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  1. If so please make it more obvious. I found two Google search bars, but nothing dedicated to performing only forum searches.
  2. Hi all, My Acura TL allows me to configure nav to keep north always at the top of the screen. I noticed on my Edge ST there is no menu selection to do this. It seems as though when you are zoomed in, the map rotates, but if you zoom out far enough the map is fixed with north at the top. Is there a way to make this permanent, so north is always at the top? Thanks, CobraRGuy
  3. CobraRGuy

    Soon-to-be new owner...

    I have relatives who live there. They said bring warm clothes, 40 degrees outside. I have a '12 TL AWD sedan and I run Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on it which are also not recommended for snow or ice. On Christmas eve of last year I drove it up to Bear Valley ski resort with 4" of ice on the roads and -17 degrees outside. Yes, those tires are certainly slippery in those conditions and I did have to drive very cautiously, but they did fine. I appreciate the concern and I will drive carefully...
  4. My experience with Stop Tech slotted rotors on my '12 Acura TL has not been good. I bought their pads and both front and rear rotors, but the rotor slots created pulsing sensations when braking. They fronts also wore out very quickly and the rears warped to the point where the first pad change required all new rotors as none of the 4 could be turned. I went with non-slotted Akebono rotors all around with Hawk LTS semi-metallic pads and am extremely happy with smooth powerful braking, low wear and so far no warpage. The only downside is, of course, increased brake dust, but that is far less important to me.
  5. Could it be that the radiator for the tow package model has the integrated transmission cooler and fittings and the one for the non-tow model does not or do they both have this? Ford equipped the '95 Cobra R with a radiator from an automatic equipped Lincoln model, but the tranny cooler was used for the power steering. Apparently warming the P/S fluid more quickly and limiting the heat are both beneficial for road racing.
  6. CobraRGuy

    2015 Sport 21” Big brake kit

    Those are some nice looking brakes. I bought a Baer 14" 4-piston Alcon caliper kit for my Mustang. The only downside is that the rotors themselves use a Baer-specific bolt pattern where they bolt to the hat. This means I have to go to Baer for replacement rotors which are way more expensive than they should be if they were a common bolt pattern. My race car builder mechanic recommended I have custom hats made so I can buy rotors much cheaper. I opted for the ST with the brake package and will find some good semi-metallic pads and live with that.
  7. CobraRGuy

    Soon-to-be new owner...

    Hi all, I'm flying from San Jose to Boise this coming Saturday 2/22 (flight booked, hotel reserved) to pick up a "new" 2019 ST. Technically this is for my wife, as the reasoning is to replace her existing Outback LL Bean H-6. Being a Ford performance guy pretty much to the core (long time NorCal Shelby Club member), the ST made sense for my wife and I. We both drove and enjoyed the 2020 2.0L EcoBoost Escape and were seriously shopping, but realized halfway through the process that it really won't fit all our stuff; it's too small. She sat in the Explorer and right away said it was too big (I agreed). Doing more research I decided the Edge was about the right size, and the 2.7L EcoBoost looked very attractive to me. I found one that had exactly the equipment I was looking for (Blue, 401A, Brakes, Cold Pkg, Block Htr) and was being sold as used-CPO although it has only 463 miles on it. It was used for a short-time as a loaner after the dealership bought it. This is very common because of the financial benefits to the dealership. Priced at only $2,700 more than the Escape Platinum and the CPO warranty actually being better, I couldn't pass it up! So yesterday I put down a deposit! Sunday I get to drive it ~650 miles home. I am very stoked and totally looking forward to this! Wish me luck! CobraRGuy (Perry)
  8. CobraRGuy

    New 2019 ST Owner

    Mine will be much the same as yours. I just put a deposit down on a 2019 ST with 401A, Performance Brake Package, Cold Weather Package and Engine Block heater. Same blue color. I'm flying to Boise to pick it up this coming Saturday 2/22 then driving it home. I am big time looking forward to it!