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    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Just a reminder that I have both CF and ABS V2s in stock from the run I did last February . They. Fit 2015 to 2018 Edge all models. These are most likely the last ones I will be making. If you have been on the fence about getting one now is the time.and last chance before they are gone forever.
  2. It is happening. I have been doing a lot of research and design into an air box that will fit both the Edge ST and the Sport. The design may change but as of now it is all about adaptors. Adaptors for the filter that have to be fabricated and welded. Adaptors for the filter that has to be molded . I am working on the mold now and it is much easier than the V2 intake mold. I learned so much with the V2 that this time I know what to expect and the daily surprises should be less. ***** Update 5-8 -21 The design has changed and fitment into the ST has not been re - established . I really want it to fit , but I have no access to a ST at this time to check for fit. Now is the time as once the molds are made I am locked in . It would take about 20 min to check and make notes. Anyone in the Los Angeles area that has a ST and would like to help please PM me. Some of the parameters for the air box: 1. It must be easy to install and something anyone can do. 2. It must require a minimum of tools to install. Right now the tools needed are a 7mm and 8mm nut driver, wrench or socket, and a big hammer...LOL. Just kidding about the big hammer. 3. It must move more air than stock with less restriction,. 4. t must look good ! As I don't want my ideas copied by a big company this thread will help establish my “ intellectual property “ Here is some info about the air filter: It can move over twice the air as the stock filter and will be available in a wet or dry configuration.
  3. The V3 CAI pictured above is now on it’s way into an ST. There are still a couple V3s available and they need a home. Adopt a V3 now and let you Ecoboost breathe.
  4. Xtra

    Sport 0 to 60

    Found this old video. Had just received my Dragy and wanted to check 0 > 60, lifted at 62mph.
  5. Xtra

    Sport 0 to 60

    The shift to second gear happens just as the car crosses the intersection. You can see the video vibrate as all 4 tires break loose for a moment and the car shakes. Not sure about Third gear, will have to review the video. That run is with a 91 tune. Have had high 12 second passes at the drag strip with a 93 tune. Thanks
  6. Xtra

    Sport 0 to 60

  7. My replacement FMIC arrived today.
  8. That’s what I thought as well. Turned out it is the IC. Have not seen it yet so I don’t know the problem. U.P. was super cool and said that they would fix it no charge. It is one of the first ones they made 4 or 5 years ago, and the only fail that they have had with them. My thought is a weld popped we will find out soon enough.
  9. My car is in the shop because it lost boost. It sounded like a jet taking off and boost dropped off. Will know more tomorrow
  10. My car is in the shop because it lost boost. It sounded like a jet taking off and boost dropped off. Will know more tomorrow
  11. I noticed that in the 2.7EB Ultimate Parts Thread that RamFab is stll listed as the source of the cold side pipe.
  12. It was a quiet Friday night and the air filter had arrived, so I went back to work and finished up the side that hooks up to the car. These are the tabs that go to the front. These are the J-Hooks that the OEM air box clips to. The Adaptor is now complete. It needs to cure overnight to achieve 80% strength.
  13. The Oiled, Washable, Reusable, Air Filter came in today. I will keep it wrapped and boxed up as it the last thing to install before shipment.
  14. Day Five working at my shop. These posts show what is involved in making just one V3 . Today work continues on the Adaptor. This is the high density foam gasket that seals the V3 Adaptor to he OEM air box bottom half. The latches and C-Clip complete the Lid side of the Adaptor. The latches are very tight on this V3 Adaptor and snap into place with authority. As the foam gasket on the lid compresses over time the latches will be easier to catch. Close up of the CNC machined C-Clip... Tomorrow work will continue on the OEM air box side of the Adaptor.
  15. Started work on the Adaptor today. Day Four. After cutting it out and trimming, more tape is added to protect the edges. The Adaptor is squared up to sit flat, and then the edge protector is added. This edge protector also helps seal the adaptor to the lid gasket . Once the edge protector is installed, more tape is added for protection.
  16. Here is a letter I received on the subject of the transmission.
  17. Managed to finish up the mods to the lid for the Aux Aix Intake. Cut, shaped, bent, drilled and polished ready to assemble. Day Three. Sealed air tight, riveted Aux Air and Sensor port. All this lid needs now is for the RTV to dry, and a gasket.
  18. I bought a V3 Filter and a Flex Hose for the Aux Air Intake last week. I placed the very same order 2 days later and to my surprise the filter's cost went up 7.7% and the Flex hose went up 68% ...in just two days !!! Thats crazy... I will hold the price where it's at and suck up the difference, but this inflation and what ever it is (don't call it a recession), is getting expensive.
  19. Working on a lid with the Auxiliary Air Intake today. The Aux Air is a popular option along with the Oiled Washable Filter. Got everything fabricated and ready for polishing before final assembly. Day Two
  20. Thanks for posting, my mail box was full. It should be working now. I will PM you .
  21. The success of the V2 allowed me to develop the V3. Now that the V3 is fully developed and in production, I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my endeavors to bring a true CAI system to the Edge ST and Sport. The V3 costs around $330 to produce, and there is very little mark up. Just enough to allow me to keep making them. My labor is basically free, as it is a hobby and a labor of love. My reward is seeing the V2 and V3 in members cars and hearing how much they like them . Corny I know.... but true. Without a doubt, if some other manufacture says that their CAI can make +24 HP & +23 Lbs. on the ST, the V3 will not only match that, the V3 flows better, and supports much more HP than theirs. I will also put the quality of the V3 CAI system up against any other CAI for the Edge I am very proud of what has been accomplished, and it would have not been possible without this forum and it's members support. Thank you all.
  22. The Rotozip makes a mess and perhaps some day I will discover a better way to cut this . Day One. After cleaning up the mess that sticks to the cut it looks much better. Precision on this cut is not necessary as this is trimmed away in the next cut. .
  23. Started the next step. In order to make it more manageable excess is removed. This is the first step . After set up, the RotoZip makes the cut.
  24. Just got back from the plastic shop. Molded V3 Adaptors formed and ready to cutout. The "C-Clips" are made with the help of a CNC knee mill.