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  1. Yes, they are terrible. I used bulbfacts.com to replace mine with something better.
  2. jak508

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Got mine re-calibrated on Wednesday of this week for my 2019 Nautilus. So far so good. Seems to be smoother shifting and no clunking between park, reverse or drive. One thing it did say on the shop report is that computer will need to learn new shifting strategy.
  3. jak508

    Color Choice

    I bought my Kodiak Brown Edge without seeing it in person. I have some pictures posted in the Welcome Forum Section. Just look up by date below. I have gotten many complements especially when the sun shines, then the color really pops! Updated Edge Pictures Started by jak508, Apr 07 2012 09:27 AM
  4. Those look really nice. I would be interested when they are available.
  5. Yes, trays are missing from earlier build 2013's. Mine was an end of February build date limited and no tray. I am going to track one down.
  6. jak508

    Ordered 2013 SEL

    Congrats on the car and color. Same color that I ordered and got back in March. It really pops when the sun shines
  7. jak508

    Door moulding protective film

    This might be a possibility. http://www.autobarn.net/trit9020series.html
  8. Could it be due the quake in Japan and the tuxedo black restrictions back in March 2011 http://www.autoblog.com/2011/03/25/report-ford-feels-japan-quake-effect-with-shortage-of-red-blac/
  9. jak508

    Ordered 2013 SEL

    Welcome TMLfan I have a 2013 Edge Limited and when the sun shines it is a very unique color and really stands out. I ordered mine and it took around 8 weeks Get the VIN from the salesman and then go here http://researchmaniacs.com/Ford/TrackFactoryCarOrders.html and when the car is getting ready to be built, the window sticker will show up.
  10. jak508

    Updated Edge Pictures

    Hi All, I just wanted to add a couple of new pictures on what The Kodiak Brown Metallic looks like on my 2013 Edge. I had to wait for the right sun angle to get the shots I wanted since I wasn't too happy with the originals I posted.
  11. jak508

    New projects, anyone?

    Which ones did you use? Thinking about doing that to my 2013 Edge. Thanks
  12. So far a week into my 2013 Edge. The factory installed the new update. I don't have navigation on this vehicle. So far MFT is working fine, except I will get a "no disk found" error message for some reason. I never pressed the CD button and pressed the am or fm button.
  13. Looks good. Now I have another project to add to my list.
  14. jak508

    My 2013 Edge pictures

    Thanks! I am familiar with optimum name but never used any of their products. I see they have a new no rinse wash and shine which sounds intriguing.
  15. jak508

    My 2013 Edge pictures

    Thank you. I got the V6. It's a proven engine and it had even a few more hp and torque than my '10 MKX.