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  1. MKX2007

    When did this happen

    I went to buy an FL-1 for my old Chrysler & that one has been shrunk also. From what I saw on the shelves, it appears this is an across the board change.
  2. Does it close the rest of the way if you hold the button? Its normal for it to stop part way open, but it shut close the rest of the way when you hold the button until completly closed.
  3. MKX2007

    2011 pedals

    I don't think they can raise the price by very much & remain competitive.
  4. MKX2007

    Big Bang Theory!

    I have the harsh 1-2 upshift on my 07 MKX. The dealer reprogrammed it twice & it still does. Said they can't recreate the problem. Yet, I can get it to happen every day on the first cold upshift. Its fine after the first shift. If I pull out slowly & let it shift without giving it much gas, it shifts fairly smooth & will be fine after that. Very frustrating for a car that cost so much. Otherwise though, its been great.
  5. MKX2007


    The volume fluctuation is normal & can be adjusted several steps. Its to compensate for the greater noise level when driving. It comes up on the menu when adjusting the bass,treble,fader etc. The radio has never shut itself off though.
  6. MKX2007

    lowering springs and alignment

    I had H&R springs put on my MKX when I bought it. The dealer I bought it from installed them & did the alignment at the time of install. I don't know if they used a kit or not. I've had the car for nearly 3 years & no abnormal tire wear or other problems have occured. The springs do make the car ride a little stiffer, but the handling is increased noticably.
  7. MKX2007

    2011 Ford Edge Introduced

    I tend to agree. These cars are just too big & heavy for an engine that makes less power then the current model. Most seem to feel the current 3.5 @ 265 hp is acceptable. I'm not so sure that will be the case with the I4. I've noticed that they clearly state the horsepower for the other 2 engines, but only say the I4 is comparable to a 3.0. That has to be at least 30 hp less then the current model.
  8. MKX2007

    2011 Ford Edge Introduced

    I had hoped for this also. Looks like SHO when its time for me to trade.
  9. MKX2007

    2011 Lincoln MKX YouTube videos....

    Is there any reason they feel the need to keep it under wraps? The woman in the video said it was a 3.7, but they wern't allowed to see it.
  10. MKX2007

    2011 Lincoln MKX YouTube videos....

    I noted in one of the videos that the new engine is mentioned, but they won't allow anyone to see it yet. Could it be that the 3.5 EcoBoost is really what's hiding under the hood?
  11. MKX2007

    Floor Mats....Lets See Them

    I got a rear cargo mat & it arrived in about a week. The fit is perfect.
  12. I have an MKX, but I believe the door removes the same way. After squeezing the sides & the tabs on both sides are clear, wiggle the door while pulling upwards. I believe there are 3 tabs at the bottom. On the MKX, the door removes completely. I saw someone mention in anothe post that the Edge has a string on 1 side & the door hangs from the string after removing it from the bottom tabs. I've replaced my filter twice.
  13. MKX2007

    XM Radio

    This is what happens when your the only show in town. Things were much better when the 2 companies competed.
  14. The sensor is the square thing on top of the dash between the defroster vents. If that's blocked, the lights will always stay on. I have a dash cover on mine & it shields it enough that the lights stay on longer then they really need to.
  15. MKX2007

    Uncomfortable Seats

    That sounds like the lumbar setting is set to firm. Try loosening it up & that pressure point should go away.