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  1. Foxhollow

    Another 2019 Edge ST Owner

    Welcome from Canada :-))
  2. Hey , Thanks for the suggestion🤣 The owners manual is a car bible, unfortunately my honey had the Edge @ work for the day,,,,,BUT I downloaded the manual online a week b4 mine was delivered so I could familiarize myself with ALL the settings & options.
  3. You should publish a new bulb chart for newer Edges,,,,say 2015 to 2020.
  4. Foxhollow

    New ST Owner!

    Welcome ! My '16 sport AWD is being delivered Thursday 23rd.🎊🎊
  5. Foxhollow

    Electronics & LCD displays

    If you've ever had any trouble with your displays or electronics , please let me know! My `16 Edge sport awd that I just purchased Saturday is light years ahead in technology compared to my '06 F150. Thanks in advance for you 2 cents worth Cheers, Russ
  6. Foxhollow

    Electronics & LCD displays

    I surmised by the lack of response that this was a non issue. I'm relieved to hear nothing so far. My Edge is being delivered by an out of town dealer this Thursday. Thanks for the info. & recommendations,,,,,,,, much appreciated !
  7. Foxhollow

    F-150 to Edge Decision

    I have an '06 F150screw Lariat 5.4l ,,,,it's been our daily driver both for short and long hauls. It has 210,000 miles on it & still going strong with no end in sight. I just purchased a gently used ' 16 Edge sport awd, 2.7l twin turbo eco boost.......took it out for a spin last Saturday, it is comfortable, quiet loads of room,,,,,,way too many options & gadgets for what I'm used to. I wanted the Edge,my honey wants to keep the truck for awhile just incase we need to haul a ton of stuff or something really ginormous. We've got friends who have pickups if we need a helping hand. lol I'm located in CANADA and we head to our place up North each weekend which is around $ 100 per weekend in fuel. We usually have a few items in the bed, nothing to justify keeping it as our dd My Edge is being delivered end of week after some steel rims & winter tires get installed.....we ha about 12 " of snow on the weekend, so the all seasons need to be put to bed till spring. It's all what you get accustomed to driving. I know we'll love the Edge & so will you! P.s. my Edge goes like snot when you step on it. Cheers
  8. Don't do it,,,,,,! I just inked a deal yesterday on a '16 Edge sport awd...it has a 6 cyl 2.7 twin turbo and goes like snot & sounds great when you step on it.🤣
  9. Foxhollow

    New member

    I'm in the process of purchasing a 2016 Edge sport awd . Any feedback good or not so good on this particular model is appreciated.
  10. Foxhollow

    New member

    Thanks , good to hear, it presently has no hitch installed & my wife asked me 1st thing this morning if it had one. ☆ the saleswoman did a video tour of the car yesterday afternoon for me., they had an ice storm on the weekend & it was encrusted in ice and had to melt in their detailing bay before videoing.. We are about a 2.5 hr. drive from the dealership. .
  11. Foxhollow

    New member

    Thanks , Special K , how has the reliability been? & do you tow anything with it?