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TPMS - Winter


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Hello, I'm purchasing a set of tires/rims for winter. Just curious if it's really worth getting the TPMS with them? Personally the indicator light on the dash won't bother me. Just seems like another money grab. I have no problem checking my tire pressure once a month. I'm really leaning toward not getting them, just thought I'd see what some others had to say. I read some some opinions on the winter tire topic as well.


I'm picking up some Toyo Observe GS1-5 tires in 245/50r20 for the winter. I'm downsizing from my 22" rims for the winter. I've read some good reviews on these tires, and I'm getting them for CAD260.00/each free shipping. Anyone ever own a set? Also, plan on picking up some Touren TR9 rims in matte black. They're fairly cheap rims for 20s and I wanted some black rims. I'd would be nice to see them in person before buying.. Any opinions on them?



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No real benefit but I hate lights let alone ones that flash so the $47 for all four sensors is well worth it to me. Check ebay there are a couple places selling four packs cheap.

My thoughts exactly. I have an extra set I picked up off eBay for under $50.00 brand new. They will go into my replacement wheels.

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Well, I'm buying my tires/rims online, so they'll balance them for me. Shipping is free, but I recall them wanting $59.99 for the TPMS for each wheel. $250.00 seems a little much.


I just bit the bullet and had them installed. I did look at the ebay ones, but here in Canada, the cost to get them shipped here, brought that $50 to closer to $150 after you paid shipping, plus the new forced brokerage/tax at purchase fee's that ebay now makes you pay.


I had my local dealer install the TPMS figuring that I buy them now, and I'll have them for the next 8 or so years. I have seen friends blow far more than $250 in a night on a bar tab after tips.

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