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  1. timfountain

    Sync 3 & CarPlay problem Arrgh!

    Thanks. Off to the dealer when I get an oil change.
  2. timfountain

    2018 Edge - Misfire when cold, no CEL

    Various gas stations 91 RON. I haven't seen that much dependability on brand in my other cars and the problem manifests across multiple different gas stations. Car has not yet had an oil change, but it is coming up on a year old so will have one soon. I don't see the PTU leaking (as in no fluid under the car in the garage), but after 5k miles I would be very disappointed if it was leaking or had carbon buildup.
  3. timfountain

    2018 Edge - Misfire when cold, no CEL

    I think it is the engine, but not 100%. I always use super. I guess it could be the seasonal mix. I'll keep an eye on it...
  4. Lots of threads on misfires but nothing particularly relevant to my situation. Car is a 2.0 Ecoboost SEL AWD 5,400 miles. When cold and just setting off from my house, going up a steep hill, I get a random hesitation and misfire at partial throttle for the first 1/2 mile or so. It is also getting worse over the last few months. As soon as the engine temp gauge starts to move off the cold mark, the misfire goes away. I've used a good quality code reader and nothing is logged, but it is for sure there, just not enough to trigger the CEL. Any ideas what the problem could be? I am still in warranty but without a hard indication of a fault I suspect I will be told there is nothing for the dealer to attempt to diagnose. Thank in adanvce.
  5. timfountain

    Sync 3 & CarPlay problem Arrgh!

    I tried to update sync but get a MEM_ERR03. I've downloaded the file 3 times, verified the zip integrity so at this point I think it is off to the dealer. The car is still in warranty so they need to figure this crap out, I'm done being their beta tester. As Ben Senise says, this setup is not ready for prime time . At all.
  6. So I had a problem where the car would prompt me every time I started the car to scan for wifi networks, even though system wifi was turned off (side not, does the wifi in a 2018 Edge actually work, I've never managed to successfully connect it to anything or do OTA updates0> Anyways, the recommended fix is to reset the sync unit from the menus, which I did. Now I still get the prompt when starting the car AND Sync no longer detects my iPhone and/or carplay does not do anything no apps, nothing. Literally how can this setup be so darn buggy. It was all working with one annoying issue which should have been solved with a reset, now is does not work at all. In addition my 128GB USB music stick, that, yep, was working 100% for months, now Sync says it media not present. I can see all the files on the USB device when plugged into my PC I've tried another reset on Sync, reset/cold booted my iPhone (latest 12.2 s/w), disconnected the BT link from phone to sync and have been trying various combinations for the last 2 hours. Very, very frustrated and looking for some inspiration. Since it was all working before the reset, I do not think I have a hardware or lightning cable problem.... Thanks in advance for any debugging ideas anyone may have
  7. It's super easy to reposition the coolant reservoir out of the way to get to the back of the headlight, one bolt on the back and a bungee cord to hold it out the way and you're set. If you need to move it a little more, the wiring harness clip pulls out from the reservoir mount to give you even more access. I think it is easier than removing the who headlight, but YMMV.
  8. timfountain

    2018 Ford Edge USB Ports

    Hi, not sure what MY you have , but could you please post the wire colors for the permanent and switched +12 wires that go to the mirror? That would be super useful to a number of people (me included) who ask this kind of question fairly regularly. Thank you in advance.
  9. timfountain

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Halogen projectors are useless in the dark. Aimed too low from the factory and bordering on dangerous due to the lack of FWD viz.
  10. Totally makes sense. Thanks. And yes, I also keep the H11's in the trunk in case or problems....
  11. Quick question, why do you say 2 relays? Most harnesses I've been looking at have one relay related at 40A, so perfectly able to switch 2x35W HID's. Genuinely curious? Also does the relay option throw errors?
  12. timfountain

    GPS not working in navigation

    Good point. I was thinking it was Sync 3. Sync 2 I have no idea, so hats off to you.
  13. timfountain

    GPS not working in navigation

    Sync 2 so no idea,
  14. timfountain

    Auto Start/Stop on 2018 SEL 2.0 AWD

    Ah got it. Poorly worded by Ford IMHO, but that must be it.