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  1. tsquale

    How many Fords have you owned?

    97 Mercury Sable (does it count?!) 65 Thunderbird Landau (still own) 04 Crown Vic P71 06 Explorer 12 Fusion 17 Edge Sport (current daily)
  2. tsquale

    This is interesting...

    I've always thought something like this would be cool. I'd rather someone else spend the $40 and review it than myself
  3. Replaced the cabin air filter today. Boy was it filthy!
  4. I like to have my windows down in the rain but don't like getting rain in the face I do like them and have had them on almost every vehicle that I have owned.
  5. After 3 months of hassle, I finally received and installed my AVS slim line vent visors. Initially ordered online from what I thought was Walmart but it turns out they allow terrible resellers now. First set arrived broken. Walmart said deal with the seller who ghosted me and AVS said deal with Walmart. Several phone calls later, Walmart finally refunded me and AVS sent me a new set as a warranty coverage. Install was very easy and they look great (IMO).
  6. tsquale

    tsquale's 17' Sport

    Mods include ALLA Lighting LED low and high beams, Phillips LED front turns, mudflaps, tint (70% Ceramic windshield, 35% front driver/passenger, 25% on the rest), AVS slim line vent visors, and some ForScan updates
  7. tsquale


    If you liked the "look" of the Edge, check out a Sport or Titanium trim one with the better headlights (can't remember what equipment group they are included in). Maybe the peppier engine and those headlights will sway you.
  8. tsquale

    Just joined the site

    Welcome! I've learned a lot in the short time that I have been here.
  9. Forum seems to be having issues with image uploads... but here is a link to a photo of my Edge tinted Went with 70% Ceramic windshield, 35% front driver/passenger, 25% on the rest
  10. Got my Edge a 360 degree tint job today. I didn't get it back until after dark, so no pictures until tomorrow at the earliest but MAN what a difference it makes in appearance!
  11. My '17 Sport had the Scorpion Verde A/S 265/40ZR21, 36,000 miles and one blew out down the center of the tread; hence the new tires today and swapping brands.
  12. Second this. Sounds like internally it is not registering the updates
  13. Did it work before with your old head? If so, perhaps an issue with the Pioneer unit
  14. New tires went on today. Went with the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 PLUS - with my OE size 265/40ZR21. Local Ford garage has their annual buy 3 tires, get the 4th free this week which is always nice!
  15. Two posts up from the post you quoted, he lists the website.