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  1. Hey. I replied to the YouTube comment as well but I have a 2020. I think this should work for 2019+ or even earlier. I'd be shocked if it didn't work for a 2019 since it's virtually the same car as side from that little plastic door on the dash. You need to have a auto dimming mirror And yes. This is on/off with the car. I needed that feature too since I only drive my car 1 or 2 days a week lol
  2. My car is also way off. I thought I only had a 16 gallon tank until I looked it up. I dont think I'm having only filling partially I just think the needle is wrong. Btw, can I saw how sad it makes me that the 2022 Edge (same as our 2020s) dash cluster is basically the same as the 2013s...
  3. Np. I had another video with a wiretap but it was hard to see. I actually propped the camera up this time so I think it came out a lot better haha. Took probably 10 minutes to do it all.
  4. Hey folks. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. Dongar Technologies finally made a 5-PIN adapter for our Ford Edges. This allows you to quickly and easily run a dashcam off your rearview mirror power without having to use a wiretap. I just did a full Install video of it here: Hope it helps!
  5. Vanquished

    Need some advice on Ford service

    Did it break the grille? Idke about whatever camera they were talking about since the lane keeping stuff is up in the windshield and the front camera camera is below the ford logo. But our main grilles feel like they're made out of Styrofoam. I feel like if I hit a solid bug ag 70 mph I'll crack it.
  6. Vanquished

    ST Overheating

    Might not even be 2 years old. My 2020 ST was build December 16th 2020. That's crazy if no foul play. I haven't had any overheating problems in mine ~5K miles and in Florida heat
  7. Vanquished

    I've started to hate my ST

    I'm still here. I've grown to appreciate the edge more. I'd even consider getting a new one. Coming from the rocket ships I was driving before this it was a bit of a shock. I still have several dislikes. I hate the dash cluster, I hate sync, and I hate that the car has zero audible exhaust note. But I love the interior, and now that my Scat Packs that I paid 41k for (46-48k sticker) are laughably being sold for 65k. I appreciate the edge st more. I would NEVER pay 65k for a dodge charger or challenger with the garbage interior quality that mine had. I love the sound system on the edge, best I've ever heard in a car, I love the headlights, I love the sunroof, I love the handling, I love the versatility, I love the looks, I love the self driving features, I love the front camera, I love the color... there are a lot of things I love. Once I realized that this was an suv and that 5.7s 0-60 is pretty respectable my attitude changed. Also owning the car for a year (still only has 5k miles on it) and having no issues other than a chipped windshield that nobody knows how to properly replace (had it done twice, and neither time they got the seal right. Second time they dented the hood (but PDR folks are thankfully magicians). I got the Motorola ma1 for wireless Android auto and thay helped a lot with mitigating the buggy nature of sync not picking up on my USB stored music. My neighbor has a Durango RT and it's way slower than the edge but it sounds so much better. I just don't understand why Ford gave such a quiet exhaust on an ST. Oh I'm also still not a huge fan of the transmission, it has some rough shifts here and there. I don't regret my purchase though. Idk how I got a brand new fully loaded edge ST for just about 41k. All of the 2022s are 55k+ now. My car was built in late December 2020 is a 2020 model year. I have a feeling it was supposed to be a 2021 but they didn't have the screen to make it a 2021 so they just made it a 2020 with the old screen. I don't think I'd spend 55k on the edge st honestly, since you can get other slightly slower but equally equipped cars for much much cheaper but for what I paid there is absolutely nothing comparable on the road. I often defend the Edge ST against people who say "it's not an ST" idk what world those people are living in but the ST Focus and Fiesta were never fast cars. I think the ST focus did 0-60 in 6.5 seconds, which the edge beats. After doing the ST SUV Experience I'm well aware of the handling abilities of this car, it's amazing. Oh one more thing that bugs me but is not uncommon for performance cars, I wish this had adjustable steering. The wheel is very heavy which is good for around town precision driving but very tiring on long road trips. Not too bothersome for me since I rent a car anytime I go more than 250 miles round trip but...
  8. Hey everyone. My 6 month old Edge with 3k miles has been squeaking kn the highway since I bought it. I usually drive with windows down and or music up so I didn't notice it but any time I drive with no sound on and windows up it's incessant. I think the left rear tail light is squeaking because if I press on it it makes the same noise I hear when driving. The crazy thing is that it squeaks even in the smoothest of roads. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you get Ford to fix it?
  9. Vanquished

    I've started to hate my ST

    Guess I got a lemon (I didn't, it sucks on a of them) because from day 1 it has been awful. I use only 93 fuel and live in Florida so cold weather isn't even an issue. Not saying there aren't worse auto stop starts but the one on our Edges is terrible. At least on the STs
  10. Vanquished

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    No. I'm the rule. It gets no better gas mileage if driven the same way.
  11. Vanquished

    I've started to hate my ST

    You're right. But where the Dodges I have had fail in quality, the edge fails in design. The current gen edge is an old enough design that Ford should have fixed most of my complaints. Really what shocks me is the crude nature of the auto start stop. This is my first car (thank god) with this technology but I really can't imagine it's as bad as it is in the edge in all the other cars.
  12. Vanquished

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    It's typical for me. Which means yes: the ecoboost is irrelevant.
  13. Vanquished

    I've started to hate my ST

    New car prices are evern worse than used right now so I'm living with it. Just had safelite replace the windshield and they dented my hood so I have to deal with that now too. They'd better pay for it is all I can say. Seriously tho. I can't find any cars I want for even the slightest deal. So even tho I could get what I paid for the edge, I'd have to spend 10k more to get even a Charger RT scat pack like I had before this. I like the way the edge st looks and I like the interior. It's not a bad car, just not living up to my expectations
  14. Vanquished

    I've started to hate my ST

    I don't know about vertical on the glass but I'd assume yes. If you put the wipers back down in the wrong position the car will move them to the right position. In the case of the chip. The windshields were up off the class for cleaning. Safelite probably hit the ignition for some reason and it chipped the hood then I did it because it started raining and I had the audacity to back the car into my garage with the wipers up. I've never had a car damage itself as such... thus again the less is more. It's real poor form of a forum (not saying you but others here) to attack a poster making legitimate complaints. Idk people are so defensive. I will voice my complaints about design flaws and faults with everything I spend my hard earned money on. I had plenty of problems with Dodge and I complained about them. I came to a Ford after having my custom ordered Challenger for 9 months because my steering wheel made an annoying noise and Dodge tried to tell me it was normal. Another thing that might be my biggest annoyance with the ST btw is that the rear light(?) squeaks constantly at highway speeds, even on a smooth road.
  15. Vanquished

    Standard or Premium petrol for your ST?

    Premium only. I have sams club so I'm paying 3.05 a gallon right now. Other gas stations in the area are charging 3.64. I pay for my sams membership in just a couple of fillups lol