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    Ford Edge Towing Guide

    I know this is an old topic but I'm curious as to why the 2019 Escape with the 2.0 has the same tow rating of 3500 just like my 2020 Edge ST. Using the unibody argument @Gadgetjq refers to, it would seem the ST having a larger "frame", bigger brakes, better cooling and more power that it should have a higher tow rating. Thoughts on this? BTW, I'm very familiar with towing, capacities, weight and balance, tongue weight, hitch types, etc., having many RV's and tow vehicles. It befuddles me that other CUV's in the ST class have higher ratings.
  2. poontanghooligan

    2020 ST - Doing lowering springs and need torque specs

    @CharlieB Thanks man! I was close with my guesses. The T50 torx bolts are near the front-most subframe bolts and help hold the bracket the front-most big subframe bolt goes through. Install went great. Took my time and was a total of 5 hours doing it in my garage. Ride impressions are that it's just a touch softer over minor bumps but gets aggressive fairly quickly, especially on corner exit with the hammer down. Very pleased with the change in characteristics.
  3. poontanghooligan

    2020 ST - Doing lowering springs and need torque specs

    Anybody? Doing this install today.
  4. Just got a 2020 Edge ST and am doing H&R lowering springs. I found the instructions here on the forum (awesome and thanks) but I can't seem to find the torque specs for the various suspension bolts. Can someone fill in the blanks for me and any others I will need? Appreciate it! Front 1. Strut top hat nut: 2. Strut to knuckle bolts: 3. Strut tower bolts: 4: Sway bar link nuts: Rear 1. Subframe bolts (big ones): 2. T50 torx bolts: 3. Upper shock mount bolts: 4: Sway bar link nuts: