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  1. NorthroadCreations

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    So 17Titanium, did you end up getting your warranty, and if so, how much was it? I have had the same problem with the website, so did you just go to a dealership and get the inspection and then get price offers? I have a 2017 Sport about to turn 40,000 miles and was really curious about getting one.
  2. NorthroadCreations

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    Not sure if this thread is still being monitored or not. I bought my 2017 Edge Sport just over a year ago. I like to drive sitting pretty straight up. I knew my head touched the headliner a lot but didn't think much of it until I was riding in the passenger seat on a long road trip and looked over and saw the oil\dirt stain I had left on it. So my questions are 1) what can I use to clean this, and 2) is there a treatment or spray or something I can use to help it not get so dirty in the future?
  3. Kind of wondering if there are any good plug and play replacements for the factory sub in my 2017 edge sport. Found a thread from 2017ish, but the Kicker they mentioned was discontinued then. Went to Crutchfield and they showed some options, but wasn't sure they'd be plug and play. Anyone done an 8" swap, or have ideas?
  4. Thanks Tsquale, it shows them on my phone using Safari, but not on my work computer using Chrome. I can work with that!
  5. I want to try this, but the pictures don't seem to be showing up anymore. Anyone know if there are some photos somewhere else, or a video?
  6. NorthroadCreations

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Hey RidinDirty where did you find your darker emblems and logos? Just got my 2017 Edge Sport about a month ago, and am super intrigued by those!
  7. NorthroadCreations

    Remote Windows

    thanks so much!