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  1. wxman2003

    Sirius Radio

    I spoke too soon. Finally got mine cut off after 8.5 months of free service. So I called them and was able to get a 1 year subscription for $6.90 a month.
  2. wxman2003

    2 weeks old and the AWD quit

    All manufacturers make lemons at times. Just like some humans have lemons for bodies. You get a bad one, you aren't happy about it. You get a good one, and will rave just how good it is. I have friends who had bad Hondas, Fords, Toyotas and so on and swear they will never buy another piece of their junk again.
  3. wxman2003

    High Pitch Whine

    That's not the sound I hear. I hear it standing outside of the car with engine off, but ignition in the on position. I can also hear it inside with engine off/ignition on with blowers, radio, etc off. I never hear it when the car is actually operating or at any speed.
  4. wxman2003

    2 weeks old and the AWD quit

    Sorry to hear about that. My EDGE works great in the snow here in South Dakota. Just had a 20 inch snowstorm over Christmas and a 6 inch snow yesterday. Sounds like your problem is rare. Perhaps it's just a sensor, or maybe a fuse.
  5. wxman2003

    High Pitch Whine

    So far I don't hear it on my 2009 EDGE Limited. ***UPDATE***After checking again, I can hear the whine with the key in the ignition turned on, but with the engine off. I can only hear it when standing outside of the car. When inside the car and with the doors closed, I do not hear it, and that is with radio, blower, etc all turned off, so it is dead quiet in the car. When the engine is running, I can't hear it either inside or outside the car. Sounds like it is coming from the front of the car. I would not have know of this problem if i did not read this forum. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. As long as i don't hear it while driving, I can live with it.
  6. wxman2003

    Sport 22" tires and snow

    I have 20's on my 2009 EDGE Limited AWD and just went through a 20 inch snowstorm. The rims were packed with snow and did not experience any wheel imbalance.
  7. wxman2003

    Sirius Radio

    Sirius still hasn't stopped my service. My 6 month free subscription was suppose to end at the end of November. It's now 7 months, and still receiving Sirius.
  8. wxman2003

    Real snow usage

    I bought my 2009 EDGE AWD in May and got to use it in our first major snow storm of the season. In fact, it was the most snow in one storm in the last 40 years. 40 mph winds and 20 inches of snow fell over the Christmas holiday, and since my job required me to be at work, this storm put my Edge to the test. It passed with flying colors. While many cars were stuck in the snow, the Edge cut right through the snow and never got stuck. My prior vehicle was a 2002 Jeep Liberty with both full time and part time 4WD. The EDGE AWD performed better that the Liberty full time 4WD. I will admit that part time 4WD (which to me is real 4WD) does handle better in deep snow. However, being able to plow through 20 inches of snow, which I will likely never see again, the EDGE passed with flying colors.
  9. wxman2003

    The END of CAFE...!!

    Enough of government intrusion in my life! If I want to accelerate zero to 60 in 4 seconds, so be it. Enough with raising taxes. Enough is enough! Who's going to pay for the rebate? This is what happens when we let the government run our lives. :-(
  10. wxman2003

    2009 Ford Edge 4dr FWD SEL price???

    Here in Sioux Falls, the 09 EDGE SEL FWD fully loaded is selling for about $27,000. I got my fully loaded 09 AWD limited for $30,000. So $31,000 for an SEL FWD is way overpriced.
  11. wxman2003

    Ford to put Ecoboost to wide use

    I remember when Chrysler did this in the 80s by eliminating their bigger engines with the smaller 4 cylinder turbo. I got one of those cars, and it was a nightmare.
  12. wxman2003


    Good description how AWD works! My 2002 Jeep Liberty was also one of the vehicles that had RWD, Full time 4WD and PT 4WD. There was no button to push, but one had to actually engage Full time 4WD or PT 4WD by manually shifting it on the floor.
  13. wxman2003

    Used 2008 SEL AWD...Should I Be Concerned?

    I got the 2009 Edge, even after reading about problems. Of course you can google any vehicle, and find nightmares. It's all about what risk you are willing to take. We all have had good cars, and probably had a bad one. I got a 2002 Jeep Liberty when it came out in 2001. First year design. Everyone told me not to get a first year vehicle. Well I just used it for a trade in. Never had a problem with it, I mean nothing. 80,000 miles on it and only replaced the tires. Even got a good price. $8000 for an 8 1/2 year old vehicle. So my point is, don't worry too much about it. Whatever vehicle you get could be a lemon, but odds are you will not have any major issues with it.
  14. wxman2003

    Water stains on chrome around windows.

    I had the same problem on my chrome wheels on my 2009 Edge. Nothing seemed to work until I used Weiman Cook Top cleaner. It's the same cleaner I use on my ceramic glass top stove. Took those spots off right away with no damage to the chrome. You should be able to find it at Home Depot, most appliance stores, or online. Doesn't take much of the cleaner to remove the spots, so it will last a long time. It goes on like car wax, and wipes off just as easy. Give it a try, it's not that expensive.
  15. wxman2003


    Thanks! I plan to learn a lot!