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  1. Got in the Trax 3D bulbs today and I am happy with them. Photo comparison of the old Alla brand 2 sided bulbs versus these new ones. Noticeably less "dark spots" with the 3D. As always, I wish they were brighter but for plug and play under $80 I am satisfied. Old: New:
  2. Ordered some and look forward to giving them a try!
  3. Installed a car seat base as we finally brought our daughter home from the NICU
  4. Welp, that alone has convinced me that I never want a wrap
  5. Gave it a bath! Beautiful weather in MN today
  6. @Wesow what model year is your Edge? It is helpful to include the year and model (SEL, Sport, ST, etc) in the signature line
  7. tsquale

    Hello from MN

    Welcome from another Minnesota Edge Sport owner! Mine is a 17. GREAT vehicles with no problem in our snow.
  8. I don't change my maintenance schedule just because of a snow storm. If anything I double check that my windshield washer fluid is full.
  9. Yes. https://www.cravenspeed.com/gemini-phone-mount-for-ford-edge-2015-2019/
  10. Looks like the CravenSpeed Mount for a cellphone
  11. tsquale

    2021 Edge ST , new wheels and Tires #MEATY

    I have the Continental DWS06 Plus Extreme Contact as well and have been very happy with them! Sharp ride
  12. Installed my fresh air intake V2 mod from @Xtra tonight. Easy to do and looks sharp!
  13. tsquale

    Newby in Florida

  14. tsquale

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    PM on the way
  15. tsquale

    Coming Soon....

    WOW! That is sharp as heck and tastefully done! Got a link for the lighted emblem on your February post?
  16. tsquale

    Wanted - Stock lower grille for a 2016 Sport

    Your profile info is only visible to you, that is why most everyone puts their model in the signature line.
  17. tsquale

    Wanted - Stock lower grille for a 2016 Sport

    It literally isn't... no need to be snide
  18. tsquale

    How many Fords have you owned?

    97 Mercury Sable (does it count?!) 65 Thunderbird Landau (still own) 04 Crown Vic P71 06 Explorer 12 Fusion 17 Edge Sport (current daily)
  19. tsquale

    This is interesting...

    I've always thought something like this would be cool. I'd rather someone else spend the $40 and review it than myself
  20. Replaced the cabin air filter today. Boy was it filthy!
  21. tsquale


    From the album: tsquale's 17' Sport

    70% Ceramic windshield, 35% front driver/passenger, 25% on the rest
  22. I like to have my windows down in the rain but don't like getting rain in the face I do like them and have had them on almost every vehicle that I have owned.
  23. After 3 months of hassle, I finally received and installed my AVS slim line vent visors. Initially ordered online from what I thought was Walmart but it turns out they allow terrible resellers now. First set arrived broken. Walmart said deal with the seller who ghosted me and AVS said deal with Walmart. Several phone calls later, Walmart finally refunded me and AVS sent me a new set as a warranty coverage. Install was very easy and they look great (IMO).
  24. tsquale

    upload error

    From the album: tsquale's 17' Sport

    Unsure how to delete
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    AVS slim line

    From the album: tsquale's 17' Sport