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  1. EdgeDog

    Brake-Pad Failure

    my 2009 is fwd but uses awd pads and rotors which are bigger..but autoparts stores will tell me i have the smaller rotors..dont know if im the only one or they changed it in that year..rotors warped after 65000..pads were like new..yes alot of highway..
  2. EdgeDog

    One to look out for!!!

    Update!!! ok 3 years later and this is what I have as far as the cancer slowly grows...FYI , I put a bra on it, which helped out with the rocks and such as I do tons of highway and only had on knick in 5 years ...dont know if that mattered but I clean it every month and wax it out...
  3. EdgeDog

    Rear Shocks

    Went with KYB Gas Shock # 349068 found it cheapest with free shipping at AdvanceAuto.com...shipping says 6 to 7 days but it showed up in one day which was cool..Instead of ripping out both sides of the interior and weatherstriping, I did take the easy route and cut out 2 inches of plastic housing and that gave me easy access to the top bolt..15mm...new shocks use 14mm..bottom bolt is 18mm...very simple..undo the top double nutted on the top...jack the truck up, undo the bottom and do it in reverse..i took the tire off so i could see better but u could get away with not doing that..I was a newbie to it and wanted room..After you put back the spare tire crap and cover you can even see the cut i made and save me im sure alot of time not ripping the interior panels off..worked for me..done in an hour...I was shocked, no pun intended, but the old shocks were worn but not all that bad for 90000 miles, but i do notice a stiffer solid ride...front struts are original and in great shape so i will let them ride...Pix posted below...hope this helps...$90.25 verses 490.00...me likey...EdgeDog
  4. EdgeDog

    Rear Shocks

    lol..they want almost 500.00 for rear shocks!!! alot of labor for removal of interior to get to top studs...what a joke!! just romove the spare tire inserts on both sides and they are easy to get to...Anybody got the rear shock bolt torques? 2009 Edge
  5. EdgeDog

    how to clean the the exhaust pipes

    use a very fine steel wool to knock of any tar,crap,etc and i use Harley Davidson chrome polish every 4 months...still look like new on mine...original..chicago
  6. EdgeDog

    AC Drain seems to be clogged

    heat shield under the doghouse, left of the catalytic coverter...
  7. EdgeDog

    AC Drain seems to be clogged

    underneath to the right side of the gas pedal , under the carpet is the drain hose...underneath the truck pull back the front drivers side heat shield and u will see a white drain...put a shop vac on it and whalaaaa...just did it on mine...freeked me out when water came pouring in the passenger side and the fan motor hitting water was an interesting experience...hope it helps all...EdgeDog..
  8. EdgeDog

    One to look out for!!!

    nothing on any doors...
  9. EdgeDog

    One to look out for!!!

    Here comes the rain....!!! i think i did this right in sending pix , but , here comes the cancer i talked about last year...yet it is small bubbling but I feel all that might be in the salt zone should know about it...upper right , when hood is open is one pic, right above the hood arm holder and lower left........its april and was a warm winter and not much salt...I opened her up today and both rubber weather strips were loaded with dried salt...so i did some scrubbin, waxin, etc...
  10. EdgeDog

    Coolant/washer fluid smell

    what I do is if u think the washer fluid is leaking or maybe the radiator, put grape , dried, kool aid in the washer tank, and cherry in the radiator, run the car for awhile and turn on the defrost...What u smell will tell ya..!! lol... only kidding.. dont do that , but a million dollar idea could be in the works...flavored oils...think about it...
  11. EdgeDog

    Hankook Tires?

    the same danopro AS? I just feel they grab like crap...just in rain even!!!
  12. EdgeDog

    Hankook Tires?

    I have the Hankook Danapro AS with 40000 miles on them, with FWD, and my question is does anyone else have the problem of the tires spinning on startoff in wet weather? I have prenty of tread left and am a lightfoot but is it just a little fustrating turning out on a street , if it is just wet , and the tires spin way too easily..Ive had this now for the whole duration of the time ive owned it new...Just wondering if anyone else with hankooks experience this too...
  13. EdgeDog

    Is this normal?

    [Do you have the same garbage Hanook tires I got? when its wet mine will do that but its the weak tires that shudder...gonna change them as they totally suck during the winter months...
  14. EdgeDog

    One to look out for!!!

    I`m an 09er...but its better to start now...anyone else see what Im seeing?
  15. EdgeDog

    One to look out for!!!

    Im in the chicago area and was changing the oil on it and something caught my eye...Yes im in a salt city in the winter , and an avid washer, but i noticed the build up of salt just under the front hood lip..still apparent in may...washed it all away and waxed like a dog but notice some bubblin on the underseam...My note to all Edge owners is if u live where u have salt in the winter, its a hot spot for cancer to start...Maybe im the only one but I thought Id give a shout out to fellow Edgers!!! Mom always said wash behind the ears, I say wash under the hood!! Be good or try to be, EdgeDog