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  1. Jim70

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Don’t waste your time. For five straight months are used Costco 92 premium which by the way is also a top-tier fuel. There was no change. I am back to Costco regular fuel
  2. Jim70

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    We all have to face it, Ford just doesn’t care about a car that is not one of their largest sellers. And add to that Ford has already planned on discontinuing the Edge after the 2023 year (The Ford Edge and its more luxurious twin, the Lincoln Nautilus, will be discontinued after the 2023 model year, according to Automotive News) If we owned F150s, Explorers or even Escapes our problem would have been solved by now. What Ford is forgetting is that this was my first Ford and I loved it except for “the problem”. Now it it will be my last Ford. A total shame by any standard!
  3. Jim70

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    I also have the problem on my 2019 but not as bad as some of you. The problem is certainly fixable but it would take an effort on Ford’s part and that costs money. This says something about Ford. The money they would have to spend to fix the problem is not worth the customers that they will irritate or lose. Sad!
  4. I have seen quite some back and forth on the production of the ‘21 Edge. Will there be a 2021 Edge? Thanks for any info.
  5. Jim70

    World's most beautiful snowblower!

    Owner has a little too much spare time on his calendar.😱
  6. Faster Robert, faster!!🤣
  7. I have read where in a lot of turbo engines need a catch can. Recently there was a thread on a Ford 2.7 engine needing a catch can. So my question is does the Ford Edge 2019 with a 2.0 engine need a catch can? Sometimes I take very short trips adding to my concern. And an additional question to Mr Kirby , what is the difference between this forum and the Ford Blue Oval Forum.
  8. Jim70

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Same bucking problem. 2019 Titanium. Please Ford, make it go away so I don’t have to listen to the passenger seat complain.☹️