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    2007 Rear Seat Removal

    I was able to answer my own question....i just started taking it apart and it was rather simple. Take the two nuts/bolts off from the front of the seat. I took the 40% side out first. The seat bottom will just fold up while the seat back stays upright. Then i used a bungee cord to hold it to the seat back and out of my way. That gave me access to the rest of the nuts at the rear of the seat. Then remove the seat. Its easiest if you leave the bungee cord in place. For the 60% side, i did the same. The front bolts/nuts exposed the remainder of the nuts (almost). Again, use a bungee cord to hold the seat bottom up to the seat rear. There are 2 nuts that are accessible from the rear cargo area. Remove the cargo top and the side storage compartments lift right out. Then take the rear two nuts off and the seat is free. It's probably easiest to get a helper and remove via the rear cargo area. I took it out the side door by myself, which was ok, but i imagine the rear tailgate is much easier. Hope this helps someone else. You will need an 18mm socket, and i suggest a deep well 18mm too. My 1/2" drive socket was able to fit in there, but a universal joint adapter could've made it a bit easier for a few nuts/bolts.
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    Thank you cjedge08. I had the same issue and was also looking at the door seals, etc. Your reply got me on the right track. Here is a picture for reference for anyone else with this issue. As you can see in the picture, the hose came loose and was dumping rain water into the foot well. Before I re-attached it, i pushed a long zip tie through to make sure it was not clogged up, and blew the compressor down through the white 90deg elbow. I also removed the drivers seat, and door trim and B-pillar trim to pull back the carpet and expose the underneath padding. It was soaked, as there was about 1" of standing water in the well, mostly near the pedals as I was parked on my driveway sloped downward. I put a fan blowing on the underneath of the padding to help dry it out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/roc9eu7lamk1c7m/2017-07-18%2013.55.57.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iavvwp8kr5fhjnu/2017-07-18%2013.55.38.jpg?dl=0
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the rear seat (split 60/40, not heated) out of my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. I'm trying to vacuum up the dog hair! I'm also thinking of replacing the whole carpet (there is some heavy wear and water damage up front). The front seats are easy. The rear look like it's about 6 or 7 nuts on studs welded to the floor, but they are obscured and difficult to reach. How does the back seat come out? Does the seat cushion come up and out to provide access to the nuts/studs? Does anyone have a tech doc on it? Thanks! Dave O.