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  1. I recently discovered the phone button on the steering wheel does not activate the hands free phone when depressing to make a call. The end call button will change the radio station and hang the phone up if there is an active call. If there is no phone in the car the phone button will move the station down one station or up one station depending if it is depressed left or right. I have a Samsung S7. Took the car to the dealership last week and they upgraded the Sync 3 version, but this had no effect on the phone button functioning. Also, the updated Sync Version, when activating voice commands, no longer speaks the message "Say a Command". Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. i think my problem was similar to Guest Retired Reader. I don't drive it much and I notice the Auto-stop-start won't function unless it is driven a lot. Also, the rear seat fold down button is one of the first to stop functioning if the battery is low.
  3. I have a 2019 ST purchased in November. When new I would have intermittent problems with the touch switch for locking/unlocking on the 2 rear doors. After a few weeks it went away. Today I am now experiencing the issue BMB had. The only door switch working is the driver door for locking/unlocking. Key fob locks and unlocks, interior switch works, and the keypad on the door panel all work. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  4. Iroc90

    Mileage when taking delivery

    mine had 22, but I drove 8 miles on a test drive.
  5. I test drove 6 2019 Edge ST's. Experienced it once on a test drive. Made the clunk 3 times before no clunk on the 4th attempt. Salesman says it was because it hasn't been driven in a while. I doubt the other 5 test drives had been recently driven.
  6. Iroc90

    Any changes expected for the 2020 Ford Edge ST ?

    i bought my 2019 in November. Saw a 2020, couldn't follow the pricing from the 2 years. The MSRP was about $300 more, but the 401a package was lower on the 2020. Also, the dash does not have a center compartment on the 2020, no CD player, but the biggest difference for me was the center console. My center console has 2 buttons, one button allows access to the coin holder, and the second button lifts the coin holder out of the way. The 2020 center console only has 1 button, you have to physically remove the coin holder to access the lower portion of the center console.
  7. Iroc90

    Edge ST MPG

    I've got around 1100 miles on my 2019 Edge ST with Performance brake package. Combination city/hwy getting only a little over 19, computer says about 1mpg higher. I wonder if the 21 inch wheels affects mileage?