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  1. Snoking

    Remote Windows

    While reading the manual learning how to do the global windows, I found the programming steps to set the FOBs to the seat positions, which the dealer electronics checkout guy failed to show us. You turn the can on without starting, then hold the seat position button of the door for the FOB you want programmed to that seat position, after the second tone/beep press the FOBs lock button within 3 seconds. Now that FOB or opening the drivers door while carrying that FOB will set your seat position. Up to three FOBs can be set to the three buttons on the door. On our RAM the two FOBs were preset to the two memory seat positions, it also remembered mirror, radio and HVAC setting for each FOB. Guess I will have to spend so time in the owners manual and see what else I have missed.
  2. Snoking

    Thinking about going Edge

    A lot of shifting issues were fixed last June with an updated firmware flash.
  3. 87 and 91, mostly 87 and it runs fine for a 76 year old dude that likes a little zoom zoom. Our other vehicle now is a 2018 Can Am Spyder RT-Limited.
  4. Installed the catch can today. 10-15 minute project.
  5. Snoking

    Can Instrument Cluster Screens Be Updated?

    The cluster is the biggest disappoint I have with our 2020 ST. Their engineers should be sent out to rent FCA products with their 8.4" uconnect and 7" EVIC (AKA cluster) that one can taylor to their likely. On the RAM we just sold I had to virtual gauges, one from boost and one for exhaust brake HP. Had a whole list of things I could put their like transmission temps etc. There was an area in the four corners where you could put things. Sample attached. The boost and tranny temps are virtual gauges. When in Nav on the center stack was running then a lane selection color mini map/drawing would show up on this display pictured when switch from one interstate to another.
  6. I just got to test the anti-lock brakes on our ST. I was on Baseline heading West from Ironwood. At Meridian a car made a left turn in front of me just as I was about to entry the intersection. Looked the mirror to see if I missed a stop sign, nope! Went from 45 to almost a stop in a very short distance, with a slight chirp out of the tires. This was a full on size 13 shoe hitting the brake pedal as hard as I could. If I would have been driving a beater I would have hit the car.
  7. I think at the Ford ST Experience event one gets to test this out. "Guided scenic mountain drive from Hyatt Centric to Soldier Hollow Nordic Center which will allow you to experience the handling, paddle shifts, and RPM hold capability. At Soldier Hollow participants will perform exercises in a skid car to learn how to control oversteer and understeer, experience the accident avoidance capabilities of Ford Co-Pilot360™ and push the vehicle to its dynamic limits (Autocross)."
  8. In RAM trucks it is the Electronic Vehicle Information Center AKA the lacking sucky Ford Edge dash!
  9. Snoking

    Cuts on legs from the bottom edge of ST doors

    OH darn, I hope to meet such a guy some day. At 76 my skin is getting thin and I am on Warfarin, so I bleed like a stuffed pig.
  10. Does your ST have factory NAV to links to the EVIC display, and maybe is allowing Google maps to take the path to the right side of EVIC?
  11. Anyone else have this issue? Appears the back corner is sharp. On edit: I just took a file to the sharp corner of the black plastic on both front doors.
  12. The noisy turn indicator relay is pretty annoying. Anyone find a solution to quiet it down, like an electronic one verses the noisy relay? On edit: I seems that this may be digitally created clicking from a little speaker in the dash somewhere!!! Still need a solution, it may also create the door chime tones. Thanks Chris
  13. Snoking

    Some pics of my ST

    I just had 35% ceramic tint put on the two front door windows and am thinking about 50% on the windshield. AZ is going to be hot this summer and we may be staying all summer this year. Has anyone done their windshield and is so did it help of the dash reflection up onto the windshield?
  14. Snoking

    2022, F150 convertible announced

    So Ford is into April Fools jokes also, like VWs name change!
  15. Snoking

    The Ford Edge has been discontinued

    The dealer in Apache Junction, Az up until a week or two ago had a 2020 with 400A and 360 option for 35K and change, which was a great deal in my book. We got a 2020 dealer service loaner last summer with 1500 miles on it for 34K and change, however it did not have the 360 option(Nav, adaptive cruise and other things).