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  1. Markham12

    Track Time Results

    Did my first 0-60 run with the dragy. Wow it is much easier than my iphone.
  2. Markham12

    Another 2019 Edge ST Owner

    Congrats on your new ST. Welcome.
  3. Markham12

    Edge Owner

    Hi fellow edge owners. I got my 2016 edge sport recently. I have never had an suv before. I came from V8 Camaros and Trans ams in my 20's. Then I switched to sedans after my 20's. I wanted a change to an suv because I like sitting up higher. But I also like power. If I was wealthy I would just get a Trackhawk (lol), but I love the edge. I have it tuned and it really moves now. People ask my why I bought such a big vehicle because it is just my and my wife. I don't have a good answer other than I wanted something different. I drove a fusion sport also, but power wise I found them similar. I know I am not the average suv owner because most aren't looking for something that does 0-60 in around 5 seconds modified. Most suv owners are looking for something roomy and safe.
  4. Markham12

    New 2019 ST Owner

    Welcome. I like this color. Nice ST.
  5. Markham12

    2016 edge sport

  6. Markham12

    Track Time Results

    Wow. There are some people getting some really good 0-60 times here. Are those dragy devices accurate? Think I will get one. I would be absolutely pleased with 5 seconds to 60. I have been using my iPhone for my stopwatch. Is it true that winter weather means worse times? It is cold here in Chicago now.
  7. Markham12


    wow. That is amazing. What mods do you have?
  8. Markham12

    2016 edge tune

    Yes, that is about the amount of tire spin I get most times. But I have to kind of ease into it. If I mash the gas to the floor at 2000 rpm about releasing the brake I get alot of spin.
  9. Markham12

    2016 edge tune

    I thought mine was AWD. It says this on the dash display. I am pretty good with traction on, but when I turn it off too much power.
  10. Markham12


    That is nice. I wish I could have got my used sport in magnetic. Love the rims too.
  11. Markham12

    2016 edge tune

    I got the LMS 93 aggressive tune. It really makes a difference. The vehicle is much more fun to drive. I like the quicker 0-60. I was watching some videos online of the tune. How does this person take off like this? I tried many times boosting to around 2000 rpm, but I spin my front tires and it is bumpy sometimes because it feels like I am hopping the wheels. How is this person able to turn off traction and get zero tire spin. A completely smooth take off. Are my tires shot? lol. They look to have decent tread still. They are scorpion verde 21 inch tires.
  12. Markham12

    2016 edge tune

    Thanks for the info. What risks are you referring to with LMS? Is their tune more aggressive? I read they were very conservative somewhere. I emailed Torrie at unleashed asking a few questions. He told me most people run low 13’s in the 1/4 mile. Is this true? Are his tunes more up to date than LMS?
  13. Markham12

    2016 edge tune

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I want to tune my 2016 edge sport now that the warranty has expired. I have read many of the older threads here on LMS vs Unleashed tuning. Is there a noticeable performance difference between the two. I am interested in improving acceleration 0-60. also is SSI a good tune? I want something with 93 performance tune. What are your recommendations? Thanks