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    Best deal on rims?

    After searching for what feels like years for the right set of wheels I came across this site. You have to give them some info in order to see the price, but it is worth it . As far as I can tell this site offers the best prices . I have not used them or ordered from them but their prices are hundreds less when I compare wheels. If you are looking to buy wheels check them out . If you have info on another site that offers a better deal I would be interested as I am always looking for the best price. https://www.mrwheeldeal.com
  2. Xtra

    Best deal on rims?

    They have great prices on name brand wheels like Savini and Forgestar. These two companies offer large offsets like our 21X9 +55 OEM wheels, as well as free shipping on many. I am looking at 20X10 +54 by Savini and 21X10 + 52 by Forgestar.These offsets will keep the wheel under the finder and not change the suspension set up much.
  3. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    There is still time to get a V2 before years end. Only a few remain In stock and ready to ship. PM me for info.
  4. Xtra

    2022 Edge ST, does this look right?

    Your Borla system appear to be installed correctly , The Borla and MRT systems are similar from the axel back with twin mufflers. This is the MRT axel back system on my Sport. There is no way to tuck them up higher and still have room for the mufflers. I am considering installing the aFe Vulcan 2 1/2 inch cat back system, dumping their transverse muffler and retaining my MRT axel back because I prefer the look and sound of it. I like the Borla system's better overall design but for the 2 1/4 inch tube they use. Glad you like the sound, Is there any drone when crusing at 70 or 80 mph and you go up a hill ? My car is quiet at 70 to 80 MPH until it has to work a little like going up a hill and then the drone kicks in. I have to down shift or speed up to stop it, most annoying.
  5. It is happening. I have been doing a lot of research and design into an air box that will fit both the Edge ST and the Sport. The design may change but as of now it is all about adaptors. Adaptors for the filter that have to be fabricated and welded. Adaptors for the filter that has to be molded . I am working on the mold now and it is much easier than the V2 intake mold. I learned so much with the V2 that this time I know what to expect and the daily surprises should be less. ***** Update 5-8 -21 The design has changed and fitment into the ST has not been re - established . I really want it to fit , but I have no access to a ST at this time to check for fit. Now is the time as once the molds are made I am locked in . It would take about 20 min to check and make notes. Anyone in the Los Angeles area that has a ST and would like to help please PM me. Some of the parameters for the air box: 1. It must be easy to install and something anyone can do. 2. It must require a minimum of tools to install. Right now the tools needed are a 7mm and 8mm nut driver, wrench or socket, and a big hammer...LOL. Just kidding about the big hammer. 3. It must move more air than stock with less restriction,. 4. t must look good ! As I don't want my ideas copied by a big company this thread will help establish my “ intellectual property “ Here is some info about the air filter: It can move over twice the air as the stock filter and will be available in a wet or dry configuration.
  6. I love my BIlstein B6 shocks on my 2016 Sport. I suggest getting a complete set of 4 to improve handling and the ride. They work with stock and H&R lowering Springs. https://www.shockwarehouse.com/index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=523108&selected_year=2017&type=T&selected_make=Ford&model_name=Edge "The B6 mono tube design eliminates aeration and keeps your Ford Edge tires glued to the road, and is the same shock used in NASCAR Super Trucks and SCORE and PRO-TRUCK competitions. Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects." Part Number Position Package Qty Bilstein 22-283092 Front Left 1 Regular Price: $139.00 Our Price: $118.00 each Save 15% Free Shipping Bilstein Backorder. Call for availability. Bilstein 22-283108 Front Right 1 Regular Price: $139.00 Our Price: $118.00 each Save 15% Free Shipping Bilstein Backorder. Call for availability. Bilstein 24-283113 Rear 1 Regular Price: $128.00 Our Price: $109.00 each Save 14% Free Shipping Bilstein Backorder. Call for availability. Complete Set Front and Rear Bilstein B6 $534.00 $454.00 for the set of four. Save 14% Free Shipping
  7. Don't be sad, if I had made any money at all, I would have been taxed at a 25% rate. Ouch. So it is good that I lost some. I never expected to make money at this anyway. I just want to make CAI for you guys and keep busy so the rocking chair does not get me. I went to a car show near me this last weekend it is called Super Car Sunday they have a web Site if you want to check it out, they have a little of everything there. I had the hood up on my car and people were checking it out. They were liking the V2 / V3 combo and talking about it as I watched in amazement at their positive reactions. I might even go again next week. Here are a couple of cars that were there. The car that Mr. Ford made that changed the world. This is what hot rodders do to old Fords Go big or go home I like this. The way to make a old 240Z fast and fun. A super clean install on the 240Z There was a bunch of high dollar super cars as well. With so many amazing cars being there is why I was so pleased that people actually took time to check out my Edge Sport and the V3.
  8. I was having the same problem with the battery in my 2016 Sport an H6 size. I guess that Ford put a small battery in the Sport and the ST to save weight and improve the handling. I got tired new batteries ever year or two and upgraded to an H7 size. It is the next step up in battery size for out cars. One I put in a H7 size sealed Gel Battery I have had no problems. I understand that the luxury versions have an even bigger H8, but that is overkill for for the Sport and ST as it adds unnecessary weight up high that can effect the handling to a degree. The H6-7and 8 all fit in the battery tray. I would suggest moving up to the H7 battery and that should fix your problem with short life batteries.
  9. Xtra

