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  1. With only 24,000 miles on my car I am on my 3rd set of tires!!! The canyons eat them up fast! The Scorpion Verde All Season tires the car came with lasted only 8,000 miles. I replaced the Scorpions with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Summer tires and they lasted for 16,000 miles of canyon work. Could have pushed it another 2 or 3,000 miles but I cut a tire sidewall in a pothole so I just replaced them all. There are other less expensive choices available that provide good performance and bang for the buck but the PS4S tires transformed my car and I am a believer. IMHO they are the best performance summer tire available for the Edge Sport or ST. The PS4S with my mods to the suspension work perfect together with great turn in and road feel. They have never just let go at the extreme and that gives me confidence to drive the canyons that are in my back yard. I will continue to use the Michelin PS4S tires until I can no longer afford them. TIRE RACK TEST RESULTS ROAD MANNERS & DRY/WET TRACK(COMBINED SUBJECTIVE OVERALL RATING) (Higher Number Is Better) 8.37 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 8.07Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) 6.61Toyo Proxes Sport 7.12Yokohama ADVAN Apex V601 1. In real world road ride ratings. The PS4S had the best Ride Comfort, Noise Comfort, best Handling and overall Road Rating. 2. In Performance Drive Data- Dry Test Track. The PS4S had the best Cornering Stability, Steering Response, Braking Modulation, Handling Predictability and Overall Track Rating. 3. The PS4S had the best Slalom Times, Lap Times, the shortest Stopping Distance Wet or Dry and the Highest Cornering G-Force of all 4 tire brands tested.
  2. Xtra

    Sunroof glass replaced....finally.

    Living in sunny So Cal I decided to tint my BAMR with Nano Ceramic window tint. Because the BAMR is already dark I used the lightest tint available . The advantage of Nano Ceramic window tint is the heat rejection and blocking of 99% of the suns harmful rays no matter the % . The BAMR is basically a complete glass roof and by adding the ceramic tint it helps keep the interior temps down, adds UV protection and strengthens the roof a bit. If you are still under warranty have the roof cleaned and serviced by the dealer at the very first signs of it slowing down or anything. You do not want to wait as it is not covered by extended warranties and the BAMR is known for having problems. Keep up the service on it while under warranty to extend it's life and enjoy a trouble free BAMR.
  3. Xtra

    SYNC 3 V3.4

    How do you check/ know what version of SYNC 3 is installed ?
  4. I am about to go out and take care of some business and it is snowing in So Cal again . Not the kind of snow the rest of the world knows but Southern California snow. It is snowing ash.... the fires are back !! Overnight 25,000+ homes and 100,000 people have been evacuated just 8 miles from my house. . It is safe where I live but the ash rains down, the sky is dark and it smells of smoke . It has been bad for the last two years. Most people enjoy four seasons we have 3.. summer, winter and fire.
  5. Xtra

    Mustang SUV

    I found these renderings ( artist concepts ) of the new Mustang inspire SUV . Sadly, the Mustang SUV is expected only with an electric drivetrain. Thoughts of an SUV with Mustang looks, and a 460 horsepower 5.0-liter V8 are in vain. This is contrary to early news that stated that it would have all but the most powerful Mustang engine combinations available. Reports also claim that Ford will offer two electric drivetrain variants in its Mustang-inspired SUV. One powertrain will offer over 300 miles of driving range with the other offering as much as 373 miles. Rumors also suggest there will be a high-performance version of the Mustang SUV. Details on the new electric SUV with Mustang style are expected in November with an on-sale date said to be sometime in 2020 as a 2021 model. All I can say is if it is electric, why does the rear view have exhaust pipes ? I know it is just a rendering ..
  6. Xtra

    Mustang SUV

    More rumor updates about the Mustang SUV . First one is it will be an all electric 4 door crossover with around a 300 mile range. Some rumors have stated as high as 370 miles ( I doubt that ). Second is that it will be a 2020 model set to premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show this November 22. Last is the name : " Ford Mach E Electric Crossover " There is no information about power output or the drive train. AWD, FWD or RWD its anyone's guess. My guess is that it will be based on the new Explorer rear wheel bias architecture. It would be something if it could out accelerate a Tesla's Ludicrous Mode, then have the suspension and brakes to run the canyons with ease and still be a comfy cruiser . Here is the latest rendering:
  7. Not sure but I think it was a 12 ft drop over 221 ft if I read that correctly . I do have a 93 tune available but that’s a far cry from a race gas tune . No 93 around here anyway . I can get 100 VP but why pay $9 a gal if I don’t have a tune for it. So I run 91 with a 91 tune. ** The 0-60 MPH (1ft ) was 4.29s
  8. Decided to go for a drive and see what was going on with the Snake after attending the Galpin Car Show. The last time I was at the Snake it was not accessible as the bridge had burned down in the fires we had here back in December 2018. They have fixed the bridge with a temporary ( I hope that it's temporary ) narrow one way bridge that has a signal to control traffic. Although the bridge was open the Snake is still closed due to down wires and power lines. I had to turn back just past the Rock Store. It will be a good day when it re-opens, it has almost been a year now.
  9. Ran 4.65 0>60 , 4435DA @ 88*F . 91gas with 1/3 tank. Not confirmed ...
  10. Xtra

