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  1. 19EdgeSTeve

    My Stage 3 turbos are in!

    So the edge can safely run e50-e70 with no upgrades?
  2. 19EdgeSTeve

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

    Looks like we were neck and neck until i started going uphill. plus the sport is proven to be faster than the ST. I am running the E30 now and can't get the power down through my current wheel setup. Ive got some lightweight rims and grippy tires on the way. should be able to run 13.1-13.2....
  3. 19EdgeSTeve

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

  4. 19EdgeSTeve

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

    that is a silly conclusion to draw. I have been the running the LMS 93 and not only do i have the fastest ST because of their tune, i really enjoy the customer support and the comfort of knowing i went with a proven Tuner of ecoboost engines.
  5. 19EdgeSTeve

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Emailed help desk. Had to give them the new codes because they changed. They had to re calibrate the tune for the new codes.
  6. 19EdgeSTeve

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Haven't had any problems, but then again it only clunked a couple of times.... Installed my new LMS tune and holy hell it's fast. Down shifting the paddles in sport mode is so sharp and fun! I ordered a dragy!
  7. 19EdgeSTeve

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    After 24 hrs, you are correct. Sport mode is substantially better than before. Thos downshifts are silky.
  8. 19EdgeSTeve

    Unleashed E30 2019-2020 Edge ST tuning

    Not sure why the hesitation with LMS, it's a great tune, but to each their own. I would also like to see other companies taking up the Edge ST.... I know i would be excited for a 5 star tune as the videos they have on youtube with the 2.7 TT in the ford 150. It hit Legit 0-60 in 4.83 (albeit on a prepared surface)...
  9. 19EdgeSTeve

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    To piggy back on this: 1. Sharper shifts, power band has been increased. 0-60 feels about the same. still drops into second before banging into 3rd through 60.... 2. down shifting on the paddles is immediate and well done. 3. sadly upshifting is still lacking response and nannied at Red line. 4. if you have a TUNE, the car throws new CODES so you will have to get your tuner cleared and save the new stock. LMS has to build a completely new tune for my car, which i am estatic about!!!
  10. 19EdgeSTeve

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I will post the results for sure. But driving the car now in normal Drive makes me understand why the ST got some of the reviews it did. The engine really does deserve better than what Ford Performance did with it. It's a really fun car when you push, but you really have to push it. With the LMS tune, it's a completely different vehicle. thrills at every level of throttle.
  11. 19EdgeSTeve

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I get mine tomorrow AM. I am now curious if the LMS tune will be more or less effective with the new Software.....I will say that i have been driving around for 2 days without the tune and i miss it so bad.
  12. 19EdgeSTeve

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    So if i say that i want the newest TSB i just request it? or do i need to say i have problems. also, anyone know if i do take it i should i flash my car back to the stock tune?
  13. 19EdgeSTeve

    Livernois turbo jitter

    It's not a gentle acceleration. somewhere between full throttle and light acceleration. And it didn't do at all yesterday. Re loading the stock tune this weekend to check it out.
  14. 19EdgeSTeve

    Livernois turbo jitter

    Not a surge per se. It's almost like the car is waiting for me to floor it and can't maintain steady boost, or like the turbos aren't boosting at the same PSI. The boost needle will literally jitter. you can feel it in the car to.
  15. Tune works great for accelerating from a stop and great with city driving. Having an issue with highway driving. Medium acceleration from 40mph-60mph and 60-80 and i can see and the feel the tubo boost jitter. Very very sloppy and i dont like the way it feels. At all. Livernois hasnt heard of this and asked me to check connections and codes. Nothing there... Anyone else have this issue before? Im definately going to reload stock tune and check if the same prob persists.