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David Cratsley

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I have a 08 Edge SEL with the 3.5l V6. Has 108,000 on it. around 6000 miles ago i was feeling this skip when under load. Took it to the dealership and they couldnt find no codes or get the vehicle to duplicate the problem. Finally one day it was doing it and was able to get a tech to figure out i had a cylinder dropping. I replaced all plugs and coils through Ford. Problem went away until now at 108,000 i have another issue similar but just doing it cruzing down the highway. Feels like when an A/C compressor cycles. Could it be the coils again or possibly a PCM problem?


Thanks for the help



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Did Ford replace the coils and spark plugs under the program they have to do so for these model years? If so, I think the PCM may have also been one of the items they were supposed to replace also. The PCM could be damaged, or could damage the coils. Don't quit remember exactly what happens. Your PCM may be bad or going bad.


Here is a post about the problem and the PCM needing replaced also. You will have to see exactly what TSB 13-04-17 covers and for how long.



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