    Galpin Auto Show

    If you live in the Los Angeles area head on over to the Galpin Car Show this weekend. There will be over 1,000 cars on display!! Sunday Oct 6 - 9am to 2pm. Located one block east of the 405 at the Rosco exit. It is a great annual show with something for everyone who likes cars. https://www.galpin.com/carshow/ IT'S FREE !!!.
  11. Xtra

    Galpin Auto Show

    Here is a video that's just a part of the show . Was unable to make it to the VW and Import Tuners area before running out of time. Have never seen so many GT Fords in one place.
  12. Xtra

    Galpin Auto Show

    Just got back from he show and it was huge, spent 3 hours there and did not get to see it all. Will post more photos later and a video.
  13. Xtra

    Driving in La La Land

    Ever since I installed a dash cam I have been capturing some bad driveing decisions .
  14. Xtra

    Driving in La La Land

    And then there was this great parking job, blocking the exit from the parking lot. They were only there for around 7>10 minutes, but still inconvenienced two cars trying to leave. . He was picking up food at the restaurant I was at, a possible Grub Hub delivery service driver ?
  15. ONEDGE16 the PDF you gave has the exact answer needed in the troubleshooting section. This forum is an amazing resource and it is the members that make it so. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  16. OMG there is a version 3.3, this has been such a mess. I have been told so much different conflicting information my head is spinning. I need to call my service manager and talk to him again.
  17. Agree completely and they should tell you that before you buy it. .
  18. Just got off the phone with my dealer service manager and found out there is no such thing as SYNC 3.3 only 3.0 . I called Ford again to verify and for sure there is no 3.3. only 3.0 .The guy at CRC had no clue 3.3 wow !! He also told me if I have any problems to call the SYNC support line .. They were the first people I called 4 days ago .I also discovered that I am running SYNC3 version 2.0 and it can be upgraded to 3.0 easy enough. I am going to do that next week and then we will see if the navigation and maps update. Fingers crossed.
  19. Just got off the phone and updated my original post above please read it again.
  20. I also have a 2016 Sport and I bought the SYNC upgrade thumb drive from Ford. Carefully following all instructions when I ordered to guarantee compatibility with my car. Just plug it into the port and follow the instructions. How easy is that ? Well it turns out not so easy at all. !! As soon as I plugged the drive into the port an error message appeared stating that the software is not compatible with my hardware. What? I attempted several times to no avail so I contacted Ford where I bought the drive. The customer service rep was very nice and took my information and told me Ford was going to contact me with a fix. It has been 4 days and no call back or email from Ford . . ... Ford just called as I am typing this!! I was just told to contact Ford CRC ( Customer Care Center 800-392-36673 ) . I will do that now. OK then I just got off the phone and I was just told that I need to update my SYNC to version 3.3 and then the thumb drive will work . It takes about 45min to one hour to do the 3.3 update and another 45 to one hour for the maps. Lets hope this works.
  21. Xtra

    Track Time Results

    Yes, my car spins the tires a lot, I get wheel hop in second gear every time I jump on it, more than on launch ( see the video above). I would be so lucky to ever get a 120ft DA around here and there is no way and no place to test on the PCH Pacific Coast Hwy and be safe. In the past I have laid down very long sets of black stripes on private road / driveway. 70* and 3628FT is good for here.
  22. I had a similar problem with my phone . What I did was go into my phone bluetooth settings and where it said Ford Edge I clicked on that. The phone asked me Forget this Device and I clicked on that deleting the Edge from my phone. Then I re-discovered the Edge with my phone and it worked great after that. I have Sync 3 in a 2016 Edge the problem was with the phone not the car.
  23. Xtra

    Vanity plate ideas...

    NOS4A2, = Nosferatu for a black car TRNNBRN = Turn and Burn BLKNBLU = Black Ford 1QKEDGE = One Quick Edge AWH-SUM SUPRBAD = SUPER BAD PWRBITN = Power Bitten Well that's all I got 4NOW.
  24. Xtra

    Track Time Results

    Thanks ituhata and 037 for the help. It was Power and Home for my 6+ iPhone to get the screen shot . Here is the info you requested it took me two screen shots to get all the info. It would be nice to get it all in one shot. Know how to do that ?
  25. Xtra

    Track Time Results

    I think you are correct I need an app for my iPhone. 0 to 60 (1ft ) 4.88s, DA 3628