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  1. Cookiemonster117

    AFE intake version 1

    Selling a version 1 AFE Intake with the seal for the 19+ STs and the version 1 and 2 lids for the 15± sports $180 plus shipping out of fort lauderdale. Willing to meet of local
  2. Cookiemonster117

    ISO: Aftermarket Parts Edge Sport

    Selling an intake of interested
  3. Cookiemonster117

    Blaque Diamond 22" wheels

    No issues...front is 32 offset rear is 30. 9 inch wide rims
  4. Cookiemonster117

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    Are these still available. How nightmareish was the install? Looking for Catless
  5. Cookiemonster117

    Dyno Tune Choices

    Hey. Any updates? Where did you pick up your upgraded turbos from? I'm currently starting the tuning process with Palm Beach Dyno.
  6. Cookiemonster117

    FS Stock Turbos & Cats - 2.7L EcoBoost

    Where did you pick up Catted downpipes from? How was the install?
  7. Cookiemonster117

    Coming Soon....

    Yea i dunno about that. Seems like upbadging
  8. Cookiemonster117

    Coming Soon....

    what makes it a Roush?
  9. Sorry, I meant for the hose that we need to buy since the stock hose is too short
  10. Does anyone know the diameter size and material/type of hose we are supposed to use for this?
  11. Cookiemonster117

    Wanted - Stock lower grille for a 2016 Sport

    Weird. Maybe the site shows differently on the computer then phone. Just gonna cut up the lower grille for the new intercooler
  12. Cookiemonster117

    Wanted - Stock lower grille for a 2016 Sport

    my info is listed under my avatar/profile image - 2016
  13. Cookiemonster117

    2018 Ford Edge Sport

    Have you noticed the intake lid coming off while driving? I know there were issues with the clear one.
  14. Anyone selling their stock lower grille for a Sport model?
  15. Cookiemonster117

    2015-2018 (?) Stealthbox is here!

    Ever install this?