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    How do like the radio? Does it interfere with any functionality of the Sync system? Is the rest of your system stock?
  2. Dieselboy

    2015 Sport 21” Big brake kit

    Thanks for the info. How are you liking your Rotora kit? Loren has called me about the kit they have left. What was the price of the kit you got if you don’t mind?
  3. Did you consider the SCT GTX? Outside of display it doesn’t seem that there is much of a difference.
  4. Thanks for everyone’s input, this helps. What about the SCT X4? Seems like that’s the direct competitor to the Livernois after doing more research. Anyone have any input or experience with it? I’m looking to make this purchase soon so any help would be great! Thanks
  5. I’m interested in improving my 15 edge sport’s performance without having to spend thousands. I’m interested in the Livernois or Race Chip. I contacted Race Chip to ask for a comparison with Livernois and from what they said their product does not remove the restrictions put on by the dealer, and therefore does not void powertrain warranty like the Livernois. Race Chip claims +53hp +73fp torque with their GTS chip. It also works with an app to change settings on the fly. Plus if you buy another vehicle they offer a one time reprogramming. Has anyone ever used this product or have any opinions? I’ve read a lot about the Livernois but I’m still confused as to how these two items are different? Last if anyone has done any other mods to increase performance without flashing the ECU please let me know? I’m still unsure if the computer is the cheapest way to increase performance. I own my Edge so I can do whatever I want to it. I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback. Thanks!
  6. https://www.nadaguides.com/cars/new-car-previews/2015-ford-edge-preview if you read interior features, it stated Active Noise Cancelation. Just wanted to confirm myself, so I figured I’d share.
  7. So they make a Maestro T harness for 15 edge. But since you kept factory amp and dsr I’m sure you don’t need to do anything. What speakers did you go with? How did they sound? Thx
  8. Thank you for the response. I’m actually already planning on using a Fosgate-DSR1. Here’s my plan: Factory Deck...Maestro T-Harness...DSR-1....Kicker KX 800.5. fronts: Focal 165 AS3 rear: Focal 165 AS2 hatch: 1 Kicker Comp R 10” sub (Ported Box) Ive gone to 2 places to get an install and both said the Active Noise Cancelation has to be disengaged or it will sound like S&@t! Hopefully I can go to dealer and have them disengage it, but it peaked my interest because the issues HappyHourSport was having in his last post sound like exactly what they described would happen if ANC was not disengaged. I find it hard to believe no one else on this platform has run into this issue and either figured it out or not. So that’s where I’m at. I’m currently waiting for some Pods for my 3” Midrages that go with the 165AS3. They are coming from Germany, so I wanted to try to solve this issue before they get here. The pods were almost as expensive as the speakers.
  9. I know this is an old post but I’m having issues with installers saying that the active noise cancelation speakers need to be shut down in order to have decent quality from an aftermarket amp. I don’t see anything in your post about that. Did you ever hear of that or did you run into issues with that?
  10. Dieselboy

    2015 Sport 21” Big brake kit

    Thanks, I just like the look of the drilled. I don’t really care if they are slotted. Thanks for the reply though. I think I’m going with power stop Z23.
  11. Does anyone know a company to get drilled rotors and ceramic or carbon fiber pads? I’ve found a few companies but I always seem to find poor quality reviews. Power stop seems like the only decent Aftermarket option?
  12. I just bought a 15 sport and was looking at brake kits. How do I find out rotor size for z23? I have the 22” rims so I’m assuming the 345mm?