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  1. It is happening. I have been doing a lot of research and design into an air box that will fit both the Edge ST and the Sport. The design may change but as of now it is all about adaptors. Adaptors for the filter that have to be fabricated and welded. Adaptors for the filter that has to be molded . I am working on the mold now and it is much easier than the V2 intake mold. I learned so much with the V2 that this time I know what to expect and the daily surprises should be less. ***** Update 5-8 -21 The design has changed and fitment into the ST has not been re - established . I really want it to fit , but I have no access to a ST at this time to check for fit. Now is the time as once the molds are made I am locked in . It would take about 20 min to check and make notes. Anyone in the Los Angeles area that has a ST and would like to help please PM me. Some of the parameters for the air box: 1. It must be easy to install and something anyone can do. 2. It must require a minimum of tools to install. Right now the tools needed are a 7mm and 8mm nut driver, wrench or socket, and a big hammer...LOL. Just kidding about the big hammer. 3. It must move more air than stock with less restriction,. 4. t must look good ! As I don't want my ideas copied by a big company this thread will help establish my “ intellectual property “ Here is some info about the air filter: It can move over twice the air as the stock filter and will be available in a wet or dry configuration.
  2. Adding the Aux Air Intake to the V3 lid. Once the Aux Air Intake Port is installed, the next thing is to deal with the Sensor Port.
  3. This video is a bit out of order as this work was done before the Adaptor was finished. Once the saw was setup all the aluminum parts were cut on the same day. Cutting the Aux Air Intake blanks to length from a tube of 6061 aluminum.
  4. Fabrication of the hinge clip and installing it completes the V3 Adaptor. Working with Aluminum is is way different than ABS. Everything on the V3 CAI is rust proof it's built from Stainless Steel, Aluminum and ABS. Now that the Adaptor is complete it is time to work on the Lids and finish up the Aux Air Intake and Sensor port. This video shows the completion of the Adaptor. These little hinges take a lot of hand shaping, filling, polishing and time to get correct. The results are worth it .
  5. That is an awesome combo of suspension parts. Not only do they make the car look great you will be surprised how well it will turn corners now. If you live where there are any curvy, twisty roads you should go there and have some fun. The car will also be safer at highway speeds if you ever have to make an emergency lane change it will be up to the task.
  6. Now that the Adaptor to OEM air box side is finished. It is time to flip over the Adaptor and start on the Adaptor to Lid side. it starts with installing the C-Clip.
  7. Now it was time to test fit the Adaptor to the OEM air box. Checking to see.... 1. How well the Tabs align 2. How well the high density foam gasket seals 3. How tight the J hooks clip in. 4. How tight the Adaptor fits to the OEM air box . If there is any wiggle or slop 5. If the Adaptor sits flat, and even
  8. The "J Hooks" are attached next while the jig for the Tabs is still in place. I call them J Hooks because of their shape. The J Hooks installed. They are used to give the bottom half of the OEM air box something to clip to. You are looking at it upside down as compared to when it is installed in the car. The completed bottom of the Adaptor with the Tabs, J Hooks and gasket installed.
  9. Time to add the Tabs to the Adaptor. It is easy, but I have to be carful not to make a mess. The bottom half of a brand new OEM air box was cut up and sacrificed to make another jig for the Adaptor.. Converting the OEM air box into a jig insures that the tabs will be set correctly. The jig is taped down tight to the Adaptor to lock it into position, and to insure it does not move while working with it. The glue I use melts the ABS creating a weld when dry. The 3 Tabs installed waiting to dry.
  10. Willy41 Ihave sent you an PM and offered you a great deal. To view it, click on the envelope icon at the top right corner of this page next to your name. To anyone interested in a V2. I have a few Carbon Fiber material V2 remaining and these are the last of them. The CF I have been using is no longer available and I am selling the ones I have at below cost to make some needed space.
  11. Now, flip the Adaptor over and install the gasket that seals it to the bottom of the OEM air box once installed. The high density foam gasket. This lip that the gasket adheres to O.D. is made smaller so that when the gasket is installed the O.D. is correct and it will fit tight and seal into the OEM air box.. The Adaptor with top and bottom gaskets installed. Ready for the next step... installing the clips and latches. It is now taking shape and looking more like a part.
  12. The next step is to add the edge protector. This not only gives a finished look to the Adaptor, more importantly it seals the Adaptor air tight to the high density foam gasket on the lid. This edge guard is the best I could source with grips on both sides in the middle and metal clips molded into it It is cut to length and the Adaptor edge is cleaned before installing Ready to trim to length. It is easy enough to cut the material, but I only get one shot at it . Cut to short and the Edge guard has to be tossed. Cut a fraction to long, and when it is trimmed, more offer than not the edge is frayed making for a sloppy joint. This one I nailed spot on; The finished edge protector installed.
  13. The clean up of the Adaptor. This completes the process of cutting and shaping the Adaptor from the ABS vacuum formed sheet.
  14. Snmjim took the platform to the max and knows all the weak points and how much power different parts can take.. He can tell you exactly how much you can make safely. And what needs to be beefed up and when. He did not post everything he learned.
  15. I guess you know check the Ultimate 2.7 Parts thread . You could be pushing the limit of some drive line parts depending on how much power you make. I would contact snmjim for some information that could save you some time and money with this swap.
  16. Nice, those make great power right out of the box. And what the Sport and ST should have had from the start.
  17. The right angle air disc sander removes most of the material. But leaves a rough finish Using the razor to scrape the ABS cleans up the tool marks. The finished and polishes edge. Before and after. This completes the shaping of the Adaptor.
  18. The next step is to clean up the third cut, it takes about 45min to an hour to complete. . This return lip must be removed for the intake to move air smoothly with no restrictions Before and after. The clean up is done with these three tools.
  19. Although the third cut is the easiest to make. It requires the most amount of hand finishing of the 3. This is done to provide the maximum air flow and least amount of resistance.
  20. This is the final cut on the Adaptor. It now has been cut out of the ABS Vacuum Form sheet and is taking on the final shape. There is still a long way to go before it is a useable part.
  21. New much shorter video This video shows the process of how the second cut is made. Each step requires a different jig. At first, before I had jigs made, I would draw a line then cut wide and hand file and sand to the line. This had to be done during the design phase. Creating jigs that could produce repeatable accurate results was critical to the V3 project. It took a lot of time and work to get to this point where there is a complete set of V3 jigs. But it was worth it, the jigs are a huge timesaver and increases the quality of the V3. Making The Second Adaptor Cut... Trimming to finished Height.
  22. Finished the second cut trimming all the Adaptors today . Before and after the cut, before finishing on the belt sander This is what is removed. It sets the correct height of the adaptor, and removes the flange around the edge.
  23. Feeling better and got back to work on the Adapter today.
  24. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I have a few CF V2 in stock. These are the last of the CF V2 as the material to make them is no longer available. As such I am closing them out at a substantial discount. $40 off on all remaining CF V2 . Once they are gone only the ABS will be available. Fits 2015 to 2018 Edge -- All models and engine combos. PM me for more info.
  25. Check your private message