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    Hello From North Carolina

  2. Since jdg0928 posted to this thread. I have not had any further issues since replacing the battery around Jan 2021.
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    Hello from New York

    Welcome to the forum
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    New to the forum

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    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum, as per your question, I really don’t have any tips, except for all of the required and suggested maintenance. Don’t have to go to the Ford dealer, you can use an independent mechanic and there might be some of the stuff you like to do yourself.
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    2022 Edge ST, does this look right?

    Well, I got off my lazy butt and walked out and looked at the back of my 2020 edge ST. I have the MRT Exhaust on it, and they look just like your mufflers. I wonder if it’s got something to do with the set up on these and fitting the mufflers where they’re going. The stock mufflers actually fit all the way towards the rear end up kind of out of sight.
  7. The only thing to come to my mind, on your visor you have three buttons try setting up one of the other buttons to see if that works any better. I don’t know maybe just a button you’re using is not working properly on the visor.
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    Navigation Problem

    I believe it is more convenient for some. Maybe a bit better for the ladies so they do not have to remove the phone from a purse? I use one when riding my motorcycle, as I keep forgetting to remove it from the assessable cubby hole when I get off the bike. One day my phone will be missing when I check😳.
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    New to 2017 Edge Sport

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    Just bought 2020 Edge

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    Hello from Nebraska

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    New 2022 Ford Edge Titanium Owner

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    New 2008 Edge Limited owner

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    New 2016 Edge Sport owner

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    Hello from Mid Michigan

    Welcome and congrats
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    Hello From UAE

    Welcome, sorry to hear about your accident.
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    Hi from Canada

    Welcome to the forum
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    Hello from sunny Florida

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    Hello from PA

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    Back in the club - 2022 ST-Line

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    New Owner - '17 Sport

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    New member from California

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