    Transmission upgrade?

    They work but nothing like a dual clutch transmission does. The Sport and ST transmissions can be programmed to give different shift feel from hard to butter smooth. I use mine on occasion to short shift on the street to keep out of high RPM when doing a jack rabbit start to 50mph or so. I try to shift at peak torque not peak HP sometimes.
  10. Xtra

    Transmission upgrade?

    The 2016 to 2018 Sport and I think even the 2015 Sport as well all have 6 speed trans with paddle shifters. The 2019 to 2022 ST all have paddle shifters and I think 8 speed transmissions. I would double check before buying to confirm.
  11. After selling the last V3 and freaking out about the tax man, I decided to count all my receipts and do some book keeping. It turns out that I am a horrible business man, and it is as I said, this is a hobby and not for profit. Turns out I have lost way over $1000 so far on the V3 project in 2022. Never thought that I would be happy that it cost me as I do want to break even, but now I know I won't have to pay a boat load of tax and have a large unexpected expense. And what that means is that I can keep making V3s until the end of the year and possibly into 2023 !!! The order lines are now open again and another batch of V3 CAI are in the works. PM me for price and availability. Protect my a** BS now that the feds are all up in my S**t THE V3 IS FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY. KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS BEFORE INSTALLING.
  12. Xtra

    Transmission upgrade?

