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  1. edjunior

    2022 Ford Edge Titanium Elite issues

    Welcome to the forum. Gremlins like this can be difficult to nail down. Unfortunately, many times the only way to do it is to have the dealer keep the car until one of these things happen. And yeah, that is not very practical. So unless the car throws a code, you may be chasing these ghosts for a while. More comments should be interesting. Good luck with this, and keep us posted if you do find something.
  2. edjunior

    2016 Edge Sport - Powerlift trunk issues

    That is an excellent write-up. I may be having some issues, but I haven't had the car long enough yet to really test it. It did do something funky yesterday, and my wife saw it on the screen, but I did not, and it was all good when I looked. Anyway, I'll keep watch on this to see how it went.