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  1. Markham12

    2016 edge sport

  2. This is the same location where you modified the hose?
  3. Markham12

    Turbos Needed - Gen II 2.7 EcoBoost

    I would like to thank Xtra, Snmjim and SpecialK for all their advice on upgrading my edge sport turbos. Their upgrade thread made it easy for a novice like me to find the parts I wanted. They answered my countless questions. I am have upgraded comp turbos, up intercooler, side pipe, and 170 thermostat installed today. Obviously the turbos will make the most difference. I am excited to see if it will meet my expectations. I will tune it with ZFG racing. Thanks again guys. Hopefully I don't blow anything up. LIfe is too short to go slow. 🤘
  4. Markham12

    2016-2018 Stock Turbo Set Excellent Condition

    Ok, that was a little low I guess. How about $610 and I can transfer the money today by Paypal if you want. . Thanks
  5. Markham12

    2016-2018 Stock Turbo Set Excellent Condition

    Hi. Would you take $350 for them?
  6. Markham12

    Intercooler - Sport

    thanks Onyxbfly.
  7. Markham12

    Intercooler - Sport

    Is the intercooler on the unleashed website ok?
  8. Markham12

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    Thanks for the great information here. This is very useful.
  9. Markham12

    Dyno Run, 2-7-2020

    That is nice. Ever get the dyno on the unleashed tune?
  10. Markham12

    2016 edge tune

    I have tried many tunes and I guess it comes down to personal preference. I am never going to a track to test it. I have just read all the information here thanks to all the smart people who have posted. I first tried the Livermois 93 aggressive v3 and liked it. But I got curious as to what unleashed would be like. Torrie was great and very patient but I was getting impatient with the datalogging. That is a long process. But finally I got a tune that seemed fast as Livermois but it didn't quite shift as smoothly wot to 60 mph. But it feels like it has more tip in on take off. Very close though. Last I wanted to try the Livermois v2 93 aggressive because I heard it might be better for some. After trying v2 93 aggressive for awhile it feels like it might pull harder 0-60 but a bit less 60 and above. Has anyone else compared v2 versus v3 for livernois? I thought v3 had more torque so why does v2 feel so fast? Also Torrie said his tune would add 50/60 hp. So why does Livernois claim like 90hp increase over stock ? But the two feel close. One of them is not right. Anyone know the dyno numbers for the unleashed tune?
  11. Markham12

    Track Time Results

    Did my first 0-60 run with the dragy. Wow it is much easier than my iphone.
  12. Markham12

    Another 2019 Edge ST Owner

    Congrats on your new ST. Welcome.
  13. Markham12

    Edge Owner

    Hi fellow edge owners. I got my 2016 edge sport recently. I have never had an suv before. I came from V8 Camaros and Trans ams in my 20's. Then I switched to sedans after my 20's. I wanted a change to an suv because I like sitting up higher. But I also like power. If I was wealthy I would just get a Trackhawk (lol), but I love the edge. I have it tuned and it really moves now. People ask my why I bought such a big vehicle because it is just my and my wife. I don't have a good answer other than I wanted something different. I drove a fusion sport also, but power wise I found them similar. I know I am not the average suv owner because most aren't looking for something that does 0-60 in around 5 seconds modified. Most suv owners are looking for something roomy and safe.
  14. Markham12

    New 2019 ST Owner

    Welcome. I like this color. Nice ST.