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  1. The diagram is correct. Mine is installed and working excellent Attached is the correct wiring.
  2. I looked at that but I didn't want all that cable if the on I got doesn't work for some reason I'll try that. The right way to do this is to use a multimerer but my prongs are too big.
  3. I believe the wire on the left is the one that goes to the mirror. It's possible the 16 pin and the 5 pin would work. I found these diagrams (for a 2020 explorer) on another site, unfortunately my multimeter pins are too big to get into the spots to tests so I guess I'll have to best guess it. I ordered the dongar mini usb cable and a 1 foot extension cable since the dongar looks pretty short.my goal will be to run the cable up to the headliner and then to the dash came in a U shape, as I had it with the Challenger.
  4. Got it off. I know why it was so hard. The plate goes all the way to the edge unlike on my dodge. So if you use a tool you need to only put it a tiny bit in other wise you'll be prying the whole thing off the windshield (btw, this is going to be a nightmare expense to replace the windshield if it cracks). I ordered that Dongar adapter since it's 1 day shipping. So where am I going with this now? What two cables do I tap into? It's not exactly the same as the f150 though my edge and your Nautilus do seem to have the same connectors.
  5. lol thanks for checking. The wire taps seem easy enough but I liked the idea of having a capacitor. Was kind of hoping the power connector was this one, since it looks like 16 pin haha Well I guess dongar makes taps with the capacitor as well haha https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07R7JGCL1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_FXXPSM0WMZ10H3VA7GMJ
  6. Thanks! FWIW I used the dongar adapter on my Challenger and it was great. It hides in the shroud.
  7. Actually, would you mind taking a picture of the connector when you take it off? I'm wondering if it's the same as the f150 16-pin plug
  8. Grr. I tried again. It just feels like it's gonna break 😕 What tools did you use? I order more trim tools since the ones I have are too big I guess (I misplaced my small blades)
  9. Thanks guys. My cover is a little bit different than the nautilus and f150, I'm just worried about breaking it lol. I'm going to check out Dongar Technologies for a tap with capacitor if I can verify the pin connector is the same as for the f150.
  10. Hey everyone. So I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the plastic shroud around the rearview mirror (the one on the windshield). I just came from a Challenger and had my dashcam wired up to the mirror and I'd like to do the same thing with the edge. Has anyone done this? I can't find any videos or documents online that show how to remove it or what it looks like inside (is there even a removable harness that I could tap into?) This is what I mean by shroud: https://youtu.be/Dwu_7Euc3d4
  11. Vanquished

    Howdy. New Edge ST owner here

    Thanks everyone! And yes, I was considering white and this blue. My dealer had neither of them so they had to transfer from another dealer. I like the blue best but I hope it's easy enough to maintain. My last 3 cars were silver (by choice)
  12. Vanquished


    The box remains unchecked but I turned it on in the garage and it's evident that the headlights do turn so I guess they're working?
  13. Vanquished

    Howdy. New Edge ST owner here

    Hey everyone. Just traded my 2020 Challenger Scat Pack for a new Edge ST. I miss the power of the Challenger already but I got a dog and needed something more functional. The Edge ST seems to fit the bill as a sporty SUV in my price range. This is my 2nd Ford, owned a 2012 Focus Titanium for about 9 months and then went through 4 Dodges (Charger>Challenger>Charger>Challenger) before coming back to the Edge. So far I like it a lot. Mine is performance blue with the 21 inch wheels and group 401A. Glad to be here
  14. Vanquished


    Howdy folks. I just traded my 2020 Challenger Scat Pack for a 2020 Edge ST (got a dog). My car is supposed to have the adaptive LEDs but I noticed the box in the menu is unchecked and I can't check it. I tried this during the daytime though, does this mean mine aren't working or...? Thanks!