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Winter Tires 2014 Ford Edge Limited


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It doesn't matter if you have 17 inch as original or not. Ford sizes their tires and wheels so that even if the car came with 17 inch, the 18 or even 20 can be placed on it without affecting the speedometer or drive-line adversely. Take a look at standard size tires that come on the various Edges from the factory, regardless of their wheel size.


If you compare them, you will see that they are all pretty close when compared on a tire chart such as this one http://www.tire-size-calculator.info/


By doing this, Ford doesn't have to change the speedometer gearing or module to match the various tire sizes. Many owner's have added 20 inch to their 18 inch equipped vehicle. Some have even added the 22 inch wheels. Some also have put on 17 inch for the winter for better snow traction instead of the 18 or 20 inch.


Only thing to watch for is the size of the brake caliper. I think the caliper is larger on a Sport so smaller wheels may not clear? Not sure about that, just seem to recall reading about the caliper difference.

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