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    Muffler Black is this normal?

    I'm sure there is a weep hole in your muffler allowing moisture buildup a place to drain. It appears to me that it's moisture mixed with exhaust gases causing that discoloration.
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    2015 Sport 21” Big brake kit

    I've been following this forum for couple years and I really liked the BBK that Xtra is using. After going back and forth whether to invest in a brake upgrade, I finally bit the bullet and bought the kit from Rotora. Loren was great to deal with and the kit comes impressively complete with every single part you'll need to install these bad boys. (including the rear E brake servo) I installed it last week and even though there was some modification of the rear knuckle required, it was certainly worth the time and money. After properly bedding the brakes, I put a bunch of miles on it and there is absolutely no comparison to the factory brakes.These brakes are impressive. The only thing you need to worry about now is someone plowing into the back of you.