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  1. I checked fuse to see if it was blown, it's still good. I tried opening the latch manually and am struggling. I got it to 'pop' but the liftgate will not open. The liftgate ajar light is on. I've tried pushing, pulling swearing, nothing is working. Any tips? Could the power lifgate motors be stuck? EDIT: it seems to me that the latch is only partially disengaged. When I lift the liftgate, it seems to catch at the latch. I can move it in/out a little bit, but just cannot get it to release all the way. I also read somewhere that a low battery might cause the liftgate to not open. Something about non-essential modules won't operate to save power. Resting voltage on the battery was around 11.8v, which is essentially dead for lead acid. I have my charger on it now and it was pulling about 5-6amps. It has been cold here for the last week and battery is original (5yrs old), so maybe it's due. All that still doesn't explain why I cannot manually open the liftgate. EDIT #2: I decided to pull the battery, bring inside to warm up and charge, then I'll bring it to Auto store to get tested. After I disconnected the battery, liftgate opened with no issue. I did lightly close it (which was partially latched) and manually open it again without issue. So, something electrical was keeping the latch from fully releasing....or possibly the power liftgate struts/motors? Regardless, I was able to open.
  2. Any chance there's a TSB number? My 18 Edge decided to stop opening liftgate(power). I opened liftgate with keyfob, loaded it and the closed again with the fob. Got home and tried to open with button on liftgate. Lights blink, but nothing happens. Tried the fob, button on dash, hands free, but nothing worked. Of course, my certified B-to-B expired 2 weeks ago.
  3. Odrapnew

    Do I need the TPMS relearn tool?

    When I bought new wheels/tires for a winter set, I had to (chose to) buy TPMS sensors. I ordered my sensors from Tire Rack and they didn't need to be programed. I installed the sensors in the wheels and brought the wheels/tires to shop for them to mount and balance. When I installed the wheels on my Edge, I tried the relearn by letting air out while vehicle was in 'program mode' but I could never get the horn to beep, so, I was planning to buy the relearn tool. Before I ordered the tool, during my first drive, about 3 miles down the road all my readings on the left dash display updated with current tire pressures. So, long story short, you might not need the relearn tool.
  4. Update: Got my Edge back today after being at the dealer for a week and 2 days. Dropped off on Monday, Jan 16th at 7:30am, picked up yesterday (25th) evening. Recall took a few hours, but they didn't get to diagnosing the oil leak until the next day. Then they had to order the part, which was supposed to be in on Thursday, but was 'delayed due to weather'...we did have some snow, but not a lot. Next, the tech assigned to it was sick and then supposedly got into a snowmobile accident over the weekend and service advisor was out on Monday. So, finally, on Tuesday (24th), they were able to tear it down, install pan and let it sit overnight before refilling with oil. I was able to borrow my dad's truck for most of that, but eventually the dealer gave me a loaner (for a whole day). Out of pocket = $0 so at least that's good. The worst part is the minimal communication. A courtesy call or 2 would have gone a long way, but I was hounding them for updates.
  5. Odrapnew

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    There's actually quite a bit that goes into how much boost you see inside the engine (manifold). You can probably find an informative video on Youtube....much quicker and more detail than I have time to provide (sorry). It's possible that there's a point in the exhaust that does not get hot under light loads and condensation/water collects. When you get it under heavier load, that point in the exhaust heats up and boils off the condensation. Or another possibility is that the condensation condenses inside the exhaust before it exits the tail pipe under light throttle so instead of getting steam, it flows out as water. When you accelerate hard, the steam can make it out the tail pipe. Again, just throwing out ideas. It's been a long time since my thermodynamics class.
  6. Odrapnew

