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Thoughts on upgrading cell phone


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I have a Google Nexus Galaxy smartphone. It's getting on in the years, and not supported by Google any more. I have modded it to use Cyanogenmod to get 4.4 kitkat, but the battery is getting so it lasts a day maybe two in standby, so I pretty much need to plug it into the car when driving.


The cellphone company that I am with basically took me for a ride as my wife lost her cell phone 2 years ago, so I gave her my old one and bought the Nexus Galaxy to replace the lost one, and ended up with the TAB getting messed up and I still owe them $600 for the cell phone but that gets cleared down to ZERO in 15 more months. It's too much hassle to get them to fix their mistake as I still need the phone service.


I was thinking of getting a newer/better phone, and as my wife has agreed my daughter needs her own phone for emergencies, then a new phone will be needed to be got regardless. So what phone to get.




- I am frugal in some ways and don't want to be spending a whole heap of money for a phone.

- I would prefer this time not to get roped into these long term contracts, so I was planning to buy the phone outright and take advantage of the discounts they offer for bring you own phone with my provider.

- I want a smart phone and don't want anything worse that what I have got. I'd prefer something much faster and better actually.

- Don't really care about the camera as I have a real camera if I want to take photographs.


I was thinking of getting the Google Nexus 5, but I hear that they will be coming out with the Nexus 6 by the end of the month. Is it worth waiting for the latest or buy last years model?

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