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  1. Snoking

    Seat Higher in 2020 than previous models?

    We have had our first Edge for six weeks now and find it a lot of fun to drive. The ST's low end torque comes on nicely coming out of corner on a twisty road, which we have been going out of our way to find. It does not drive like a typical 4500 pound SUV. At 6'3" and 220 I find the bolsters on the front seat bottoms a little tight and hope they will soften up a little with use. Mileage has been in the low 20's for combined driving. Consider with have to drive for 10 minutes at 5-8 MPH leaving or entering our 360 acre RV park as our site is way in the back, the mileages seems pretty good. And I have been driving it a bit spirited in the twisties. I did the 2018 dual hour upgrade, just leaving the original bracket in place, removing the single horn and installing the new high / low horns on it. 15 minute job. Chris
  2. Snoking

    Any changes expected for the 2020 Ford Edge ST ?

    2020 list of changes: 1. Lid gone on top of dash(good in my book, you can set a phone or such there without in sliding off) 2. No CD player available(USB thumb drives are easier to work with and re-writable) 3. Center console storage, single open with lift out insert(thumbs down) 4. Missing under-hood sound deadening(thumbs down) 5. ? 6. ? 7. ? Ford engineers should rent a FCA product with uconnect 8.4 in center stack and 7 inch EVIC display in front of driver, learn how to do a electronics package!
  3. Snoking

    New 2020 EDGE ST

    I really like driving the new Edge ST. A little comparison between a 1967 Camaro SS 350 I had. The internet says this about my old 67 SS/RS 350 Camaro: 0 to 60 mph in 8.0 sec, with the quarter mile coming up in 15.4 sec at 90 mph. 2020 Edge ST: 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 sec and the quarter mile time is 14.3 and 98 MPH Camaro weighed around 3300 pounds and the Edge 4500. And the Edge would run away and hide from the old Camaro in the twisties. I drove that Camaro a lot on Highway 1 on the Northern California Coast while stationed at Point Arena, Ca Loran A station there. Best to drive that road North bound if one has a DW riding shotgun. It is a bit like Pikes Peak, "real women do not need guard rails"! My DW said BS.
  4. Snoking

    2020 EDGE SEL AWD

    I have a car guy friend that recently bought a Lotus 7 an original 1968. He has many cars including 289 and 427 AC Cobras. I got an extended ride in the 289 a few years ago. He has his own paint booth and this is his paint plan for the Lotus.
  5. Snoking

    2020 EDGE SEL AWD

    First up should be to replace the single horn with the 2018 dual horns. Search horn on this site. I left the OEM bracket is place and just swapped the single horn for the 2018 High/Low horns, others replace the bracket but have to remove the up horn to get at at the bracket mounting bolt. Bracket is the same. Took 15 minutes max. 10MM 1/4 drive socket, with a short extension for the two high light bolts so I could spin the handle around. One plastic keeper to remove next to the fender side head light bolt. Now our 2020 ST has a proper horn. BTW, I am a little North of mid 70's and love driving the ST. Zoom zoom. A modern 4500 pound SUV with 335HP that is faster then the 3300 pound 295HP 1967 SS 350 Camaro I had back then. Chris
  6. When we were looking to buy an EDGE the only lower safety rating area was "roll over" all others were excellent. I wonder if that glass roof plays into that. We bought a 2020 EDGE ST without a sun roof, which was good, as we did not want one. To OP, look around and drive a Sport, there was no turning back when we did. the twin turbo V6 is boss.
  7. It took 10 or 15 minutes to install the new horns. I left the OEM bracket in place and just install the two new ones on the existing bracket. Two bolts and one plastic clip on the fender side. Wiggled the head light around to remove it, and unplugged it, setting it aside. Removed the nut from the existing horn and unplugged it. Removed both new horns for the new bracket. Plugged the lead horn in and mounted it on the lower point and then mounted the second horn on the upper point. Put the head light back in and installed the two bolts and plastic clip. Sound now sounds like it should have to start with. Shame on Ford for the single horn.
  8. My new horns were delivered today to our mail drop, tomorrow I will retrieve and install them!!!!
  9. Snoking

    Not Edge, but Ford

    If you are old enough you would be aware of the overhead oiling issues on the Ford Y blocks in the 50's. They came in 5 displacements and all had issues getting oil to the overhead valve heads. There were external kits to plumb oil to the rocker shafts. 1-239 2-256 3-272 4-292 5-312
  10. Snoking

    USB Drives for Music

    Our 2020 ST with 400A option package does NOT have a CD player.
  11. Snoking

    Just bought a 2017 Edge Titanium

    Clean looking Edge. 😎
  12. Snoking

    Exterior spare, anyone tried yet?

    All I can stay is wow! For years people have hated spare tires hanging out back, and now that it is inside, someone wants..........................................
  13. Snoking

    Start Stop Disable

    Careful with Forscan as it turns off the advanced charging program that these new Fords use.
  14. Snoking

    Start Stop Disable

    If I do it, on our new 2020 Edge ST will be with this. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/products/2019-ford-edge-autostop-eliminator?variant=27561606807616