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    I didn't review this full thread, but was there any mention of water in the intercooler? I believe F150's had an issue with condensation buildup in the intercooler and when one would run it hard (WOT), it could suck in a bunch of water and caused issues. Maybe this is similar with condensation/water in the intercooler, but not enough to cause engine issues? Just a thought. On the other side (exhaust), condensation/water buildup in the exhaust system sounds reasonable as well. A long drive at highway speeds might not be enough to heat up the full exhaust system, so water builds up and doesn't 'boil off' until you really get on the throttle. Just another thought.
  7. I have an appointment for next Monday for oil leak along with the shifter recall. I noticed oil on the oil pan when I changed the oil last Spring. I should have stopped with the oil change and had it fixed, but decided to finish the oil change. Since the oil was fresh, I wanted to wait as long as possible to get fixed. Mine is a 2018 CPO. The comprehensive CPO warranty is up on Jan 18th, but I think this would fall under the drivetrain warranty anyway. On a side note, it was good I changed the oil when I did (~5k miles). When I pulled the oil filter out, the media had some tears along with the inner liner being cracked. Dealer was the last one to change the oil.
  8. Odrapnew

    2015 18" wheel on 2018 Sport?

    Just to close this one out, yes, the 18" wheel from 2015 fits a 2018 sport. I bought wheels and checked one of them on the front, 'miles' of clearance. As Haz mentioned, pretty sure the brakes on all gen 2 AWD models are the same. I also picked up some Blizzaks, now just need to pick up my TPMS sensors and get everything installed.
  9. Odrapnew

    2015 18" wheel on 2018 Sport?

    Thanks for that info. My Sport has the optional 21's. The one thing I'm trying to confirm is if there are an interference issues with the brakes/calipers. I don't think there are, but I'd hate to buy them and find out they don't fit. I also found a set of used Blizzaks for a good price. I could be all in on a winter set for ~$800. That would also stretch my current OE tires out a good 5 years since I have 2 other summer vehicles that get the miles for ~6 months out of the year.
  10. I'm pretty sure this will be OK, but will stock 2015 18" wheels fit on 2018 Sport? I know diameter and bolt pattern are fine, but what about caliper clearance? Hub diameter the same? I found a set of OE wheels for decent price that I'd like to get some winter tires mounted, but obviously want to make sure clearances are good before buying.
  11. Odrapnew

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Not necessarily a hate, but I really dislike the fact that the left gauge cluster panel doesn't revert back to previous screen after using paddle shifters. It switches over to the round tach, but after it times out, stays on that screen. My 14 Explorer Sport would revert back to whatever screen it was on previously (usually fuel mileage).
  12. Figured I'd update this. I did a quick check under the vehicle around where the driver's footwell is and tapped on the plastic panels under there. I'm pretty sure it's one of the panels vibrating against the bottom of the sheet metal because when I tapped around, I could hear a slight buzz in a few areas. One spot that was most noticeable was in the wheel well at the bottom where it looks like a couple panels are attached together with some plastic pins (or something like that). I plan to get behind it and add some felt or rubber foam to dampen the sound.
  13. Odrapnew

    Engine Questions - Very Frustrated

    Curious how it's teetering on Lemon Law? You're on replacement engine #2 and possible new transmission #1, both are separate issues. Has the vehicle been out of service for more than 30 business days? Also, these issues are showing up beyond 2yrs after original delivery date (at least I'm assuming it didn't sit on the lot for 2 years before being first registered). I see there is a possible stipulation that you may have a claim, but more difficult. Don't get me wrong, it totally sucks what's happening, but it seems a little early to be thinking Lemon Law. Maybe a good-will buy back? But, if they Lemon it and you get out of it without much money lost, all the better since the issues would probably be in the back of your mind all the time.
  14. Thanks for the input. I heard about the fasteners before. Some day I'll get under the car to look around. Too much time being spent on my other car projects.
  15. On my 18 Sport, I notice a buzz when the engine gets to about 3000-3500rpm. I really feel it in my feet and it sounds like something is vibrating (like a panel or heat shield). I did turn off the fake engine noise through Forscan and that seemed to reduce it, but that may have been my imagination. I plan to get under the car (maybe this weekend) to check, but looking for any thoughts. It's certified for another 10 months, so I could bring it to a dealer, but I'd like to know if it's common (or at least known). Anyone else experience this?