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  1. Duece McCracken

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    An actual improved airbox assembly is what I'd be looking for. Not just an Airbox delete, open cone filters and some rigged heat shield for 400 bucks claiming to be a performance upgrade. I'm well aware that nobody wants anything to do with actually replacing the piping to the turbo inlets, the large increase in cost, and the fact that this is a platform no manufacturer really wants to waste their time with. Theres only a handful of people who mod, and there wouldn't be nearly enough sales to justify anything that requires extensive design or manufacture. Granted intakes are usually the most purchased mod for any platform. These soccer mom grocery getters don't really pull in huge aftermarket enthusiasm. I'm not looking for a miracle, and I pay to play, just hope if there is a product design it is actually beneficial.
  2. Duece McCracken

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    It would be nice to actually have an aftermarket intake. I hope AFE doesn't just use a heatshield and 2 open filters though. Fingers crossed.
  3. Duece McCracken

    Intercooler Outlet/Cold Pipe Upgrade (2015-2018 Edge Sport)

    Well, I installed it with a UP FMIC, and only took it out real quick to try and blow the charge pipes on the highway. Im too lazy to build and run a boost leak tester for the twin setup. Immediately noticed better throttle response. Charge pipes held, boosting mid 22 psi iirc on a 93 unleashed tune using a BDX device. I am not on an updated tune for the fmic and charge pipe yet. Going to re-tune when im done installing the water meth. Overall, there is jack shit for aftermarket with this platform. So if you want gains there is a pretty well laid out stategy with not many variables. This cold side pipe is definitely an upgrade in the fliw department, but should be coupled with an aftermarket fmic for better overall performance. Mixing it with a bigger throttle body would help too, but for the 500 bucks BBK wants you could just run water meth. Being a direct injected ecoboost motor, there is carbon fouling on the intake valves that leads to issues. Wmi cleans them nicely. The other option is walnut blasting/manual scrubbing. So running water methanol injection helps all over the place. Which the Ram Fab has an option for a meth bung. Wins all way round.
  4. Duece McCracken

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    Pulling the front fascia/bumper via the ford manual wasn't the best. It has you pulling the tires, and half pulling the wheel well liners to get to the 3 bolts on each side that hold the bumper on. Screw that noise. Pull the headlights and get them from above. Removing the stock FMIC was a PITA. I dropped the lower rad support, disconnected the Cold and Hotside charge pipes. The did a pry wiggle to pop off the FMIC mounting Hooks off the rad. Thankfully the UP FMIC does not use the same setup, lol. Big size difference. Not as big as the 5.5" core on my Focus ST though, lmao! Had to shim out the TMAP sensor. If installed normally, the O-ring overshot the flange and did not seal at all. If this becomes problematic aka boost leak, then I will have to re-address it. The O ring is sealing tight now. Hopefully it stays that way. These parts hit, took the angle grinder to them, then cleaned them up with a razor knife. I need to do the same to the closest inside dimple on both sides. The front air damn piece has some curvature to it, and those hit as well. Pried off the front overhanging plastic due to it hitting on the radiator lower support cross member. Hit it with some paint afterwards. Rust and all. Re-used the factory hose clamp assemblies, and torqued the crap out of them. You have to push the FMIC as far to the passenger side as possible to get enough clearance to get the cold side hooked up. It took me awhile to get my Ramfab pipe installed. It fits very precisely, once I got it all aligned, it was fantastic. Removed all the AGS shutters, screw that system. Known point of failure on the Focus ST platform, failing closed is no bueno. I still have the motor installed/plugged in, and kept the shrowding for mounting/airflow reasons. Its a lot of FMIC for that space, and the OEM lower grill covers a large portion. I have a more open lower grill arriving via Ebay next week. I'll do before and after pics. I also need to loosen the fmic mounting bolts, and push up on the unit to level it out and possible buy me a little better fitment, not that there's a lot of vertical play in the mounting slots. Going to have to pull the front end again to finish the AEM water meth setup, but right now she rips. Throttle response is better despite having a larger FMIC, that Ramfab pipe really helps. Im on a Unleashed 93 base ish map. Excited to get tuned for the FMIC, coldside, and of course the water meth!!!
  5. Duece McCracken

    Intercooler Outlet/Cold Pipe Upgrade (2015-2018 Edge Sport)

    Just installed my ramfab pipe and UP fmic. It's Brembo burnt Orange iirc, comes pretty close to Electric Spice metallic. Fantastic piece. Great guy to deal with!
  6. Duece McCracken

    New here, saying hello!

    I have been all over that thread, lurker style, before officially joining here. It is nicely laid out. I look forward to trying to help where I can.
  7. Duece McCracken

    New here, saying hello!

    After some searching, snagged a 2015 Edge Sport in electric spice. 35k on the clock and its just what I was looking for. My other car is a heavily modified Focus St, so I'm not new to the ecoboosts, or tuning, turbos, mods, etc. I am a moderater on focusst.org, it kinda feels weird being the new guy on a forum again, lmao! I have been reading about the extensive aftermarket(sarcasm of course) for the 2.7tt, and have a small build plan just for more power. Trying to keep this vehicle civil, my focus is not at all. Familiar with Torrie at unleashed for ST's, and use him on my uncles 3.5tt Expedition. So naturally I am going with him on the Edge sport. FMIC, intake, cold side charge pipe, maybe a colder T stat. Gotta pull the plugs, gap some fresh ones, get them in. Go over the car thoroughly for maintenance before I start the few mods. May roll with a wm/i kit on top of it all. For octane and valve cleaning. I don't plan on swapping turbos, probably wont do downpipes or anything exhaust related. Just trying to get some more HP and throttle response without adding too much noise or nvh. For the most part, I will continue to lurk, and read more threads here, maybe eventually start a build thread. Just being a sponge for the time being as I learn the quirks of this platform. So yeah, hi!!