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  1. Have a 2019 Edge SEL AWD with the turbo 4 cyl. Vehicle has the optional wireless charging pad. Both of us have new OnePlus 8 Pro cell phones with wireless Q1 charging capabilities. Have tried to charge both phones in the wireless pad location(with both Otter clear protector on phone and protector removed). The screen has never indicated the phones were recognized or the phone was charging on either phone(per the Operators manual a message is suppose to indicate phone is charging). The Operators manual does not indicate anything needs to be done other than setting phone on pad to get phone to charge. Anyone else experience problem with wireless charging pad, or does some action to activate charging pad need to be preformed which manual does not indicate? Thanks in advance.
  2. Our 2016 SEL with the turbo 4 indicated a "check engine " 2 different times. Used code reader to determine it was the P0036 code - Heated Oxygen sensor 2, Bank 1 Heater control circuit malfunction. This is associated with the catalytic converter. A TSB has been issued on this problem (sorry I did not get from dealer). Since this is involved with emissions equipment it is covered to 80K by Ford warranty. Our SEL had 38K when repaired a couple days ago. The second time the "check engine" indicator came on it cleared itself in 4 days.
  3. pmbb68

    Sunroof shade noise.

    Our 2019 sunshade does not make any noises no matter how bad the road dips or holes.
  4. My wife has a 2019 SEL with the wireless charging pad. We have LG 5 cell phone which run android . These cell phones will not charge on this pad. Has anyone been able to get non Apple cell to charge on wireless pad ? Her SEL also has the Ford 360 safety controls - these are impressive. Thanks
  5. pmbb68

    Rotary Gear Selector

    Wife has had her new 2019 2 weeks. she likes the rotary unit. She also likes the "go to park" when she pulls in garage and shuts down engine. The 19 is a nice vehicle. New AWD system to release rear drive wheels unless required.
  6. pmbb68

    New phone, LG G5

    LG G5 cell works no problem. Both voice and text..
  7. pmbb68

    LTD AWD Trip Report

    In February 2017 we departed Michigan for Florida for 7 weeks for a total of 4,935 miles. Drove to Virginia via mountains in W. Virginia, then on to Florida. Approximately 60% of miles were highway/interstate and remaining local roads in where we stayed. The Edge with 2.0L turbo indicated 29.3 for the total 4,935 miles. Normally set speed control to 65 on highway, including drive in mountains. Car was packed with two set of golf clubs and clothing for trip - so the back was full. Pleased with power, and milage. Her car was purchased 8/2016 and now has 8,200+ miles.
  8. Pick up new LG G5 phones tomorrow. Was checking the Edge owners web site and noted the LG G 5 is not listed as cell that will work with Edge sync. Have Sync 3, V2.0. Had live chat with Ford agent, she indicated only cell phones that have been tested are listed and apparently Ford has not test the LG G5 yet. Question - does anyone have the LG G5 synced to their Edge ? Thanks for reply
  9. Sorry, our Edge has V2.0, not V2.2.
  10. Thanks. Yes my wife's cell phone was connected to the radio, and we do have the most recent update per my link to Ford owner web site. Edge was built 8-16 and was delivered with Sync 2.2. Have not, as far as I know, ever connected radio to Wifi network anywhere, including our house because we have not needed to update Sync at this point. Since that happened we have not had any other issues. Thanks for reply. We were in Richmond at Bass Pro Shop while visiting her sister on way to Florida. Nice area.
  11. Traveling on trip and when we started morning trip the NAV connected and map displayed immediately. Drove 15 mins and then stopped for gas. After leaving gas station the NAV did not load. The NAV screen indicated "loading". After 20 mins. we turned off radio/NAV system thinking this might reboot system without doing reboot so indicated in manual and not wanting to drop all our contact info in NAV favorites list. Started the system up, same issue - "loading". We did not shut down since we were listening to book on tape. After approximately 50-60 mins the NAV system loaded and NAV was working correctly. That was 5 days ago and no issues since. Any ideas why the system took so long to load? Was listening to book on tape, but have done that numerous times with no issue to NAV. Other than that item we must say this is excellent vehicle after having purchasing 24 new vehicles since '66. Same for my '15 F 150.
  12. pmbb68

    Your new 2016 Edge review

    My wife purchased 2016 SEL 2.0 Eco Boost AWD 8/16. Vehicle has about 5500 miles, with 4 trips of 600 miles each in the total 5500. At 65 mph we have averaged 30.5 to 31.5 on road trips. Around town about 24 mpg - so we are please with overall/trip mpg. The 2.0L has strong acceleration when called upon, and normal driving the engine is very smooth. Has leather seats which are very comfortable, but have not ridden in rear seats. Cargo space for this vehicle is good, but big step down from her Honda van which was large vehicle - she is slowly getting use to size difference. Very quite, except on Michigan bad roads which are everywhere. Handles snow with no problem(40" so far this winter). We are pleased with purchase of this vehicle.