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  1. I have seen quite some back and forth on the production of the ‘21 Edge. Will there be a 2021 Edge? Thanks for any info.
  2. Jim70

    World's most beautiful snowblower!

    Owner has a little too much spare time on his calendar.😱
  3. Faster Robert, faster!!🤣
  4. I have read where in a lot of turbo engines need a catch can. Recently there was a thread on a Ford 2.7 engine needing a catch can. So my question is does the Ford Edge 2019 with a 2.0 engine need a catch can? Sometimes I take very short trips adding to my concern. And an additional question to Mr Kirby , what is the difference between this forum and the Ford Blue Oval Forum.
  5. Jim70

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Same bucking problem. 2019 Titanium. Please Ford, make it go away so I don’t have to listen to the passenger seat complain.☹️