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Customer Support with Blown Engine


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Customer Service from FORD was TERRIBLE! Our dealership was fabulous, but when they recommended that we call Ford for help, we got the run-around! BEWARE!!! We own a 2011 Edge with 91,000 miles on it. This weekend we were driving back from a wedding and got an overheat warning. We quickly pulled over and had it towed in. BLOWN ENGINE!!! We had no indication that we had a problem of any kind. Had even had the oil changed the week before. We literally drove less than half a mile after the warning went off. Our dealership AND the dealership where we had the car towed (since we were out of town) both recommended that we call Ford to see if we could get any assistance. No luck....they said if it was really a serious problem that the dealership would have called! I called my dealership back and they are checking on it, but the service manager said that he had not heard of that before (He knew that he could call but didn't know that Ford would take it "more seriously" if they called. He also indicated that it was only customary for the dealership to call if they had sold the vehicle and had done all of the service on it.) I find it absurd that a vehicle would get a blown engine with NO WARNING!!! And now, FORD wants nothing to do with providing support! Anybody else having similar issues???

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Well, the powertrain warranty is 5 years, 60,000 miles. You're already 50% past that. At what point would you think Ford would no longer be responsible for fixing your car? That's why it's called a limited warranty.


I sympathize with you for being caught with an unexpected repair. It sucks that bad things happen sometimes. But at the same time I suspect there is much more to this story.

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It's entirely possible that whoever did the oil change screwed up and either didn't put in enough oil or you had a leak.


Engines rarely fail before 100K without an external cause. So what was the diagnosis? What failed? Did it simply overheat or was it a lubrication problem?


If you wanted warranty coverage you could have purchased it to 100K miles.

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