesterday I took everything off and prepped it ready for the delivery of the new LED today. I had to make a trip to Lowe's for 3M mounting tape, 12 point deep 13mm socket, and blade scraper. Used a snap blade utility knife to cut through the double sided tape, removed the 6 plastic 12 point nuts, then came the brute force to pop the spoiler off the 4 with plastic clips - I packed rags under the spoiler to create some tension, then thumped it upwards with the ball of my hand and all 4 plastic clips popped off. The new LED light is higher quality than OEM - the clear lens is attached more securely with a good hard sealing/bonding - the clear lens just popped off the old one and suspect that allowed moisture ingress and failure of 4 out of the 12 LED's. The only thing I would do differently would be to find thicker double sided foam tape, around 2mm thick.
  10. The below is for the >2021 but sounds similar. Please add your Model/Year and location to you profile signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
  11. 1004ron

    3.7 head gasket leak fix?

    What's leaking, compression, coolant or oil ? I haven't heard of any head gasket sealant - do you have any particular product in mind?
  12. 1004ron

    A/C vents

    SEL 3.5L ? Please add your Model / Year and location to your signature - Settings - Ford Edge Forum
  13. 1004ron

    A/C vents

    Welcome. Sounds like the selector doors not functioning - its similar to the blend door - access is different on the M/Y. Please add your Model / Year and location to your signature - Settings - Ford Edge Forum
  14. 1004ron

    Alternative Jack or Lift Points on 2017 Edge

    Wow, that's some serious corrosion and question the structural integrity. They also salt the roads in my area - I have the monthly payment deal with the local car was and take it through the wash every time I drive on salted roads and don't have any corrosion on my 2017. If it were mine I'd add Jacking Rails like I installed on my wife's Mustang - you could contact the suppler/manufacturer to see if the make these for the Edge, or modify them to fit. Steeda 555 5205 Mustang Coupe Low-Profile Jacking Rails (15-22)
  15. Those incompetent service shops are making wild guesses that its a "heater hose cracked". Are you seeing coolant on the ground? It could be the issue detailed in the below linked thread:
  16. Please add your Model/Year and your location to your profile signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
  17. It sounds like you've had your vehicle at three incompetent service shops, which in the end has cost you more than it would have taking it to the Dealership service center or a reputable independent shop. The only advice I can offer is to take it to a reputable competent service shop.
  18. Who installed it like that? - what else have they done wrong !!! How did you determine that the heater hose is cracked?
  19. The area inside the red circle - looks like its disconnected whatever it is.
  20. I've ordered the replacement from Amazon - Its the Dorman brand and hopefully it lasts longer than the OEM. Amazon.com: Dorman 923-133 Center High Mount Stop Light Compatible with Select Ford Models : Automotive @Haz do you have any details for the double-sided tape used between the spoiler and the glass?
  21. I'm not familiar with the 2.0L, but maybe @Haz can help. In photo #3 it looks like an air/vacuum pipe is disconnected ? In photo #4 it looks like the serpentine belt is InsideOut ?
  22. robertlane any chance you could look at correcting this when moving to the new hosting service?
  23. 1004ron

    Ford Edge Forum: WHAT HAPPENED?

    Thanks for the update, but I'll believe it when I see it because robertlane sure leaves us with the impression that he's abandoned this forum. Maybe the new hosting service will correct the fault that prevents the profile detail being displayed. Posted August 28, 2019
  24. 1004ron

    Black transmission fluid

    I've done the Drain/Fill twice on my 2017 Sport at around 45K miles each time and it was not black. If its black I'd be concerned that its been abused or its a sign of issues on the horizon. 70K mile oil change interval for the PTU is way overdue - I do mine at 30K miles.