    Go ahead and put on the turbos. Part of hot rodding is finding the weak link. No need to pay to fix a trans that is not broken. Run the heck out of it, get your moneys worth, and then or if it brakes at that point you will know what part of the trans needs to be beefed up. Another old hot rodding tip don't over do your daily driver, keep it safe and reliable. Save the all out effort for the weekend warrior. If you are on a budget and who is not these days you might find the performance you desire by selling the 2010 and up grading to a used Sport or ST. The cost of new turbos on a non turbo car and a new trans might cost as much as a new ride. Something to think about.
  13. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Just a reminder that there are still a few V2 remaining, both the ABS and CF versions are available at this time.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends.
  15. SOLD 10 - 22 New price must sell fast $ 485 Ultimate Performance Front Mount Intercooler. Fits 15+ Ford Edge Sport/Lincoln Nautilus 19+ Edge ST 2.7 This FMIC was just rebuilt by Ultimate Performance with new reinforced end tanks and it has the premium Garrett Core. Has not been used or installed since complete rebuild on 9/ 14/ 22 Price Reduced $485 From the Ultimate Performance Website: " Ultimate Performance Front Mount Intercooler for the Edge Sport, Edge ST and Lincoln Nautilus, equipped with the Garrett Turbo Intercooler Core this FMIC will lower intake charge temps by 70 degrees and reduce your quarter mile times by up to 7 tenths. Added throttle response across the whole power band." FMIC features:24" X 8" X 3.5" core 100% handmade in the USA6061 Aircraft aluminum end tanks2.5" inlet/ 2.5" outlet Fits in factory location with some cutting required on plastic lower radiator support. Works with stock hoses and clamps 100% tig welded *Garrett core MSRP $925.00
  16. Reduced only $485 for this like new FMIC . Fully factory upgraded and ready to install. Over a $440 savings. SOLD !
  17. Thank you Lakeside, I am pleased you like your V3 and had no problems installing it. You have no idea how much joy your reply makes me feel. This truly is a labor of love for me and responses like this make all the work worthwhile. You will find that your turbos spool up faster as the turbos don't have to work as hard to suck in air. As MB022803 said with the V3, it is like going from a thin soda straw to a large milkshake straw.
  18. Thank you I appreciate the props. This new tax law is going to do major damage to Nano size microscopic operations like I have. It does not make money as it is a hobby, but will be treated like a business by the IRS. it makes me sad. $600 limit a year is only a buck sixty five a day!! You can't even get a coffee and a donut for $1.65 I have only one V3 remaining and right now it is looking like it will be the last for this year. That is unless four of you step up and place orders soon, only then will I do another run before the end of 2022. If I don't get all 4 I will give refunds. If I can survive then I might start up again, but that would be sometime around May or June 2023 after all taxes are paid and I understand just how much these new laws effect me. ... So with that said, who among you will step up and get what possibly could be the last V3. I will fight to keep making them , but no promises. I also have a few remaining V2 still available and the same goes for them as well. This is real and I hate sounding like a salesman, but members need to understand my position and what is at stake.
  19. Xtra

    Looking for AFE Airbox for 2019-2021 Edge ST

    How about the updated V3 CAI it fits the ST like a glove. It now uses an adapter. The adapter snaps onto the bottom half of the factory air box and uses the factory clips. The V3 lid then snaps onto the adapter replacing the factory lid and air filter. Polished aluminum elbows attach the filter to the cars accordion hose The installed V3 CAI This.V3 has the optional auxiliary air intake that removes any restrictions of the snorkel. All reviews so far have been positive with reported increases in MPG and performance.😎
  20. An amazing difference in strength and quality just demonstrated. Glad you and your Edge are safe . Thanks for sharing 🙂
  21. These are the 3 inch dual tips as installed on a 2016 Edge Sport. This gives an idea of how much room there is and how the 3.5 inch would fit. A small correction it is the inside tip that is is longer.
  22. You can get clamp on tips and that’s all you need. You will have to permanently remove the chrome exhaust bezels and the tabs that the bezel screws to for the tips to fit. Once the tabs are removed the bezels cannot ever be put back on. So be sure about if you want dual tips for there’s no going back. If somehow you can get the tips on without removing the tabs then you will be able to see them and they look (imo) funky. I suggest for you to go with clamp on Y tips With 2 1/2 inch in and three or 3 1/2 inch out . You can unscrew and takeoff the bezel and then take a look see . Test fit the tips before cutting off the tabs.
  23. When running dual exhaust tips using a Y pipe the exhaust bezels must be removed to make room for the tips . I am running 2 1/2 inch in and dual 3 inch out tips on my 2016 Sport. Unfortunately you must also remove the tabs that the bezels attach to for the dual tips to fit . This is a permanent mod and once the tabs are removed they are gone forever and the bezel cannot be reattached. My tips are staggered with the inside tip shorter and they are also cut at an angle . . The 2.5 inch in and dual 3.5 inch tips out you are looking at will work great, 3.5 is the max size (imo) and will look and sound awesome 😎. Theses are dual 2.5 inch tips I later swapped them out for dual 3 inch. Staggered, double wall, cut at an angle. Here you can see how the bezel is gone for the tips to fit. 2.5 inch tips. These are the 2.5 inch in and 3 inch out tips that I ended up with hooked up to my MRT Axle Back Exhaust system.