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  1. I have followed the Xtra V3 build since it's inception and it is with profound sadness to hear that he'll be no longer building the air-box. I purchased my V3 last year and I continue to be impressed every time I open the hood. Dealer tech's eye's are immediately drawn to this "masterpiece". I hope all is well and I would like to say thank you for your time, patience and fortitude for building a product that no-one else would. Happy motoring! Steve
  2. Lakeside

    PTU fluid change issues..

    Decided to crawl under my daughters 2019 Titanium and add some more oil to the already 14oz. I added the other day. It took about 3ozs before it started coming out of the fill hole so I guess 17oz is all it'll hold. It has to be a much smaller PTU than whats in `16 2.7L
  3. Lakeside

    PTU fluid change issues..

    My daughters 2019 Titanium 2.0L calls for the 75W-90 and my 2016 Sport 2.7L calls for the 75W-140 Thanks everyone for your input. Steve
  4. Lakeside

    PTU fluid change issues..

    Since I drained 22oz out, of my `16 Edge, I put maybe 23-24oz back in. I thought 11.7 was too little gear oil for a case that size. You'd think the Ford Owners Manuel would be accurate but I'm starting to wonder. I don't want to overfill it bc I'm afraid of aeration. I only was able to get about 10oz out of my daughters `19 Titanium 2.0L. I put about 14oz of Amsoil 75W-90 Extreme back in but I'm thinking of adding an additional 8ozs. (she purchased new and the PTU oil has never been changes)
  5. Lakeside

    PTU fluid change issues..

    I got the 12.8ounces off the Amsoil website. My owners manual says 11.8 fl. oz. (2016 Edge Sport 2.7L) I put in the same amount that came out.
  6. Lakeside

    PTU fluid change issues..

    I have a 2016 Edge Sport that I bought new that now has 62K on it. I've never changed the PTU oil so I thought it was time. I'm fortunate bc the drain plug and fill plug are very accessible and I didn't need to remove anything to change the oil. I drained 22 ounces out so I added 22 ounces of Amsoil 75W-140 Severe Gear oil. I'm a little confused bc my owners manual says to add 12.8 ounces. So whats up with that? Has anyone experienced this? Now I decided to change the PTU oil on my daughters 2019 Edge Titanium 2.0L Her Edge was purchased new and I'm changing her PTU for the first time also. I drained about 12 ounces out. so I put 14 ounces back in. Ford calls for 12.7 +/- 1.7 ounces in her Edge
  7. I ordered the Rotora BBK all around on my `16 Sport back in 2019 and I will say this, outside of the brakes on my `20 gt500, these are the best brakes I've ever had a on car/suv. They have the best feel for a street drive vehicle you could ask for. I have no regrets.( modification needs to be done in the rear for servo clearance) The stock brakes don't come close to these what so ever. When you wanna stop in a hurry, hang on because these get the job done, period. Pricey yes but if your looking the ultimate brakes for the Sport/ST, this is it. I must also add, one downside of this kit is, when needing replacement pads, rotors or hardware, your stuck going to Rotora and there not cheap.
  8. Finally got around to installing my V3 CAI on my `16 Edge. I must say, Extra did a fabulous job designing and assembling this air box. The location and alignment of the latches and rivets, are perfect. It fits like a glove in an area thats not very forgiving. The directions were spot on and to my surprise, the assembly came with a CAI sensor. I haven't driven it much but I will do a full assessment soon. Thanks again Extra, excellent job! Steve (It's a shame that the small entrepreneur is being snuffed out due to Uncle Sam's lust for control, I feel for ya Xtra)
  9. I might be interested. How much is the V3 (minus filter and flex hose) and will it fit a `16 Edge Sport? Thanks, Steve
  10. Ever heard of anyone having issues with the Rotora BBK on a Edge Sport?

    I installed the BBK 1 year ago and everything was fine up until 1month ago when I hear a lot of snapping and crackling coming from the front wheel area. Sounds like the wheels about to fall off. I've removed everything 3 times and double-checked to make sure everything is torqued to spec.

    Called Loren and he really has no idea. 

    Replacement rotors are $1400 pr.

    Anyone have a suggestion? I don't know where to to from here.


    1. Xtra


      There are small dots drilled into the face of the rotors North South East and West they are located close to the outside edge. These are wear indicators and you can see them without taking off the tire. If there are none then  your rotors are worn out

  11. I've followed you on this forum for some time and what really caught my eye was the Rotora BBK you installed on your `16 some time ago. I was so impressed with your write-up on it that I called Loren at Rotora and ordered a complete front and rear set from him for my `16 Edge Sport.

    I installed the kit just about 1 year ago and everything has worked well beyond my expectations,, until about 1 month ago.

    I have developed a loud clicking/grinding noise in the front that I just can't figure out.

    I have had the fronts off 3 times and inspected EVERYTHING. I've checked the torque on the rotor to hat and have called Loren twice. ( a tech at the Ford dealership says its in the brakes) He wants me to send the rotors back to them to be checked or buy new front rotors and pads for $1400.


    I thought I'd reach out to you to see if you've had any issues with your BBK from Rotora.


    Thank you,



    1. Xtra


      Other than changing the pads my brakes have had no issues. The rotors are well worn, but have enough life in them that I am going to install my third set of pads this week. After these new pads are gone I will need to replace the rotors. But nothing no problems at all and I use the heck out of them my tires only last 5,000 miles!!!

  12. Lakeside

    Muffler Black is this normal?

    I'm sure there is a weep hole in your muffler allowing moisture buildup a place to drain. It appears to me that it's moisture mixed with exhaust gases causing that discoloration.
  13. Lakeside

    2015 Sport 21” Big brake kit

    I've been following this forum for couple years and I really liked the BBK that Xtra is using. After going back and forth whether to invest in a brake upgrade, I finally bit the bullet and bought the kit from Rotora. Loren was great to deal with and the kit comes impressively complete with every single part you'll need to install these bad boys. (including the rear E brake servo) I installed it last week and even though there was some modification of the rear knuckle required, it was certainly worth the time and money. After properly bedding the brakes, I put a bunch of miles on it and there is absolutely no comparison to the factory brakes.These brakes are impressive. The only thing you need to worry about now is someone plowing into the back of you.