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    2008 OEM Navigation update?

    I'm not sure that the older system will run the new software. The dealer got back to me and said that he could get a CD update for $200... Found it here (http://allthingsnav.navigation.com/article/save-50-select-ford-lincoln-and-mercury-navigation-system-map-updates) for $149... I'll post my experience with this vendor when it arrives.
  2. Maybe I missed it searching, but I couldn't find my answer so I am asking for help. 2008 Ford Edge LTD with navigation. The dealer gave me the 09 update CD awhile back, but a lot has changed in 5+ years. Looking on ebay and other sites all the new updates appear to be on a SD card. My car doesn't have a SD card slot that I know of, just a USB drive. I called the dealer to see if they have a CD to update the maps to 2014 ones and they had no idea and couldn't find any info. The parts guy took my name and number - we'll see if he calls back. In the meantime, what have other owners of older navigation systems done to update their OEM system? Not interested in the "get a Garmin" answer. Thanks!
  3. Mike08EDGE

    Fuel Economy -- 2 MPG Increase

    Our first child was the reason that we bought the Edge...retired the 94 Taurus SHO for something with more room and safer...
  4. Mike08EDGE

    Ever camped out IN THE EDGE??

    Whats wrong with a tent and an air mattress?
  5. Mike08EDGE

    20" Edge Chrome Wheels - ripoff?

    There was a service bulletin on the 20inch chrome cladders regarding noise coming from them at driving speeds. I received 4 new ones for free from my dealership. Unfortunately, the wife curbed one and I curbed the second. So, my 20 in chrome clads look like crap. The chrome peeled off and the plastic (whitish grey) is visible. The worst thing? I can't find anyplace to repair them, and am not going to buy new wheels. I am 100% happy with my Edge. I am 0% happy with the chrome clads. What a joke.
  6. Mike08EDGE

    Ferd F-Tenthousand

    As funny as a kick in the crotch...
  7. Mike08EDGE


    My 03 MR2 Spyder...the first and last non Ford that I will buy. A great enthusiasts car, but I HATE Toyotas - generally over priced and underpowered...nothing compared to the bang for the buck of my Spyder back in 03 though... Some of my old loves: 87 Merkur XR4ti 88 TurboCoupe 94 SHO
  8. Mike08EDGE

    Driver Seat/Mirror Settings Don't Stay

    Do you share the vehicle with a spouse/someone else? Perhaps they programmed the seat first? You should have two keys. From the way I understand it, whatever the first setting programmed in with a particular key becomes the default setting. So, if you could reset the defaults, and reprogram it, you'd be fine. Check the owners manual.
  9. Mike08EDGE

    You know it was going to happen!

    Were these the chrome clad wheels? I didn't know they could be fixed! My wife curbed the first one, and then yesterday I did the second...ugh.
  10. You'll find this forum to be sloooooooooooooooooooooow....
  11. Mike08EDGE

    20" wheels

    But a new problem arises...the wife decided to scrape up the front passenger side wheel by hitting a concrete barrier while parking. I could cry...
  12. Mike08EDGE

    20 inch AWD plastic chrome clad wheel

    Ford has a service bulletin out on the 20 inch chrome clad wheels. I took my car in and complained that I was hearing a rattling sound out of all four wheels. My tech ordered me four new wheels and switched my tires over for nothing. Unfortunately tonight, about 3 months later, my wife hit a curb while parking and tore up the front passenger side wheel. I love how they look, but the chrome clad, which allegedly cannot be fixed, is a nightmare once they get scratched. Also see this thread for info: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/2750-20-wheels/
  13. Mike08EDGE

    Satisfaction Poll

    Loving it! After riding in mine, a friend's father is selling his Mercedes ML320 for a 2011 Sport.