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Please help!(No AC) Plenum or Pressure switch?

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Hi all,

I have an 08 edge & had a plugged heater core early this winter, took it in and had the flush performed under the extended warranty offered for that problem. After the work was completed at the ford dealership the guy calls & says "I got news & I got bad news, good news is we got your heater working, bad news is you dont have any ac." After being told this is the fault of a bad plenum & the evaporator+ housing needs replaced for approx. $1600, I had some questions. Called ford customer service & told them I had some warranty work done & while one problem was fixed, another was created. They looked into it & contacted the dealership & had me return the vehicle to them for further diagnosis. Again they said it needs a new evap.+housing & is an unrelated issue to the work they performed. So No help from ford.



Before the heater core flush heater/ac in all positions would only blow ice cold. Blend door motor was also replaced at this time before the flush.

After flush service heater/ac blows only facemelting hot air in all positions.


My theory is this is possibly a bad low pressure switch keeping ac from working properly as I have found next to nothing in regards to faulty plenums and/or relplacing evap. Any help would be greatly appreciated either in diagnosis or how I might go about testing my theory.



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